Friday, August 28, 2009

Possible real images of Planet X Nibiru

The railway is also a calculation of the same and whose images were (themselves) from Earth. The way the estimated time for the earth is 3600 years. Though it was a sun that would be very difficult because of the strength of our locations. YouTube is not the only source of updated information on the Internet. Search NASA on Nibiru, returns to religious texts, and you can draw your own conclsuion that Nibiru, but certainly not a solar system

youamebas: There is said about Nibiru? How can a solar) systems translation of Nibiru (Sumerian word "planet of crossing" ... Not to mention its orbit is inextricably tied to our solar system .. They recognize that a collision between two solar systems, what about ? Of two stars with an incredulously large area / high density and others .. .. Do the math it would fuck up

is only a reflection effect .. The so-called Planet X or Nibiru, which is also mentioned in the sacred books is beyond Pluto, where his latest discovery, and the main reason it was so difficult, the light is not the simple fact that, as is, and Pluto, the sun shines more close to the sun can Nibiru / Planet X, because the moon is so close to us, not brilliant appreciate it, even if they are directly connected to the light with great precision bombed. The same goes for mathematics

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