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December 2012-7 prophecies of doom

1. Ancient Maya The Maya were obsessed with time and the time is more precise than our current calendar. The Mayan calendar is able to predict eclipses thousands of years in advance. Also proved to be prophetic, as envisaged in the 8th century BC C. That "the white skin of the bearded ones sometimes go through Wednesday, March 5th, 1519, the exact day that Cortez and his conquistadors arrived in the New World. The Earth and the Sun enter correspondence with the exact center of the Milky Way, 21 December 2012. Reference Maya for a "Dark Mother" / black hole at the center of the galaxy. (science has proven recently that they have faith). This setting is only 1 time every 25,800 years.

2. Cuma lived in ancient Rome about 6 Sybel century BC. E 'was much appreciated by the Roman authorities. His papers were in the temple of Jupiter, and is homing to some of the most important documents of the religious sources of his time. It provides the world for a period of 9 periods of 800 years and 10 will begin production around 2000 AD, and will be the last generation. It accurately predicted the invasion of Hannibal, 700 years before his arrival, and their defeat. E 'was also under the name Constantine predicted 800 years before his birth. It is also considered which have provided 20 years before the birth of Christ.

3. I Ching I Ching I Ching (Wade-Giles) or "Yi J + ng (Pinyin), also called" Book of Changes "or" Classic of Changes "is one of the oldest version of the classic book, The Chinese is a system of symbols used to identify in random order. The text describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy, is the ancient Chinese cultural beliefs. Wiki says ..

McKenna idea is known as a theory of novelty. It provides the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory of the mid-1970s, after his experience in the Amazon at La Chorrera led him to follow closely the sequence of King Wen I Ching study. The theory of innovation is the ontology, Extropy and eschatology. The theory hypothesizes that the universe is an engine for the production and conservation of novelty is interpreted. The novelty in this context should be seen as a novelty or Extropy (a term coined by Max More meanings the opposite of entropy). According to McKenna, when novelty is graphically over time, a fractal waveform known as "Timewave Zero" or simply the Timewave "results".

The graph shows at what time, but never at what locations, increasing or decreasing the news.
Represent by some as a model of significant events in history, the universal algorithm has also been designed to be a model for future events. McKenna acknowledged the expectation of a singularity of the "new" and that he and his colleagues projected many hundreds of years into the future, if this could happen singularity (Runaway "novelty") or Extropy. Millennial give more credence to the theory of innovation as a means to predict the future (especially in 2012) by Patricia McKenna himself. The graphics Extropy had many enormous fluctuations over the past 25,000 years, but surprisingly, reached an asymptote 2012th exactly December 21 [18] In other words, (or entropy habit), no more after that date.
So the King Wen sequence shows that the timeline is exactly 21 ending December 2012. The same day, the Mayan calendar ends.
4. Merlin (Merlin the wild) Wyllt Myrddin Merlin, 6th century British prophets predicted the end of the world. He predicted that the first American colony by name. He predicted that British victory at Waterloo, the Nazi Holocaust, and some of its long-term forecasts from May to the strike is in my head, like this "At that time a man stand on the banks of" England, once the word of a man in France with a stone floor. "He also predicted that the sea flows into the river (do not know the spelling of the river) and the fish to develop more stories therefore. It is a modern reactor river along door.

5. Even if the Mother Shipton prophecies were made in 1800, I find it interesting that one of them said something like, "When pictures look alive, and swim like fish and boats .. people hovering birds as the sky, half dying worlds are deeply steeped in blood. "
6. John of Patmos Revelation is chilling words of prophecy that are more familiar. As floods, famines, earthquakes, etc, also with many other prophecies that agree, we have discussed.
7. The Web Bot Project, spoke about the history of the canal is, and I cannot find reliable information on the Internet. It was expected that the H chain web bot technology was created as a model to predict the stock market, he said, and then began to events in the future world. The Web-Bot is a limited nuclear war and disasters in the world for the period 2008-2009, first to predict the devastating events of the world in 2012.
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Nibiru Planet X

Fascinated by the stories, which is the famous Nibiru Planet X, because in 2012 our solar system, reproduces, with the axis of the earth and the devastation of the tsunami, and changes in climate and / or the emergence of a new era of Enlightenment , it appeared that the material is connected to a volume of poems Planet X.

For the reader, the theory of Planet X, there are several websites and blogs, the scientific community to convince scientists demystify Bonkers happy and easily. Some commentators Planet X as a servant of two masters, in orbit between our sun and its dark twin to identify some of them to the extent the black governed that the system star as the kingdom of fallen angels.

In any case, you get the picture. With the little 'research, or its components should be sufficient to continue with the poems, which offer about ecology, chaos theory, hard science, hard science fiction, soft science fiction astrophysics, metaphysics, theology, ethnography and references to personal relationships.

In line with the values of output growth of securities Press Book, original illustrations otherName manager, and we hope to provide a proper introduction / hips of a person who holds the prologue to the scientific community.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide

What is Planet X?
It could be a comet, planets criminal, or claimed to be in this book, a brown dwarf companion died Sol, in the years to come, its elliptical orbit in the heart of our system, frustrate our sun. Once that happens, get the biggest pain of the earth when fate puts us in the crosshairs of a perfect solar storm.

If you can afford to build a bunker or offer only a shovel to the information contained in this publication must be understood also useful. The reason is the key to survive 2012 is more than what is in your head, what in your portfolio.

The purpose of this book is that those who agree on the possible uses gasoline. It does this by offering a package of practical tools 2012 as survival skills for those who are left to themselves.
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The Nibiru and the Ancients

Nibiru and the Ancients
Founded in the territory of modern Iraq, Sumer is the oldest known civilization and Sumerians wrote extensively about Nibiru. According to their accounts, which orbit around our sun every 3600 years. Reddish color, is about 5 times the size of the earth. Parallels According to this calculation are also in the Egyptian and Mayan as well.

Similar work has been documented in Egyptian texts of Bronzebook. The 3600-egyptian academics written year's work after the exodus. They called the Destroyer "and say that caused the disaster of biblical flood of Noah and the ten plagues of Exodus. I realize that back soon.

Maya has offered the same warning. They called this object the "Red Comet", spoke of his return will be the beginning of the next Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 marks. Like the Egyptians, who feared natural disasters caused by the object, and maintains constant vigilance on the planet Venus, symbol of his return.

Nibiru and 2012
Today we see that not only Venus, but also the solar system, and what we see is disturbing to some. In the past 75 years, the actual production of energy from our sun has risen by 0.4%, solar activity, the most violent in history. According to NASA, the next solar cycle will peak in 2012 and will be achieved will be stronger than before.

Meanwhile, the debate has progressed in global warming on Earth, astronomers have heating surface is very important on Mars and Pluto at levels that could cause mass extinctions observed on Earth. Furthermore, there is a sharp increase of atmospheric disturbances and a host of new x-ray and radio emissions on other planets in our solar system, too.
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Nibiru 2012 - The end of the World

Not only spacecraft that can carry millions of people in the ISS? Does anyone know the Polyus spacecraft? It is a struggle against the Russian spacecraft in 1987 designed and equipped to destroy satellites. Why can hope for research and construction of 2 or 3 of these vessels, expand the International Space Station and the best? There is enough material? The economy is so bad that the search is canceled or postponed? There is no way that this fund would be? We would die in 2012?

See Video.

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Nibiru 2012 A. D. The End?

Why, if available) Nibiru (actually the name of Jupiter in Sumerian, Babylonian, of 3600 years, no record of the train during the Shang Dynasty of China, or in ancient Egyptian writings / heiroglyphs? They went to two of the greatest civilizations there are about 3600 years and remains very detailed, accounts of important events. They found only the arrival of a new celestial body of interest in our solar system? No, no records because his shit.

See Video.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mayan Inca Aztec Egyptian Prophecy 2012 - Part 1 of 4

It's really stupid, not a timetable, to provide anything goes, only God can decide to end life on Earth in 2012. It's so stupid that you just did a commercial for a lottery to see who would be saved. Frankly, as such documents are needed to qualify for this lottery? Otherwise, the Bible says nothing about the year 2012, I mean, just because people used to "predict" that the world ends, not necessarily exactly in the 2012 final

Dr. Paul Laviolette is a genius. In recent decades, the fundamental ideas of his theory was proven, and we see in other galaxies like our own cosmic rays escape from the nucleus. If you are in the picture Ice Age and cosmic radiation Dr. LaViolette graphics seems that it is undisputed that the cosmic rays in our solar system meets the highest at any now.

Provided by the campaign much of Maya 2012, Maya I have heard that every person who walks the earth and watery eatcvhother crazy, but what remains is the question of why? Therefore, all must be crazy to stay healthy and are healthy and here, the clock
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The video was shot in the Bohemian Forest

The video was shot in the Bohemian Forest by Alex Jones, and not the ABC wonders of the world. The owl is 200 meters, but about 40-50 meters, and for some reason as Moloch. Moloch is an ancient god Caanan is actually depicted as a bull, not nice - so do not know why it so. However, only a clarification.

Totally fun! Parliament was in the library, Assyria, Babylon, and it was 6000 years ago! They do not talk about the planet Nibiru, or other planets, and the king of Egypt are not logged on, the Babylonians! All videos are garbage

When his 2012 year of 21 December and nothing happens, then what is the next the end of the world in 2016 will be how the sun is dying, and all froze Yeah right.


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Possible real images of Planet X Nibiru

The railway is also a calculation of the same and whose images were (themselves) from Earth. The way the estimated time for the earth is 3600 years. Though it was a sun that would be very difficult because of the strength of our locations. YouTube is not the only source of updated information on the Internet. Search NASA on Nibiru, returns to religious texts, and you can draw your own conclsuion that Nibiru, but certainly not a solar system

youamebas: There is said about Nibiru? How can a solar) systems translation of Nibiru (Sumerian word "planet of crossing" ... Not to mention its orbit is inextricably tied to our solar system .. They recognize that a collision between two solar systems, what about ? Of two stars with an incredulously large area / high density and others .. .. Do the math it would fuck up

is only a reflection effect .. The so-called Planet X or Nibiru, which is also mentioned in the sacred books is beyond Pluto, where his latest discovery, and the main reason it was so difficult, the light is not the simple fact that, as is, and Pluto, the sun shines more close to the sun can Nibiru / Planet X, because the moon is so close to us, not brilliant appreciate it, even if they are directly connected to the light with great precision bombed. The same goes for mathematics

see video

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Nibiru Orbit Planet X Position in Space

Theroy decided to remain in orbit for the delay, which means your egg-shaped orbit that makes it difficult to know when things are so slow. Astronomors not looking at this kind of Aparently within the movement and was surprised when he approached our new Solor. (Do not worry about spelling sometimes)

Hi Peter, if you're talking about the idea of Nibiru / Planet X had been thought to check the ancient Sumerians. Talked about the planets and described in the report and the color of about 4000 years. Field is ranked 7th in the world as if they expected entering the sun.
Hope that help, that is, if that's what u were investigating.

Proel if true, from what I understand is about 7 million kilometers and can be seen only in infrared ... It is a giant in the South Pole. This is a SPT (South Pole Telescope) to see what is your opinion on that.also spoke Sumerian age of ten years ago and said 4thousand planets Neptune and Uranus, when not even discovered until the end of 1800 after Pluto in 1930 idk just the little strange to me that they knew that the solar system and therefore the relationship.

Immortals left the ground because of death brings impurities. While the guy on the Holy Bibble build a tower, was a descendant of the immortal, who wants to go as far as possible communication with their parents to let him on the floor. Goliath was mentioned that this giant is coming? The evidence is all in the book and marking the wall, but scientists ignored.

What do you know why scientists are looking for another place to stay out of the earth? Nibiru was visible on the ground with the use of the instrument since 1980, is now only 2 years from Earth.

And all who died of a direct hit from a distance and other radiation, changes in atmospheric pressure on Earth, beings that the melting of DNA (the bone remains of course), these forms combine with DNA to another organism a decomposition, the formation of another body of genetic engineering (a bit) .. Pure DNA is the same, once again the years withdrawn the land to block the passage of Nibiru, and the cycle continues to move forward.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

of the earth and anxiety Prophecy Change: change the channel

If you do not like what you see, change the channel too! Moreover, the possibility unfounded horrible! If we want something different, it's timing to give something more. After all, that all the energy, and we are the creators. Those who want to create the apocalyptic prophecies, which are free to do so, and are free to live their creation, but those who are not here to be! Global destruction, and everything that does not imply a scenario that we must increase, too. We focus our attention on a different level of reality into another dimension, another possibility. The ability of hole in the ground and the children of light, with great joy.

With the recent hurricanes, tsunamis huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, etc. I would be surprised if not submitted at least one or two minutes, the examination of the various apocalyptic earth changes. I must confess that I have. Y algunas proyecciones dicen lo que debe ocurrir, es suficiente para la bejeebers usted y te dibujo en la frecuencia en el proceso de susto! So I asked some of my wisdom to help me keep this point of view, the power to make my own fear, and focus on our frequency of upward movement. So here is something that I was given:

Why do so many of us, at least in part regulated that channel of injury drama, even if it is a horror for us? If you read Recreating Eden, is not surprised by the fact that the look of fear, hunger is done, the reptilian brain that formed the mythical snake "for more information about the search for reverse polarity of power that food. In a world dominated by ego, not to taste the juice of a lot with how the opposite polarity "drama" and if we are not aware of what we do (and not when we are often less frequently) just power forward, whatever it is aligned with power and more energy and reduce our recorded by frequency. Oh, we love the feeling of energy moving power, reverse polarity, and the snake to feed the demand, cannot concentrate on a tugboat in the fear of information even those of us who are awake, and a degree to know better than to do it! Nevertheless rather than focus on their devotion to their tugs Spirit, of course, be so few. And you find that you win, and attracted more and more information will be held in love.

Every opportunity is for us, and we always decide what level of reality to vote in our consciousness and training, based on our attention and our emotions. In May, when we have forgotten that we have the power to do so, we can change the place of our conscience, like changing channels on a TV. If you invest that station "TV", which is defined in one end of the Global Program to enter his passion, what you see here or even an investment in the ego "of what will happen, is part of the enhanced program, your emotional energy and experience in all its Technicolor Gore and injuries. However, if you decide that the program is not for you, just change the channel and this reality! Fail to see things with the fear, stop creating, based on extrinsic factors creates the universe from generation to generation, the leaders chosen by the ramp and instead to concentrate and be happy. This means nothing to say, divorce let your feelings of helplessness and fear that remembers what you resist. It stilled is to return to the spirit to turn his love of pure will.

How are you? Changes often! Transcend afraid to see the issue of your mind, eliminate duality. The refusal to hear a low frequency and distribution rose to a new level of consciousness. Spending time in the unified field of unity and harmony. Concentrate the mind on the message of love and life and light and joy, peace and harmony. Law of the place of the divine, and adapted for control by you is scary, whose whole existence depends on you to generate a slower pace to make. Believe me, when you are online with you, and it is something that has to do to keep body and soul of a danger, you have asked to do so, not out of fear, but the natural reaction of his wrist spirit.

While it could be operated at a frequency that, at least in part forgotten our power to choose and create, and in this state, the fear instilled with the duality-based reality we are decisions without the consent of certain limits to what is the reality which increases. We have a free will to choose and create different. Free would am not something that is designed for people in difficulty, which was designed for each stage is chosen so that the creation of God can create an unlimited number. Every prophecy is just one option between an infinite number of possibilities, only a description of an incident in a plane of reality. Because God is with us to make the creation of the decisions we make. Palaces Y) as the teacher who taught Jesus, "my Father's house are many" (the creation of various sizes. Therefore, if we do not like us, we will have another.

So, my friends, it seems that we have a choice. I personally do not want chaos manifests itself in the world, and infers the possibility of annihilation, but probably you can see here. (Of course, there are only one station, where the earth is undergoing profound changes drastic enough tangible or even this interview!) I prefer the scenario where we trust God in us and the new frequency, if marked 's history "Although there is the possibility of mother earth clean with a great cataclysm, we have in hand, for all creations, to give love and alignment with the spirit, and therefore the Earth and her children are bright and quiet again Once again in this process. 'So I put my mind on that channel. Check and see if you agree to this spirit of "we do more" point of view. If so, contact me for 'election of a transition easy and fun. It' much easier to create and maintain a reality if we are together!

I know many of you have this deep knowledge is needed in this time of great global transition, to read and note that the survival of the service to contribute to humanitarian catastrophe. I suggests that a new opportunity for the service of energy recovery "worst case" and paving the way for a higher rate of destruction of the world, is not necessary. Perhaps you are willing to consider is the largest service road, change the channel upstream of joy, so that the power of radiation, it is easier to break uniform for our sisters and brothers increase the frequency and the license Channel "the devil loose behind him. If we focus our energies on peace and love, what we do and give strength to all of us.
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Hopi prophecy in the end times

The Hopi Indians are the people of peace. They play a vital role in these last days of the Creator. It would be pointless for us to hear.

Leading me to believe the sun symbol represents the Creator, the Moha symbol represents the four forces of nature in motion, including land, water, fire and air, and red symbol represents the "Walking the Red Road spiritual path was written, which is included at the end of the book, "Red Hat is talking about."

We are now apparently living in recent times. The Hopi had a prophecy that these greater cleaning events before the end of this period. This prediction may provide links too many other prophecies, including the Bible and the Hopi.

Hopi spoke of the arrival of three "." These three are the three symbols: a symbol of the sun, the symbol of Moha, respectively (the swastika) and the red symbol.

The Hopi Indians have their own spiritual truth with the rest of us together. Its truths are in harmony with the spiritual aspect of the Torah. Are taught according to the spiritual truth of Jesus

We can decide which way you go, and even try to justify our own way, but eventually becomes separated from his illness, no matter what one believes or thinks. We can convince ourselves and our colleagues that our progress is right, but God convinced? Each of us must find our heart, to see if the intent is malicious and remove living there, please, if we are to our Heavenly Father.

I believe that the Hopi prophecy says Pahana bring a new religion, is not really new, takes place through the seven stages of the journey the red road. This is the reality of the red symbol. Hopi those who choose to follow the red route, to be honest, that is, to be purified from the Red group. (According to Malachi, Chapter 4 has been badly burnt and only walk on the ashes of evil. It seems that the Hopi prophecy says that the power of Red Chief, bad, and perhaps also because those who travel - the red road, is about to die like others and the evil and evil. Here), the leader of the evil Red Force, which is to destroy.

Pahana, the new religion of all faiths will join a religion, and bring a spirit of brotherhood. Along the path is red. Combine all the great religions, the spiritual brotherhood. Walking the red road, as on the road to the high intellectual level of our beloved prophet Abraham, through whom all generations will be blessed on the earth.

Only the unconditional love in our hearts to become one with the unconditional love of our heavenly Father. It moves with the law of attraction, like love, unconditional love, God, the meaning, but all those who have an unconditional love in their hearts to win.

Thus we find our way to God then we're going to spend part of the kingdom of our Father in heaven and eternity with him. Automatically and logically. And 'the universal law of attraction.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Topic Planet Earth

Recommended reading for education . 5 stars


The themes are: "What is a planet," What is the earth, "as the oceans, is" shaped like the sea "," Always Summer Mountain "," How do Rivers''are all the sand the dessert, "What is a glacier," What are the polar regions, "What is the atmosphere of Earth," "Where does the time go," As the time ',' What are the natural resources of the Earth, "" Are We are the planet's negative, and the index.

Each section is a two page spread that contains a series of questions and answers and a series of drawings in bright colors and well executed. The pages of "As the beaches are characterized especially convincing, with a plan these outlines a long coastline and pointed to a wall of protection, the long beach rowing breatkwaters or more, a cave, batteries, and the arrows show the direction of the waves . Discussion of colored sand, the cause of the tides, the recovery of large tracts of land from the sea and beaches, are similar.

He says the cover "Discover the facts and answer the main question. And opening more I cannot believe that we can do something is far away from it all, there are a lot! My criticism resident of 4 years had a meeting an advisory capacity. They take their job seriously as a critic, listen carefully and view photos with an eye for an approval or disapproval of the prospect of a child. If the job meets your approval, we continue our class, or more .

The colors of the glossy cover with avulsion of the core of the earth, represents the work of art that form a waterfall and a mountaineer scaling a peak, captured the attention of the children suffered. We had just finished unity of science on the glacier and the climate, the children were excited to see these two aspects are contained in the pages of this book. Since we arrived in these pages, especially the children immediately asked, 'Questions',' we ask. "Those were between the glaciers, where they were able to present the material in later time, meet in their science books-4 class found, and I am proud that they were able to name the species, knowledge, the clouds, explaining that occur as the thunder and light, and has a front time.
Children are HOT! Planet Earth is a great addition to our library of classes, a desk is often used when children have a question about any aspect of our planet. And he went to game time only if you choose what you want to select. I like the book includes arguments both for science as a class 4. I am pleased to small groups of 2 or three to see the book that more questions, answers, and talking pictures.
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If a form is sent to another planet Earth germs?

How to transform the country into another planet? Well, you can send the germs of organic life to begin. Of coarse we will be 4 million years on this planet.

And if we could send another planet the bacteria which serve as light rays or DNA or RNA components of the bacteria in the processes in a beam of light? And when you send the beam through time? However, if you find what you are on a planet that could be consistent, which in the past), these microbes over time (4 million years and then grow and eat until death, but the beginning of all life forms , to die and be buried more than a billion years to turn left with the oil and when you're there, they have been planting that reserve of oil and moisture, water, air, and plenty of means of subsistence.

We have lakes in California, one of extremophile microbes that thrive in arsenic-saturated mud on the floor. They feed on arsenic and cannot live without it. Is not this kind of point of life on other planets, it seems, all over the world to survive on Earth? Be ', of course, absolutely delighted that it has not been opened in denial, like all extremists religious fundamentalists, who are often very narrow. Clearly it is a kind of life you can imagine, including one that collapsed in a world that life, perhaps only a dead giant or a giant planet in the saddle of life. Why not, with all the billions of places, no doubt exists. Some here are a few, some of us are not here and elsewhere, in part, is what may, here and there, too.
The universe and all living things and is everywhere. Life on Mars, Venus, Pluto and Alpha Centaro, anything, there are several types of life throughout the world. And bringing our actions on the life and death, life on other planets, modify, finally, destruction of ecosystems, or we must be careful and cautious, but does not eliminate our chances of parts of other technologies that soon soon . Think about it.
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The problem of evolution

All theories are decreasing extrapolation accompanying moral philosophies and ethical theories are theories of cold reality on empirical data from laboratory experiments on repeated endlessly with the same result. Theories are the "why" of experience, experimental work, but why? Declaration under the "why" is what life requires a certain sense, the interpretation of the theory of evolution of the concepts have a basic understanding of life. Evolution is a good example of this process.

The results suggest that the consequences of Darwin, the Church and not long ago that God created the world in six days the microbe angry with the universe has these two different visions of the source Gallery is in the world, but, both are only opinions and theories that are based on an ancient book and watching the other day, fortunately, is not true.

The Torah / Teaching first hour with the creation, the Torah, but is much more than what is written. The Torah consists of four levels, and without seeing the complete picture just reaches the wrong conclusions, the same applies to empirical observation. Scientists can measure the four elements: earth, water, wind and fire have no problem pushing their theories, in fact, admitted that the physical reality, only four percent of the creation, the rest is dark and mysterious energy that the other 96 percent of creation represents.

In General, it is good that scientific theory of Rreligion are themselves have beliefs, but as a theory became dogma or belief then was the beginning of the human spirit with enough gas via philosophical doctrines because of information. Torah / teaching focuses on the creation of immutable law of the letter and three levels of verbal tradition. Like science Torah sees only four parts of the whole.

The Written Torah 600,000 mark in the margins of the puzzle and match the Talmud, a book of the law is like assembling the pieces, filling the Midrash-Book of the metaphor of history and, finally, the Zohar to the Book of Secret the final piece in place design on all outstanding issues, and suddenly the image of creation is the perfect. The study of Torah education is the basis for understanding the will of the Creator, as revealed in the operation of creation.

Rigorous study of the Torah / Education adheres to certain sophisticated methods as a scientific explanation, is the consistency and integrity of the written text to four levels which reflect the shape of the lights of the building across the universe four divisions, with ten entries.

The Torah is not in its assessment of the building to be confused, the scientific evidence of claims to, as the Zohar, the Book of Secrets describe six planets outside the solar system 2000 years before science or explain the Talmud says, book the mystery of life begins law 41 days after conception, or as the key to Kabbalah, the Zohar-Book of Secrets ", explains the ubiquity of IP, which translates directly in the name of the shadow of PCG - the physical creation.

The Torah is the cause of development as a process for years, the focus is a creation of the Creator. The first book of Kabbalah, Sefer Yiztira / Paper writing there are about 4000 years the ancestors of three nations Abraham, Roman and Judeo-Arabic, states categorically that there were ten and not nine, ten and eleven years, he worked for ten o'clock celestial bodies in our solar system, and not nine as the scientists said, or 11, as those who believe that Planet X Nibiru. There are seven continents and three oceans, and man is three triangles, head, torso and lower body and the power of speech, which is composed of ten.

Evolution, Big Bang theories and other substances between the scientific community marked the philosophical implications that are not good for our planet Bode, the random nature of creating unfathomable. The desire for more and better not to translate the direct result of scientific thinking in human behavior. There is little difference between the teaching of science or religion that believes in the science of religion that believes in the magic of a coincidence, nothing and then all that is. The first religious people 4000 years ago in Egypt, the cradle of civilization is a magician.

The Torah is the teaching that does not require faith, but is a model of knowledge. The knowledge of Kabbalah is associated with the third eye, which stops abruptly when you open your mind to think that it makes, sense that if you know you have much to learn and think. Those who are lazy to get the beliefs and theories that justify necessarily produce resentment to know the final configuration of the negligence of the founding of our planet.

God is the most important resource of our planet, the only person in all our many events every foreigner with the privilege of choice. It is the life of God in all aspects always and at every step, we must stand together, to build a tower to heaven, for fear that the sky may fall and the flooding of land as at the time of Abraham 4,000 years ago . The basic principal that Abraham had come to earth to proclaim God and God's light is always present at any time, any place and for the whole body that all the time.

The wonders and mysteries of creation are the declaration of the maximum for the Creator of heaven and earth. The definition of creation, there must be a creator always the old, the only problem that I encountered with the creation of the Creator in the hands of the stars and constellations, is the creator of those present at the creation of those? From a small piece of the puzzle that we see the creation is evident not only to create at any time, as we grow and move closer to the light.
Dovid Krafchow lives in San Francisco and author of Kabbalah Tarot published by Inner Traditions and a new five-book series called The Dance of the Pig: a cosmology and world history based on Kabbalah, the only JewishBohemian. Com Dovid is a Jewish family and teachers, non-affiliated and non-religious. He thinks he's crying at the end the person who changed the world.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank you, We are a leader

Here's an interesting idea. Humans are not by nature a divine being maintained the garden of Eden. They are not. Instead, they were the floods of organic matter in the tube, such as glass foreign astronauts, who themselves called the Anunnaki. Old, technically and in finding a new place of life, their world at home began to die, they built on the land and the human race as a workforce. Where do they come? He was known as a planet Nibiru and it was the tenth (or rather, ninth in the current definition) from the planet of our solar system.

The Kuiper Belt is the features, like Pluto, Sedna, Eris, Orcus, Ixion, Varuna, and perhaps a few tens of thousands more. However they are too small for the importance of the atmosphere, too far to feel the heat of the sun (the sun is another show that the light), and far too cold for life on them. There is a small chance that one of these asteroids could be in a gravitational field strength and kneaded until its core competencies white hot and a little kilometer from the sea ice. These warm conditions, some organisms eke a living, but it would be much too hard, more complex life to develop. If the bacteria have little chance, as the complex, almost like human Anunnaki also the spirit of prayer?

A theory on aliens, from our own solar system, it is immediately seeming plausible. Travel between the stars is very difficult and lengthy process energy intensive. However, travel between the planet is child's play. We do this all the time. The Anunnaki were simply a fairly large room, vehicle, he shall, on earth, you give a good impetus and years of waiting until they arrive. Of course, there are problems, like a planet, it says its belt may Kupi intelligence and as an alien life form on Earth could survive ...

Earth would be a terrible Anunnaki home or for species that are not on a planet with the gravity and a 1G air, oxygen and nitrogen. Similarly, astronauts intelligent aliens would have to invest both in the situation, there is a planet, though, unlike them, it raises doubts about whether even choose the land, much less for thousands of years, creating a new type of monument and building countless mysteries of their purposes.

Ah yes, the mysterious ancient monument business. In other worlds and a mark is something to it, what we would do, because that is our culture. Foreigner may be the idea of rights planting a flag on the moon, and the elimination of our waste is defacement as blasphemous. It is only because foreigners decided, on the land and the store here, it does not leave any behind Grand enigmatic. We would like her, we have been proofing of intelligent life in the depths of space and a link to these millennia.

Too open, I must say that we may never know whether an intelligent species ever visited, or even the old Ur-earth. One day, we can find an alien civilization, which says: "Oh, you are on the earth? If this is not funny, we were in this way about 45,000 years." But the idea of extraterrestrial intelligence species found on the outer edge of this frozen Solaranlage colonize the world, as recently as a few thousand years is so low and Contrarian, what we have seen in the last century, the planet of life and things that we have a better chance of finding evidence of ancient astronauts to SETI as underfoot.

This is not to mention that if they cover a small area, agencies could be the collapse in the same style as the accordion Wiley Coyote is a breeze rock instant it the full force of gravity. As we used to think of life on Earth as pleasant and good address for an extra of our world is hell incarnate. Our priority is too little or too much. Our air is toxic. Oxygen is, after all, a highly flammable, and corrosive substances. Look at what the metal. Our microscopic fauna is probably fatal. HG Wells was not far from the mark when he wrote The War of the Worlds. Indeed, he seemed to understand as a foreign tariff on May our world, much better than Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

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2012 - change or disaster?

2012 Another Y2K in the making? The forecast on the basis in fact or imagination Doomsday? What really happened during the years 2012 and what the world like in 2013? It seems that everyone has a book, movie or a seminar with forecasts on the answers for these questions. It is true that the agreement is not absolute, what will happen, everyone seems to agree, if these events occur. Before us, the promises of 2013, we have to sail in 2012.

21. December 2012 is the singular now all forecasts are converging to change. So, let's see what some experts say is happening at the moment.

We must start with the Maya, whose long count calendar ends that day. The Maya, often, is located on the 2012 forecast, the object of measurement cycles of time in creating their calendar. For the Maya live day after day, there are several time, individual and community development cycles. The cycle we are now, after long a cycle count comes to the conclusion at the end of life as we know, so we can start a new life cycle.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planet X and the return of former astronauts Sirian?

Planet X, Nibiru or The ancient documented planet Sumerians, photographed by the Russians, and NASA. However, there are no efforts to realign or eliminate its devastating effects on our planet Earth. At near the orbit of the planet caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, the destruction and the creation of Pol-quarters of the work that leads to the destruction of every 3600 years. The seat claimed this planet of the reptiles and Sirians in our solar system, a demon planet. Report the situation on this planet is regarded as the next planet,Pluto, and is the eleventh planet in our solar system. The orbit of the planets around the sun and is invisible to the naked eye until it begins to close on the planet earth. Then he can so something like a huge red planet, that dwarf the Earth hundreds of times. This planet is said to disturb everything he meets, even the sun in our solar system that led to a massive Sunday to end that flair to the effect of our planet. To maintain its atmosphere of the planet X requires the precious metals on our planet,

it was complete. Reptiles, on our planet for eternity and have been genetically modified DNA of our early ancestors to create and farther supplemented slaves mining, such as the Reptilian drones who work on overwhelming. The story of Enki and Enlil (represented as the biblical story of Noah) warned that Enki "Noah" of the recent conversion of the world, against the wishes of his brother Enlil, who is responsible for the survival of humanity. The transition from the Earth X should be the uprising of the slaves and giants that emerged from the genetic modification of humans and the growth of these former slaves with the astronauts. In the soil, increased in the solar system, he has a great wave, the earth, that the top be in the stratosphere of the earth. It is said that these former astronauts Nibiru think there is no life, but life on Earth at sea, earth, sky and creatures, which they have survived. Go back to flabbergast by the extreme overpopulation of the earth, the supposedly deleted intelligent life?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planet-x-Nibiru Earth Stars and Space

When Pluto was discovered back in 1930, astronomers Planet was also the observation of the massive land mass in space, changes in the orbits of the planets Uranus and Neptune. Thus, they were fascinated that this has been a high priority for the search for a new Lunar Planet, Planet X, because it is so named, and it is to visit us soon.

N.A.S.A. 's claim.
Where time in spaces is irrelevant, but back on Earth in 1993 was a good year for NASA announced on land, as the planet Earth, travel in an irregular orbit around the Sun . It is path was indeed to be found on planet Earth.

Recently added credence to the assertion of NASA, an article was published on Feb.28, 2008 in Japan by a scientist named Kyoko Hasegawa of the University of Kobe, he said that the calculations of computer simulations she believes that this planet has been, up to two thirds the size of the Earth and in orbit was the extent of our solar system.
It was only a matter of time before the mysterious Planet X is in sight.

So do these Nibiru adapter?
Through interviews and manipulation of information in the foreground above, skeptics and believers are equally to both the conviction that this discovery has been astronomical, and declares that the evidence, Planet X and Nibiru was the same.

Planet X Nibiru around. 30 to 70% of the mass of the Earth and is composed of ice, ice, ammonia and methane. With this, you can imagine, the surface would veeerrry cold. The planet is in an elongated elliptical orbit, and the sun every 1000 years or environments as well. It is a radius of 15 to 26 billion killometres. To put it in proper perspective, if you are in space, and manages to see the wonderful size of Pluto is much larger than that and allows a greater range of Halley COMMET.

BLICK IN SPACE. Observers estimate that by 2012, this planet like the Earth, our solar system, and we are on good old planet Earth, the first row of seats.
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