Monday, February 15, 2010

A History of the Civil Rights Act of 1871

The period after the civil war should have been the celebration. A long and painful conflict was over, and the terrible crime of slavery, was finally arrested in the United States. Many Americans are optimistic, this time called "progressive era" and began to push for equal rights for different groups of right to vote.

Unfortunately, not a hitch in the country, a volatile and often violent period of transition. In many southern (and someNorth-) states, the reaction to the recently freed slaves came in the form of difficulty in finding gainful employment, discriminatory state laws as the "Black Codes" is known, and known as the sadistic hate group the Ku Klux Klan.

Although this activity was nominally illegal, the efforts of officials of the state government to stop them have been ineffective at best, at worst nonexistent. Some governors and other local politicians were willing to turn a blind eye to brutality goes, some evenparticipated. Politicians looking for problems in their jurisdictions often face fierce resistance. North Carolina, William Holden Woods when the governor used the state militia against the Klan in 1870, thanked his constituents indictment against him in 1871.

Of course, state governments, which defend the rights of its citizens. One problem was that while federal law guarantees certain rights, has been done to enforce these laws, in general,state level. People who do not receive help from their state have little or no shelter.

Massachusetts Representative Benjamin Franklin Butler solution proposed in February 1871. Introduced a new piece of recitation of federal law, such as the Ku Klux Klan, also known as "in the Civil Rights Act of 1871. This bill is the federal government to intervene, the legal option, if the rights of persons were part of the federal government violated. It wouldIn addition, each individual complaints against public policy, illegal forms of discrimination practiced file.

The law has been controversial. Some politicians are not convinced that the violence in the south was bad enough, the law required. Two events fluctuated for most of the members of Congress, its decision to support the bills.

First, South Carolina federal government has formally asked the troops to get their state, to demand that its funds were not sufficient to address the problems have beenwith. Then the news reached the capital of an outbreak of riots in Meridian, Mississippi. Reported that a black state representative has been driven by a tribunal and forced to hide in the forest to save his life.

Given that his attack was the Civil Rights Act of 1871 strengthened the civil rights in the United States by protecting the rights of people who are in the minority, making it difficult to vote for them simply to change discriminatory laws.

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