Friday, August 28, 2009

Nibiru Orbit Planet X Position in Space

Theroy decided to remain in orbit for the delay, which means your egg-shaped orbit that makes it difficult to know when things are so slow. Astronomors not looking at this kind of Aparently within the movement and was surprised when he approached our new Solor. (Do not worry about spelling sometimes)

Hi Peter, if you're talking about the idea of Nibiru / Planet X had been thought to check the ancient Sumerians. Talked about the planets and described in the report and the color of about 4000 years. Field is ranked 7th in the world as if they expected entering the sun.
Hope that help, that is, if that's what u were investigating.

Proel if true, from what I understand is about 7 million kilometers and can be seen only in infrared ... It is a giant in the South Pole. This is a SPT (South Pole Telescope) to see what is your opinion on that.also spoke Sumerian age of ten years ago and said 4thousand planets Neptune and Uranus, when not even discovered until the end of 1800 after Pluto in 1930 idk just the little strange to me that they knew that the solar system and therefore the relationship.

Immortals left the ground because of death brings impurities. While the guy on the Holy Bibble build a tower, was a descendant of the immortal, who wants to go as far as possible communication with their parents to let him on the floor. Goliath was mentioned that this giant is coming? The evidence is all in the book and marking the wall, but scientists ignored.

What do you know why scientists are looking for another place to stay out of the earth? Nibiru was visible on the ground with the use of the instrument since 1980, is now only 2 years from Earth.

And all who died of a direct hit from a distance and other radiation, changes in atmospheric pressure on Earth, beings that the melting of DNA (the bone remains of course), these forms combine with DNA to another organism a decomposition, the formation of another body of genetic engineering (a bit) .. Pure DNA is the same, once again the years withdrawn the land to block the passage of Nibiru, and the cycle continues to move forward.

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