Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nibiru Planet X

Fascinated by the stories, which is the famous Nibiru Planet X, because in 2012 our solar system, reproduces, with the axis of the earth and the devastation of the tsunami, and changes in climate and / or the emergence of a new era of Enlightenment , it appeared that the material is connected to a volume of poems Planet X.

For the reader, the theory of Planet X, there are several websites and blogs, the scientific community to convince scientists demystify Bonkers happy and easily. Some commentators Planet X as a servant of two masters, in orbit between our sun and its dark twin to identify some of them to the extent the black governed that the system star as the kingdom of fallen angels.

In any case, you get the picture. With the little 'research, or its components should be sufficient to continue with the poems, which offer about ecology, chaos theory, hard science, hard science fiction, soft science fiction astrophysics, metaphysics, theology, ethnography and references to personal relationships.

In line with the values of output growth of securities Press Book, original illustrations otherName manager, and we hope to provide a proper introduction / hips of a person who holds the prologue to the scientific community.
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