Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hopi prophecy in the end times

The Hopi Indians are the people of peace. They play a vital role in these last days of the Creator. It would be pointless for us to hear.

Leading me to believe the sun symbol represents the Creator, the Moha symbol represents the four forces of nature in motion, including land, water, fire and air, and red symbol represents the "Walking the Red Road spiritual path was written, which is included at the end of the book, "Red Hat is talking about."

We are now apparently living in recent times. The Hopi had a prophecy that these greater cleaning events before the end of this period. This prediction may provide links too many other prophecies, including the Bible and the Hopi.

Hopi spoke of the arrival of three "." These three are the three symbols: a symbol of the sun, the symbol of Moha, respectively (the swastika) and the red symbol.

The Hopi Indians have their own spiritual truth with the rest of us together. Its truths are in harmony with the spiritual aspect of the Torah. Are taught according to the spiritual truth of Jesus

We can decide which way you go, and even try to justify our own way, but eventually becomes separated from his illness, no matter what one believes or thinks. We can convince ourselves and our colleagues that our progress is right, but God convinced? Each of us must find our heart, to see if the intent is malicious and remove living there, please, if we are to our Heavenly Father.

I believe that the Hopi prophecy says Pahana bring a new religion, is not really new, takes place through the seven stages of the journey the red road. This is the reality of the red symbol. Hopi those who choose to follow the red route, to be honest, that is, to be purified from the Red group. (According to Malachi, Chapter 4 has been badly burnt and only walk on the ashes of evil. It seems that the Hopi prophecy says that the power of Red Chief, bad, and perhaps also because those who travel - the red road, is about to die like others and the evil and evil. Here), the leader of the evil Red Force, which is to destroy.

Pahana, the new religion of all faiths will join a religion, and bring a spirit of brotherhood. Along the path is red. Combine all the great religions, the spiritual brotherhood. Walking the red road, as on the road to the high intellectual level of our beloved prophet Abraham, through whom all generations will be blessed on the earth.

Only the unconditional love in our hearts to become one with the unconditional love of our heavenly Father. It moves with the law of attraction, like love, unconditional love, God, the meaning, but all those who have an unconditional love in their hearts to win.

Thus we find our way to God then we're going to spend part of the kingdom of our Father in heaven and eternity with him. Automatically and logically. And 'the universal law of attraction.

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