Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planet X and the return of former astronauts Sirian?

Planet X, Nibiru or The ancient documented planet Sumerians, photographed by the Russians, and NASA. However, there are no efforts to realign or eliminate its devastating effects on our planet Earth. At near the orbit of the planet caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, the destruction and the creation of Pol-quarters of the work that leads to the destruction of every 3600 years. The seat claimed this planet of the reptiles and Sirians in our solar system, a demon planet. Report the situation on this planet is regarded as the next planet,Pluto, and is the eleventh planet in our solar system. The orbit of the planets around the sun and is invisible to the naked eye until it begins to close on the planet earth. Then he can so something like a huge red planet, that dwarf the Earth hundreds of times. This planet is said to disturb everything he meets, even the sun in our solar system that led to a massive Sunday to end that flair to the effect of our planet. To maintain its atmosphere of the planet X requires the precious metals on our planet,

it was complete. Reptiles, on our planet for eternity and have been genetically modified DNA of our early ancestors to create and farther supplemented slaves mining, such as the Reptilian drones who work on overwhelming. The story of Enki and Enlil (represented as the biblical story of Noah) warned that Enki "Noah" of the recent conversion of the world, against the wishes of his brother Enlil, who is responsible for the survival of humanity. The transition from the Earth X should be the uprising of the slaves and giants that emerged from the genetic modification of humans and the growth of these former slaves with the astronauts. In the soil, increased in the solar system, he has a great wave, the earth, that the top be in the stratosphere of the earth. It is said that these former astronauts Nibiru think there is no life, but life on Earth at sea, earth, sky and creatures, which they have survived. Go back to flabbergast by the extreme overpopulation of the earth, the supposedly deleted intelligent life?

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