Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank you, We are a leader

Here's an interesting idea. Humans are not by nature a divine being maintained the garden of Eden. They are not. Instead, they were the floods of organic matter in the tube, such as glass foreign astronauts, who themselves called the Anunnaki. Old, technically and in finding a new place of life, their world at home began to die, they built on the land and the human race as a workforce. Where do they come? He was known as a planet Nibiru and it was the tenth (or rather, ninth in the current definition) from the planet of our solar system.

The Kuiper Belt is the features, like Pluto, Sedna, Eris, Orcus, Ixion, Varuna, and perhaps a few tens of thousands more. However they are too small for the importance of the atmosphere, too far to feel the heat of the sun (the sun is another show that the light), and far too cold for life on them. There is a small chance that one of these asteroids could be in a gravitational field strength and kneaded until its core competencies white hot and a little kilometer from the sea ice. These warm conditions, some organisms eke a living, but it would be much too hard, more complex life to develop. If the bacteria have little chance, as the complex, almost like human Anunnaki also the spirit of prayer?

A theory on aliens, from our own solar system, it is immediately seeming plausible. Travel between the stars is very difficult and lengthy process energy intensive. However, travel between the planet is child's play. We do this all the time. The Anunnaki were simply a fairly large room, vehicle, he shall, on earth, you give a good impetus and years of waiting until they arrive. Of course, there are problems, like a planet, it says its belt may Kupi intelligence and as an alien life form on Earth could survive ...

Earth would be a terrible Anunnaki home or for species that are not on a planet with the gravity and a 1G air, oxygen and nitrogen. Similarly, astronauts intelligent aliens would have to invest both in the situation, there is a planet, though, unlike them, it raises doubts about whether even choose the land, much less for thousands of years, creating a new type of monument and building countless mysteries of their purposes.

Ah yes, the mysterious ancient monument business. In other worlds and a mark is something to it, what we would do, because that is our culture. Foreigner may be the idea of rights planting a flag on the moon, and the elimination of our waste is defacement as blasphemous. It is only because foreigners decided, on the land and the store here, it does not leave any behind Grand enigmatic. We would like her, we have been proofing of intelligent life in the depths of space and a link to these millennia.

Too open, I must say that we may never know whether an intelligent species ever visited, or even the old Ur-earth. One day, we can find an alien civilization, which says: "Oh, you are on the earth? If this is not funny, we were in this way about 45,000 years." But the idea of extraterrestrial intelligence species found on the outer edge of this frozen Solaranlage colonize the world, as recently as a few thousand years is so low and Contrarian, what we have seen in the last century, the planet of life and things that we have a better chance of finding evidence of ancient astronauts to SETI as underfoot.

This is not to mention that if they cover a small area, agencies could be the collapse in the same style as the accordion Wiley Coyote is a breeze rock instant it the full force of gravity. As we used to think of life on Earth as pleasant and good address for an extra of our world is hell incarnate. Our priority is too little or too much. Our air is toxic. Oxygen is, after all, a highly flammable, and corrosive substances. Look at what the metal. Our microscopic fauna is probably fatal. HG Wells was not far from the mark when he wrote The War of the Worlds. Indeed, he seemed to understand as a foreign tariff on May our world, much better than Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

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