Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planet-x-Nibiru Earth Stars and Space

When Pluto was discovered back in 1930, astronomers Planet was also the observation of the massive land mass in space, changes in the orbits of the planets Uranus and Neptune. Thus, they were fascinated that this has been a high priority for the search for a new Lunar Planet, Planet X, because it is so named, and it is to visit us soon.

N.A.S.A. 's claim.
Where time in spaces is irrelevant, but back on Earth in 1993 was a good year for NASA announced on land, as the planet Earth, travel in an irregular orbit around the Sun . It is path was indeed to be found on planet Earth.

Recently added credence to the assertion of NASA, an article was published on Feb.28, 2008 in Japan by a scientist named Kyoko Hasegawa of the University of Kobe, he said that the calculations of computer simulations she believes that this planet has been, up to two thirds the size of the Earth and in orbit was the extent of our solar system.
It was only a matter of time before the mysterious Planet X is in sight.

So do these Nibiru adapter?
Through interviews and manipulation of information in the foreground above, skeptics and believers are equally to both the conviction that this discovery has been astronomical, and declares that the evidence, Planet X and Nibiru was the same.

Planet X Nibiru around. 30 to 70% of the mass of the Earth and is composed of ice, ice, ammonia and methane. With this, you can imagine, the surface would veeerrry cold. The planet is in an elongated elliptical orbit, and the sun every 1000 years or environments as well. It is a radius of 15 to 26 billion killometres. To put it in proper perspective, if you are in space, and manages to see the wonderful size of Pluto is much larger than that and allows a greater range of Halley COMMET.

BLICK IN SPACE. Observers estimate that by 2012, this planet like the Earth, our solar system, and we are on good old planet Earth, the first row of seats.

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