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The problem of evolution

All theories are decreasing extrapolation accompanying moral philosophies and ethical theories are theories of cold reality on empirical data from laboratory experiments on repeated endlessly with the same result. Theories are the "why" of experience, experimental work, but why? Declaration under the "why" is what life requires a certain sense, the interpretation of the theory of evolution of the concepts have a basic understanding of life. Evolution is a good example of this process.

The results suggest that the consequences of Darwin, the Church and not long ago that God created the world in six days the microbe angry with the universe has these two different visions of the source Gallery is in the world, but, both are only opinions and theories that are based on an ancient book and watching the other day, fortunately, is not true.

The Torah / Teaching first hour with the creation, the Torah, but is much more than what is written. The Torah consists of four levels, and without seeing the complete picture just reaches the wrong conclusions, the same applies to empirical observation. Scientists can measure the four elements: earth, water, wind and fire have no problem pushing their theories, in fact, admitted that the physical reality, only four percent of the creation, the rest is dark and mysterious energy that the other 96 percent of creation represents.

In General, it is good that scientific theory of Rreligion are themselves have beliefs, but as a theory became dogma or belief then was the beginning of the human spirit with enough gas via philosophical doctrines because of information. Torah / teaching focuses on the creation of immutable law of the letter and three levels of verbal tradition. Like science Torah sees only four parts of the whole.

The Written Torah 600,000 mark in the margins of the puzzle and match the Talmud, a book of the law is like assembling the pieces, filling the Midrash-Book of the metaphor of history and, finally, the Zohar to the Book of Secret the final piece in place design on all outstanding issues, and suddenly the image of creation is the perfect. The study of Torah education is the basis for understanding the will of the Creator, as revealed in the operation of creation.

Rigorous study of the Torah / Education adheres to certain sophisticated methods as a scientific explanation, is the consistency and integrity of the written text to four levels which reflect the shape of the lights of the building across the universe four divisions, with ten entries.

The Torah is not in its assessment of the building to be confused, the scientific evidence of claims to, as the Zohar, the Book of Secrets describe six planets outside the solar system 2000 years before science or explain the Talmud says, book the mystery of life begins law 41 days after conception, or as the key to Kabbalah, the Zohar-Book of Secrets ", explains the ubiquity of IP, which translates directly in the name of the shadow of PCG - the physical creation.

The Torah is the cause of development as a process for years, the focus is a creation of the Creator. The first book of Kabbalah, Sefer Yiztira / Paper writing there are about 4000 years the ancestors of three nations Abraham, Roman and Judeo-Arabic, states categorically that there were ten and not nine, ten and eleven years, he worked for ten o'clock celestial bodies in our solar system, and not nine as the scientists said, or 11, as those who believe that Planet X Nibiru. There are seven continents and three oceans, and man is three triangles, head, torso and lower body and the power of speech, which is composed of ten.

Evolution, Big Bang theories and other substances between the scientific community marked the philosophical implications that are not good for our planet Bode, the random nature of creating unfathomable. The desire for more and better not to translate the direct result of scientific thinking in human behavior. There is little difference between the teaching of science or religion that believes in the science of religion that believes in the magic of a coincidence, nothing and then all that is. The first religious people 4000 years ago in Egypt, the cradle of civilization is a magician.

The Torah is the teaching that does not require faith, but is a model of knowledge. The knowledge of Kabbalah is associated with the third eye, which stops abruptly when you open your mind to think that it makes, sense that if you know you have much to learn and think. Those who are lazy to get the beliefs and theories that justify necessarily produce resentment to know the final configuration of the negligence of the founding of our planet.

God is the most important resource of our planet, the only person in all our many events every foreigner with the privilege of choice. It is the life of God in all aspects always and at every step, we must stand together, to build a tower to heaven, for fear that the sky may fall and the flooding of land as at the time of Abraham 4,000 years ago . The basic principal that Abraham had come to earth to proclaim God and God's light is always present at any time, any place and for the whole body that all the time.

The wonders and mysteries of creation are the declaration of the maximum for the Creator of heaven and earth. The definition of creation, there must be a creator always the old, the only problem that I encountered with the creation of the Creator in the hands of the stars and constellations, is the creator of those present at the creation of those? From a small piece of the puzzle that we see the creation is evident not only to create at any time, as we grow and move closer to the light.
Dovid Krafchow lives in San Francisco and author of Kabbalah Tarot published by Inner Traditions and a new five-book series called The Dance of the Pig: a cosmology and world history based on Kabbalah, the only JewishBohemian. Com Dovid is a Jewish family and teachers, non-affiliated and non-religious. He thinks he's crying at the end the person who changed the world.

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