Monday, August 24, 2009

If a form is sent to another planet Earth germs?

How to transform the country into another planet? Well, you can send the germs of organic life to begin. Of coarse we will be 4 million years on this planet.

And if we could send another planet the bacteria which serve as light rays or DNA or RNA components of the bacteria in the processes in a beam of light? And when you send the beam through time? However, if you find what you are on a planet that could be consistent, which in the past), these microbes over time (4 million years and then grow and eat until death, but the beginning of all life forms , to die and be buried more than a billion years to turn left with the oil and when you're there, they have been planting that reserve of oil and moisture, water, air, and plenty of means of subsistence.

We have lakes in California, one of extremophile microbes that thrive in arsenic-saturated mud on the floor. They feed on arsenic and cannot live without it. Is not this kind of point of life on other planets, it seems, all over the world to survive on Earth? Be ', of course, absolutely delighted that it has not been opened in denial, like all extremists religious fundamentalists, who are often very narrow. Clearly it is a kind of life you can imagine, including one that collapsed in a world that life, perhaps only a dead giant or a giant planet in the saddle of life. Why not, with all the billions of places, no doubt exists. Some here are a few, some of us are not here and elsewhere, in part, is what may, here and there, too.
The universe and all living things and is everywhere. Life on Mars, Venus, Pluto and Alpha Centaro, anything, there are several types of life throughout the world. And bringing our actions on the life and death, life on other planets, modify, finally, destruction of ecosystems, or we must be careful and cautious, but does not eliminate our chances of parts of other technologies that soon soon . Think about it.

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