Tuesday, August 25, 2009

of the earth and anxiety Prophecy Change: change the channel

If you do not like what you see, change the channel too! Moreover, the possibility unfounded horrible! If we want something different, it's timing to give something more. After all, that all the energy, and we are the creators. Those who want to create the apocalyptic prophecies, which are free to do so, and are free to live their creation, but those who are not here to be! Global destruction, and everything that does not imply a scenario that we must increase, too. We focus our attention on a different level of reality into another dimension, another possibility. The ability of hole in the ground and the children of light, with great joy.

With the recent hurricanes, tsunamis huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, etc. I would be surprised if not submitted at least one or two minutes, the examination of the various apocalyptic earth changes. I must confess that I have. Y algunas proyecciones dicen lo que debe ocurrir, es suficiente para la bejeebers usted y te dibujo en la frecuencia en el proceso de susto! So I asked some of my wisdom to help me keep this point of view, the power to make my own fear, and focus on our frequency of upward movement. So here is something that I was given:

Why do so many of us, at least in part regulated that channel of injury drama, even if it is a horror for us? If you read Recreating Eden, is not surprised by the fact that the look of fear, hunger is done, the reptilian brain that formed the mythical snake "for more information about the search for reverse polarity of power that food. In a world dominated by ego, not to taste the juice of a lot with how the opposite polarity "drama" and if we are not aware of what we do (and not when we are often less frequently) just power forward, whatever it is aligned with power and more energy and reduce our recorded by frequency. Oh, we love the feeling of energy moving power, reverse polarity, and the snake to feed the demand, cannot concentrate on a tugboat in the fear of information even those of us who are awake, and a degree to know better than to do it! Nevertheless rather than focus on their devotion to their tugs Spirit, of course, be so few. And you find that you win, and attracted more and more information will be held in love.

Every opportunity is for us, and we always decide what level of reality to vote in our consciousness and training, based on our attention and our emotions. In May, when we have forgotten that we have the power to do so, we can change the place of our conscience, like changing channels on a TV. If you invest that station "TV", which is defined in one end of the Global Program to enter his passion, what you see here or even an investment in the ego "of what will happen, is part of the enhanced program, your emotional energy and experience in all its Technicolor Gore and injuries. However, if you decide that the program is not for you, just change the channel and this reality! Fail to see things with the fear, stop creating, based on extrinsic factors creates the universe from generation to generation, the leaders chosen by the ramp and instead to concentrate and be happy. This means nothing to say, divorce let your feelings of helplessness and fear that remembers what you resist. It stilled is to return to the spirit to turn his love of pure will.

How are you? Changes often! Transcend afraid to see the issue of your mind, eliminate duality. The refusal to hear a low frequency and distribution rose to a new level of consciousness. Spending time in the unified field of unity and harmony. Concentrate the mind on the message of love and life and light and joy, peace and harmony. Law of the place of the divine, and adapted for control by you is scary, whose whole existence depends on you to generate a slower pace to make. Believe me, when you are online with you, and it is something that has to do to keep body and soul of a danger, you have asked to do so, not out of fear, but the natural reaction of his wrist spirit.

While it could be operated at a frequency that, at least in part forgotten our power to choose and create, and in this state, the fear instilled with the duality-based reality we are decisions without the consent of certain limits to what is the reality which increases. We have a free will to choose and create different. Free would am not something that is designed for people in difficulty, which was designed for each stage is chosen so that the creation of God can create an unlimited number. Every prophecy is just one option between an infinite number of possibilities, only a description of an incident in a plane of reality. Because God is with us to make the creation of the decisions we make. Palaces Y) as the teacher who taught Jesus, "my Father's house are many" (the creation of various sizes. Therefore, if we do not like us, we will have another.

So, my friends, it seems that we have a choice. I personally do not want chaos manifests itself in the world, and infers the possibility of annihilation, but probably you can see here. (Of course, there are only one station, where the earth is undergoing profound changes drastic enough tangible or even this interview!) I prefer the scenario where we trust God in us and the new frequency, if marked 's history "Although there is the possibility of mother earth clean with a great cataclysm, we have in hand, for all creations, to give love and alignment with the spirit, and therefore the Earth and her children are bright and quiet again Once again in this process. 'So I put my mind on that channel. Check and see if you agree to this spirit of "we do more" point of view. If so, contact me for 'election of a transition easy and fun. It' much easier to create and maintain a reality if we are together!

I know many of you have this deep knowledge is needed in this time of great global transition, to read and note that the survival of the service to contribute to humanitarian catastrophe. I suggests that a new opportunity for the service of energy recovery "worst case" and paving the way for a higher rate of destruction of the world, is not necessary. Perhaps you are willing to consider is the largest service road, change the channel upstream of joy, so that the power of radiation, it is easier to break uniform for our sisters and brothers increase the frequency and the license Channel "the devil loose behind him. If we focus our energies on peace and love, what we do and give strength to all of us.

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