Friday, August 28, 2009

Mayan Inca Aztec Egyptian Prophecy 2012 - Part 1 of 4

It's really stupid, not a timetable, to provide anything goes, only God can decide to end life on Earth in 2012. It's so stupid that you just did a commercial for a lottery to see who would be saved. Frankly, as such documents are needed to qualify for this lottery? Otherwise, the Bible says nothing about the year 2012, I mean, just because people used to "predict" that the world ends, not necessarily exactly in the 2012 final

Dr. Paul Laviolette is a genius. In recent decades, the fundamental ideas of his theory was proven, and we see in other galaxies like our own cosmic rays escape from the nucleus. If you are in the picture Ice Age and cosmic radiation Dr. LaViolette graphics seems that it is undisputed that the cosmic rays in our solar system meets the highest at any now.

Provided by the campaign much of Maya 2012, Maya I have heard that every person who walks the earth and watery eatcvhother crazy, but what remains is the question of why? Therefore, all must be crazy to stay healthy and are healthy and here, the clock
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