Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Topic Planet Earth

Recommended reading for education . 5 stars


The themes are: "What is a planet," What is the earth, "as the oceans, is" shaped like the sea "," Always Summer Mountain "," How do Rivers''are all the sand the dessert, "What is a glacier," What are the polar regions, "What is the atmosphere of Earth," "Where does the time go," As the time ',' What are the natural resources of the Earth, "" Are We are the planet's negative, and the index.

Each section is a two page spread that contains a series of questions and answers and a series of drawings in bright colors and well executed. The pages of "As the beaches are characterized especially convincing, with a plan these outlines a long coastline and pointed to a wall of protection, the long beach rowing breatkwaters or more, a cave, batteries, and the arrows show the direction of the waves . Discussion of colored sand, the cause of the tides, the recovery of large tracts of land from the sea and beaches, are similar.

He says the cover "Discover the facts and answer the main question. And opening more I cannot believe that we can do something is far away from it all, there are a lot! My criticism resident of 4 years had a meeting an advisory capacity. They take their job seriously as a critic, listen carefully and view photos with an eye for an approval or disapproval of the prospect of a child. If the job meets your approval, we continue our class, or more .

The colors of the glossy cover with avulsion of the core of the earth, represents the work of art that form a waterfall and a mountaineer scaling a peak, captured the attention of the children suffered. We had just finished unity of science on the glacier and the climate, the children were excited to see these two aspects are contained in the pages of this book. Since we arrived in these pages, especially the children immediately asked, 'Questions',' we ask. "Those were between the glaciers, where they were able to present the material in later time, meet in their science books-4 class found, and I am proud that they were able to name the species, knowledge, the clouds, explaining that occur as the thunder and light, and has a front time.
Children are HOT! Planet Earth is a great addition to our library of classes, a desk is often used when children have a question about any aspect of our planet. And he went to game time only if you choose what you want to select. I like the book includes arguments both for science as a class 4. I am pleased to small groups of 2 or three to see the book that more questions, answers, and talking pictures.

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