Friday, August 21, 2009

2012 - change or disaster?

2012 Another Y2K in the making? The forecast on the basis in fact or imagination Doomsday? What really happened during the years 2012 and what the world like in 2013? It seems that everyone has a book, movie or a seminar with forecasts on the answers for these questions. It is true that the agreement is not absolute, what will happen, everyone seems to agree, if these events occur. Before us, the promises of 2013, we have to sail in 2012.

21. December 2012 is the singular now all forecasts are converging to change. So, let's see what some experts say is happening at the moment.

We must start with the Maya, whose long count calendar ends that day. The Maya, often, is located on the 2012 forecast, the object of measurement cycles of time in creating their calendar. For the Maya live day after day, there are several time, individual and community development cycles. The cycle we are now, after long a cycle count comes to the conclusion at the end of life as we know, so we can start a new life cycle.

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