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Nibiru through the eras and cultures

- Nostradamus
The terrible disturbance in the orbit and the motion of the planet Earth is explained scientifically by the seer Nostradamus himself, by the approach of another star who, during seven days, will appear as another sun.

The great Estoille by seven days burn,
Nuee apparoir will make two suns,
The big Mastin howl all night,
When the great pontiff will change soil.

"In an eclipse of the sun, says Nostradamus, the successor was the darkest and most gloomy that ever been seen from the creation to the passion and death of Jesus Christ, and from that time until day, and that in October that will produce a great translation, so we believe that the Earth will be out of its orbit and will be lost in eternal darkness.

- Prophecies of the Hopi
In the Hopi Indians of North America, one of them said: "One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years. It's time of purification for the Earth. Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we reach that stage. What may happen then nobody can really know. " "Stars in a single row? This is something that evokes the alignment of the planets provided December 21, 2012. According to this prophecy, besides immense damage and loss of life, this is the beginning of a new ice age. The Hopi prophecies have been sent to their prophets by the Creator himself. They may or may not materialize. It is therefore more likely to change according to the will of God or men, according to the claims of the Hopi who made them. Those who have made are so impressive that the book of prophecies of the Hopi (Hotevilla) has been translated into French by UNESCO (TE Mails, op. Cit., P. 186).

- Prophecies of the Mayans
The Mayan prophecies are basically identical to those of the Hopi. They indicate that we have reached the end of the last cycle of existence for our civilization. The dates of the cycle correspond to the beginning to 12 August 3114 before J. C. and December 21, 2012 to the end. At this time our planet is supposed to perform very violent earthquakes terribly devastating.

- The Apocalypse
The Apocalypse of St. John mentions the sun, calling it the name of Absinthe, bitter (Revelation VIII, 11). This giant planet, commonly referred to as Hercolobus is called by some the "Cold Planet" and others call the "Red Planet" and is undoubtedly much greater than Jupiter, the colossal giant of our solar system

- Astrology Ancient India
The astrologers of ancient India called Yuga cycle of 3600 years corresponds to Shar. According to the Puranas, in fact, a complete era lasts 14,400 years (ie 4 x 3600 years) and is divided into four main Ages articulated from this cycle: the Satya Yuga or Golden Age, which lasted 7200 years (2 share) The Treta Yuga or Silver Age, which lasted 3600 years (or 1 Shar), the Dwapara Yuga or Age of Copper, which lasted 2400 years (or 2 thirds of Shar), and the Kali Yuga or Iron Age, which lasted 1200 years (the remaining third of the fourth Shar). These ages are divided themselves into sub-ages which have the same names and are spread by the same ratio-time (2 + 1 + 2 / 3 + 1 / 3 = 4). Thus, the Kali Yuga has its golden age lasted 600 years, its silver age, which lasted 300 years, the age of copper which lasts 200 years and the Iron Age which lasted 100 years. The period that we end up being cross corresponds to the Iron Age of Kali Yuga and from the beginning of the twentieth century the return of Nibiru and the start of a new grand cycle of 14400 years (= 4 share).
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek 13/7/87. Nibiru is indeed so.
It actually describes a wide elliptical orbit around the Sun (closer to that of a comet than that of other planets in our system) and comes close to Earth every 3,600 years, as Sitchin had anticipated. Its orbit is in the opposite direction from that of other planets in our system. It is currently hidden by the bar of asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. For this reason it was discovered so late.

Astronomer Andy Lloyd has analyzed photos of NASA's astronomical data current and well versed in the writings of Sitchin. He developed a theory which he believed, answered all questions asked.

Here are the main points:

- Our sun is part of a dual system, which is the twin star called Planet X, or more precisely the dark stars, a red dwarf.

- This dark star called NIBIRU by Sitchin is cencée be the planet of origin Aninnaki ( "Gods" down to Earth, according to the Sumerian tablets) but in reality, the dark star would have a planetary system of 7 planets, which Nibiru would be the biggest and most eccentric.

- One of these planets be inhabited, and these people have used Nibiru as relays and conveyor in their travels around the solar system.

- The ecliptic plane of the dark star would be oriented at an acute angle, relative to that of our solar system and not only cut short periods of several weeks to several months all around 3700ans.

- Residents would use spatiotemporal 7 doors, which lead to the last region on Earth Sumer. Currently, Nibiru photographed since the 90s, dangerously closer to Earth, entering the solar system, increasing not only the sun's magnetic activity, but also disturbing and warming the different planets.

- It seems that most of its influence will fall in 2012 (the Apocalypse of disaster and end the cycle of Mayan calendar), with destruction of many lives on the surface of the Earth.

This theory seems consistent with the many revelations that bloom for several decades, or from secret agents of various countries, either current media (movies, TV etc. ...)

This is very gratifying, but anyway, we have to wait much longer.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A Jesuit working for the Holy See sent a large Italian journalist Cristoforo Barbato, in 2000, a video special astronomical. He claimed to have explosive and sensational revelations to make. The Jesuit is an engineer belonging to the ultra-secret society linked to Vativan: SIVs.

This company is composed of one hundred members of the Church dignitaries, monks and religious, and laymen from 70 religious institutions rekiées the Church (humanitarian associations, political etc. ...).

This man had the classification secretum OMEGA 1, the highest level. The FSS operates in cooperation with the secret services of other countries information about the aliens and deals with philosophical and religious aspects of contacts.

The video presented, lasting 20 minutes, showed a planetoid, surrounded by a thick atmosphere, heading toward Earth. It was filmed by an infrared camera ultra sophisticated onboard the probe spatial secret Sileo. This probe fafriquée Locked by Martin, and fitted with an Electromagnetic Propulsion of Area 51 in Nevada, had been placed in orbit by a secret camera, type hypersonic Aurora, in the years 90-93.

Images of the planetoid started appearing in October 1995 and continue at this time. They are sent to secret radio telescope belonging to the Jesuits and is located in Alaska, an industrial oil storage decommissioned.

The journalist Cristoforo Barbato for all these revelations kept secret, and tried to check the following years. Convinced that this was not a hoax, he showed the video during a conference in Pescara on the Adriatic coast, in April 2005. He had discovered that the astronomers were talking, in 2004, an upheaval that would be felt in the solar system, due to the arrival of this planet.

Since there is intensification of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, a dramatic warming of Pluto and the south pole of Mars. In 2006 we discovered a new red spot on Jupiter after storms three gigantic white. A storm rages in the south of Mars. All this, do we think, is due to the approach of the astronomical body.

Barbato had met in person the Jesuit twice in 2001. This gave him many other revelations.

The FSS was established as a result of Eisenhower's meeting with aliens, on the basis of Muroc (Edwards' former name), California, in February 1954. Bishop of Los Angeles, James McIntyre (Ed.: Is there a link between this parentée bishop and the famous Andrew Mac Intira series of invaders?) attended the meeting.

The bishop McIntyre and Detroit Archbishop, EdouardMooney helped create the SIV and were the premierss members, transmitting information from the USA, Vatican.

But the case took another unexpected turn, when another group of aliens, Nordic type, clearly friendly, contacted several members of the FSS on several occasions. Contacts are made mostly in the United States, but some were held in the Vatican gardens near the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in the presence of Pope Pius XII.

These aliens come from the Pleiades said, and put no human guard against two of February 1954. Subsequently, John 23, also benefited from their support, but he chose him as the secret, which only referred to a meeting with angelic manifestations.

Adamski has been charged by the Pleiadians, go see the pope dying, to try to get him a final agreement. They wanted the Pope to warn the world of their presence. But the Pope felt that this was not their responsibility. This attempt failed Adamski ended the contacts between the papacy and the "space brothers".
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


The history of the planet X rebounded in early 2008, because of the placing on the Internet some new documents:

First, the sending of a letter from a Norwegian politician Camelot Group. This group is composed of two people oriented exo-political relations between our Earth and other planets: Bill Ryan and Cassidy Kery Nevada.

Both men have begun to explore the possibility of a global catastrophe in 2012 after listening micobiologiste of area 51, Dan Burisch and former secret agent, Henry Deacon.

Their site, in English, Project Camelot, is a goldmine for ufologists not timid. The other revelation, although dating from 2005, has been placed on the Internet. She comes from a completely different source. It is the study of a well known Italian journalist: Cristoforo Barbato.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Planet X Radio signals from the center of the Earth received by NASA:

The Canadian newspaper very seriously''Weekly World News''was published February 14, 1995 an article which proves again the theory of the hollow Earth.
This is the title of the article: "Cape Canaveral, Florida - NASA receives radio signals coming from inside the Earth. Experts believe that these signals are emitted by a form of intelligent life and well developed! "

A senior NASA does not speak its name says in the article that are underground creatures who seek to enter into communication with us. "Whoever they are, - he said - they have a technology that is capable of sending signals through the earth's crust, hundreds of miles of earth and rock.

Scientists have seen the first signs October 30, 1994, thanks to satellites very sensitive. Since then, emissions have been renewed at regular intervals, said the head of NASA. "The radio signals are composed of a very complex mathematical code, which has convinced us that we were in contact with a colony of living beings whose intelligence is undoubtedly superior to ours." He explained that scientists have not been too difficult to decipher the messages, but he repeatedly refused to disclose what they contain.

"I would not say that the messages are hostile nature, but their content could cause controversy and concern," says he. "Like many other things depend on the interpretation, I would wait before declaring anything that could put the public in a state of excitement and anxiety.

The informant went on to explain that NASA scientists are frustrated by the fact that they were unable to locate this "underground civilization, and they are not able, with the technology they have, respond to messages. "They know more about us than we do about them. They found a way to communicate with us regularly and we by cons, do not themselves know how to reach them. Their messages show that they have extensive knowledge about life on the surface of the Earth, as we have no explanation on the possibility of development and survival of intelligent life devoid of oxygen and sun "(ODR Note: unless the Earth is hollow, there is within a source of energy and light, and oxygen abundance, as has been confirmed by Mikhael Omraam Aivanhov and many far-sighted).

The head of NASA said that scientists believe that this discovery could be the biggest and most resounding for centuries. And the article ends with this sentence: "We have long hoped to become the masters of the universe we now recognize that there are unexplored territories in the interior of our planet, which could be of primary importance for our future.

That actually contain these messages? NASA Why does she feel uncomfortable revealing to the public that it is in communication with the interior of the Earth? What are the requirements contained in these messages that push NASA to refuse to speak? Since messages do not seem hostile, they can not put seriously at risk. It is therefore once again the political and economic forces that feel threatened and impose its veto on the dissemination of information. This is certainly the reason why scientists have so-called "need time to properly interpret" messages underground, before they are released.

All this is strangely reminiscent of the adventures of Admiral Byrd during his flight from February 19, 1947 in the polar region, and that it happened then, when he wanted to publish messages from residents of the Center of the Earth .

But, contrary to what had happened at that time, when we had silenced by ridiculing the very old theory of the hollow Earth, scientists now seem to want to prepare mankind step è the reality of a Hollow Earth. It is also an act of humility is required of them, because indirectly it will lead them to accept the theory that the earth's core molten iron they have supported for decades does not.

But for now, everyone continues to lie, including the head of NASA quoted in the article, affirming that "we have no way to communicate with this culture. "Other sources say however that these beings are trying instead for a long time to understand our leaders that the armament and nuclear energy can express our loss, implying that trade has taken place and that if they had the opportunity, people of the Hollow Earth would not be content with a one-way communication. In fact, this lie from the NASA disclaims responsibility for publishing information about it.

Apparently, the underground civilization is not only more developed than ours, it also knows the conditions in our world, and she is able not only to send coded messages that NASA had no trouble deciphering, but also to receive all information issued from the whole surface of our planet.
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Planet X Nibiru THE HOLLOW EARTH? NASA recognizes

Many papers picture brought back by U.S. astronauts successive Apollo missions, are now classified Top Secret. However, these documents do not concern only the moon. Some relate to the Earth's poles. Here's a picture taken by the crew of Apollo XI in July 1969, and is miraculously passed through the mesh of censorship in the U.S. administration.
The hole at the North Pole photographed

This photo seemingly "harmless", however, reveals the presence of a black hole near the North Pole. This black hole seems to absorb the clouds toward the interior of the Earth.

The calculations from the scale of the photo lead roughly to a hole diameter of about 900 950 km, a circumference of 2900 to 3000 meters. If this hole corresponds to an opening in the polar cap, it would be located approximately 86 ° north latitude. We know that reports of explorers, whose findings were kept secret (those of Admiral Byrd in particular) reported a gap of 716 km, for a circumference of 2250 km, and an opening in the polar cap from 86 , 8 ° north latitude. This picture seems to confirm little about the conclusions of the book of R. Bernard,''''The Hollow Earth appeared well before the first Apollo mission.

Furthermore, looking at the hole closer, there is a drop in the height of clouds visible on its periphery. The elevation is approximately half the diameter of the hole, a thickness of about 400 km. We know that the highest cloud layers of the atmosphere rarely exceed a height of 50 feet 000 () 15 km away. This means that clouds photographed inside the perimeter of the hole are about 385 km below ground level!

That is why this photo should have been part of all NASA documents classified Top Secret, for demonstrating the existence of a gaping hole in the extreme north of our planet, it contradicts all scientific evidence usually accepted by official science. There is a hole so huge that it comes not even see the bottom!
This photo was taken in July, a time of year when it emerged at the North Pole 24 hours on 24, so the hole in the clouds is so clear and visible. But the bottom of this hole is not white, as should reflect the ice and snow that is supposed to stay 365 days a year. Why? simply because there is none. And why there is he not? because this hole communicates with the center of the Earth which is a region of temperate and pleasant climate all year round!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

planet x nibiru Noah's Ark, as in the Bible ...

2012 ... voila date.
2008 year end, it all begins ...
On June 19, 2006 Norway started drilling the ark plant species has a thousand miles north pole in the Norwegian islands of Svalbard.
And the name of Noah's Ark is well deserved, since the objective of this project jointly launched by the authorities and the Norwegian Trust Fund for the Global Crop Diversity (FFMDC) is precisely to ensure "the survival in the long term basic food crops, "including their preservation in case of major disasters. The nuclear wars, natural disasters and budget cuts are among the list of "disasters" to even threaten the plant genetic resources.
By burying a Noah's Ark in the ice plant, Norway and FFMDC intend to offer future generations the opportunity to replant crops destroyed by disasters of the first order. But to do so, should we not another Noah's Ark, human one, is built?
The Norwegian government built more and more bases and underground bunkers. Israel did the same, and many other countries. Norway has begun to store food and seeds in the Svalbard area
and in the Arctic with the help of the United States, the European Union and across the country. The government will save the members of the power elite and those who can help rebuild: doctors, scientists, etc..

Extract from an interview with the Pope during his apostolic pilgrimage to Germany, published in the magazine "Stimme des Glaubens"

SDG - What about the third secret of Fatima? Should he not be released in 1960?

John Paul II - Given the seriousness of its content, not to encourage the world power of communism to perform certain actions, my predecessors in the office of Peter have diplomatically preferred to stay at his revelation.
On the other hand, all Christians, it is enough to know this: if there is a message where it says that the oceans will flood entire regions of the earth and from one moment to another, perish millions of men, is this the case for poor disclosure as such a secret?
A planet called NIBIRU by certain planet X by another, would have caused any ...
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Planet X Nibiru - 2012 Planet X Norway Ark Green

The Camelot project undertaken by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy reported that a battery of bunkers built by the Norwegians for a capacity of underground life of 5 years. According to its source, this project would be linked to the arrival of the mysterious "Planet X", which entails profound changes from 2008, peaking in 2012.
This information is similar to the construction of basic food recently opened in Norway, presented as "Noah's Ark". Does anyone know the schedule of supply of this base?

For information, this "Planet X" was approached by calculating late nineteenth and early twentieth, by simple observation of abnormalities of the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. The discoveries of Neptune and Pluto n'expliquèrent no anomalies, no more than Sedna, or that (2003 UB 313) Xena, discovered in 2003, which is currently in aphelion of its orbit. In 1982, NASA recognized the possible existence of "Planet X".

The December 30 1983 an article published in the Washington Post, after interviewing the head of the IRAS: "a celestial body, perhaps as big as the planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being part of the system sun, was discovered in the direction of the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... we do not know what it is. "
His belated discovery is because we did not try the right place, the orbit of this object is inclined 30 ° to the ecliptic plane, and it was hidden by the asteroid belt . In addition, its orbit very eccentric place mostly outside the solar system (as defined in the orbit of Pluto) and it does its rotation that every 3,600 years (nobody knows if official data or a resumption of the theory of Velikovsky and Sitchin - see 'worlds collide').

The antiquity would have seen, and some commentators do not hesitate to recognize the mythological pantheon. Thus she was treated as Nibiru, Babylonian sun.

If we stick to the revolution of 3600, she was passed around 1600 BC, provided that its imminent arrival is proved. However, some analysts see it to -1200. This date is closer to the giant blackout history occurred between -1200 and -800, period otherwise known as "dark ages" or "Greek Middle Ages" by historians, where they never really knew what he s had happened. If she was to return shortly, its period would be around 3,200 years and not 3600.

The 2012 stimulates the mind, by that famous prophecy of the Mayan calendar, December 21. According to Hopi prophecy, the "great purification" would occur during an event that could be interpreted as a planetary alignment:
"One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years. It's time for cleansing the Earth. Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we reach that stage. What may happen then nobody can really know. "

I read somewhere that a major planetary alignment will occur in 2012. I have not checked but I will consult the ephemeris to see what "degree of alignment" it will happen. However, intuitively, it seems totally Kafkaesque than 2 astronomical events independent alignment and the return of a star slow happen at the same time. If we remain in the realm of prophecy, it is noted that the Mayan prophecy is not in contradiction with the prophecy of Malachi, called the 111 popes, and the king of the world, reported in the nineteenth century and popularized by Ossendowski and Rene Guenon.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

planet x nibiru It was my understanding that Nibiru was in a planetary

It was my understanding that Nibiru was in a planetary system that crosses the solar system every 3500 and some years, and which causes each passage of large perturbations and collisions.D 'after the Sumerians, the planet is inhabited by the Annunaki.
What is strange is that the Mayan calendar stops in 2012 also.
Thank you.

On Internet sites and popular videos surprisingly announced that the planet Nibiru would approach dangerously close to Earth in 2012, triggering massive cataclysms. Is this possible? And, first, the planet Nibiru might exist? By exploring the Internet, we can not but be struck by the extreme scarcity of reliable information on disasters occur in the expected year 2012 (in French, they are virtually non-existent). Also, I had the idea to examine the scientific basis for some of these prophecies of doom announcing the end of the world. (Above, artistic representation of the hypothetical planet Nibiru.)

I know that the date of December 21, 2012 from an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, but other theories have been transplanted to this phenomenon, the purpose of amalgamation is likely to bring a little more weight to the disaster announced . After all, do not we say that unity is strength?

To help you measure the extraordinary confusion of ideas relating to the year 2012, you can watch a program broadcast by Denis Lévesque last February: video 1 and video 2 (you'll notice the poor performance of "popularizer of science" that tries support perspective conspiracy). The video below, viewed alone over 600 000 times on YouTube, has a good summary of all the rumors related to a possible return of Nibiru.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Planet X Nibiru : nothing bad is going to happen in 2012

nothing bad is going to happen in 2012 ... People come to you is the only thing a Mayan calendar ends, which are not written so that you can die 'll .. End of a cycle is also a new solar system has arrived at the center of our galaxy, but then again it does not mean that something will happen ... They r all catastrophologists!

Organizations Hm, not blue I do not like big magnets with opposite polarity, which, if you are close to each other, ranging from one to another. When this happens, we will be caught in the gravitational field, and the changes will happen, but nothing drastic. Furthermore, the period of 3600 sounds a bit 'unlikely. 12 000 maybe, but 3600, nope.

You know when you 2 magnets together and push each other? thats what happens, what about us on our roll axis, it will be catastrophic world events is due shift.there polar wide.a of these tests before they happened, it would explain what is to many ancient civilizations, like Atlantis, and below water.

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Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 1 of 5: The Threat

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nibiru if Graviatationsfeld strongly influence the Earth

In his overview of Nibiru will pass so close to Earth that has created in our gravitational field together, and this will have devastating consequences. Some fear EVENS THE END OF THE WORLD 2012th therefore, is its flight distance of about 7 million kilometers from Earth, and which, in its return flight of about 3 million miles. This information will be in the notice to announce conspiracy theorists, NASA has, the Government of the United States and the Vatican and secrets are strictly kept and to avoid mass panic.

Hercolubus orbit around the sun
Several teams of researchers agree still orbits our sun, from an unknown planet. Astronomers call the troublemakers. "It should have 33 times the size of the Earth and giant elliptical orbit of 3600 years revolve around the sun. In 2012 will once again move through the ground, where he abruptly ended the Mayan calendar this year. Addition, the Maya knew Nibiru.

Nibiru has 5 of the World. Another theory is that their life on the moon of the Anunnaki. They are a humanoid species, a somewhat hybrid human reptile with different perspectives. My Back's Nibiru.

Voyager discovered NORLOK and large objects
After 1980, Voyager passed Saturn and sent signals of a very large objects near the Oort Cloud. 30/12/1983 He has been in the Washington Post that he discovered a large object in our solar system. Since 1989, there is the silence of the media about the discovery of radium.

After having tried in vain to keep information secret from the new material was still seeping through the existence of 12 Planned. Emerge the image of the Internet on July 24, 2002 Russian satellite NORLOK show that recognize, objects because of size close to the sun.

2010 Nibiru visible to the naked eye
2009, no later than 2010, Nibiru will be visible with the naked eye as a bright red object near the sun. There are already picturing on the internet where besides evening sun do not overshadow the other celestial body awarded, and only one red Basso. Counterfeit critics say.

Whatever But theories and predictions can be believed, can only Scientific Meeting supporters and certainly not definitive statements about his Nibiru Extienz.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Nibiru and other astrobufale (update)

You say: "but please do some research on the net before firing a scratch on things you knowledge a bit superficial."

In your case I would say that if others have superficial knowledge, you as a science, astronomy and basic physics are worse.

Of Nibiru is said to have a mass equal to several times the size of Jupiter (the "news" that turn most is that it has 4 times the mass of Jupiter).
Then two facts account "servant" and see what happens to the solar system if a planet like the visit from time to time (as anyone who supports the thesis that this planet Nibiru says shows "cyclic").
Just to give you a hint: if you give your calculations does not come out that Nibiru would be sufficient to carry the current planets orbit the solar system, then it means you have to redo the math!! ;-)

Ah ... I did not come to say that they've already done ... It 'pretty obvious that you do not even know which side you start to estimate the magnitude of the gravitational force a mass generated that as that assumed for Nibiru ...
And it is quite obvious that you know nothing of astronomy ... Otherwise you would know that any amateur with small instruments from a few hundred euros would be able to observe that Nibiru ... Figure that one can easily see Pluto!

This suggested that the object was a comet, since it probably would have moved. The article also explained that the dell'IRAS infrared telescope, able to discover very cold objects, calculated that the celestial body was so cold that its temperature was about 273 degrees below zero. "
Figo, 3 degrees less than the universe itself.
It remains to explain how they did it to measure the temperature of a body that by definition does not emit

I agree. It cans not be more of the medium which give, string theories conspiracy just to sell the little 'more.
The scientific reality is far more fascinating even for those not expert in the field has the humility to learn a little matter of interest.
Unfortunately, the concept of study and research of the plots is quite flexible.
Usually both happen on the Internet and only on pages where they are written to confirm their theories.

We do about the following accounts:

We say that Nibiru is 4 times Jupiter's mass, then:

4 * 1.8986 * 10 ^ 27 kg = 7.5944 * 10 ^ 27 kg

Now take the distance from the earth, of 4.652 billion km (Mars is 78 million to make an idea):

The force of attraction between the two planets is:

F = (7.5944 * 10 ^ 27 kg * 5.9742 * 10 ^ 24 Kg * G) / (4652 * 10 ^ 12) ^ 2 = (3.026 * 10 ^ 42) / (2.164 * 10 ^ 24) = 1.398 * 10 ^ 18 N

The acceleration that the Earth would suffer would be:
(1.398 * 10 ^ 18) / (5.9742 * 10 ^ 24) = 2.34 * 10 ^ (-7) m / s ^ 2 or to write it in decimal:
0.000000234 m / s ^ 2

In comparison, the attraction between earth and moon is:

(7.347 * 10 ^ 22 * 5.9742 * 10 ^ 24 * G) / (3.844 * 10 ^ 8) ^ 2 = (2.927 * 10 ^ 36) / (1.477 * 10 ^ 16) = 2.023 * 10 ^ 20 N

Namely towards nibiru is over one hundred times smaller.

Between other things I would point out that the arrival of Planet X was originally planned for 2003 (look on the net are still citing that refer to that date, the editors have obviously forgotten to delete them ...), since in 2003 nothing has happened to date has been moved to get in his way even the Mayan prophesies.

As for Maya, and their loss, I occasionally read years ago a theory that seems very realistic: the development of farming with rudimentary means, the Maya did not know the plow and it seems, even the most basic techniques of crop rotation would lead to the loss of fertility of arable land, with a consequent decrease in population and the collapse of the social system.

Yes .... Nibiru but occasionally passes close to Earth (as supporters) and close to other planets ...

So maybe the little rifacciamo 'calculations whereas happens when Nibiru is "a shot schiopppo"? Since the gravitational attraction increases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance, far behind is that Nibiru because its gravitational influence is comparable to that of the Sun? What happens if this distance is comparable to that for the prediction of catastrophe? And I add, why the planet's periodic visit to the Solar System and, despite everything, there are millions of years that the planets have been orbiting fairly stable?
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Archive for the Planet X NIBIRU

The Sumerians tell the existence of the planet there are over 6000 years. ... This planet would not be observed orbit of 3600 years and is inhabited by beings called Anunnaki. This myth date back to ancient Sumerian and engraved in stone.


Sumerian texts (present-day Iraq) dating back 6,000 years show that in the past, A large planet struck earth (Nibiru) which has entered its orbit. It is also the version found in the Old Testament.

They describe the world as a cornerstone of our solar system without which no other star could precede.

This mythical planet has received various names through the ages:

-Nibiru or the 12th planet, the Sumerians (also reflected in the world overtaking or crossing).
-Marduk (Marduk) to the Mesopotamians and Babylonians (which means "great star from heaven" or "King of Heaven").
Winged-Globe (winged globe) by the ancient Hebrews, because its orbit logue.
Nemesis-the Greeks.
-Hercobulus for the Incas.
-Egyptians and ancient Hebrews represented as a winged disc because of its vast elliptical orbit shaped, wings.
-The Prophets have renamed Cross or Red Star of Destiny, and Ardent and Comet Messenger of Fate.

In Antique, only five planets in our solar system were known to astronomers, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Moon were the only bodies stray into the sphere of fixed stars and thus gave their name the days of the week. Since the 16th century until today the plethora of items came to populate the solar system known and the number of planets is now increased to nine since the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

In 1978, 2 astronomers of the Observatory of the U.S. Navy in Washington, R. Harrington and T. Van Flanders established that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus had suffered from disturbances of the gravitational pull of a mysterious celestial body unidentified and was called Planet X to bring both his enigmatic character and rank of world that it occupies in the solar system. The existence of a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto has been advanced to account for the disturbances observed on the motion of Uranus and Neptune, disturbances that Pluto's presence alone could not explain. This mysterious planet had previously ejected Pluto and Charon from their old positions (as satellites of Neptune). According to the two astronomers, the planet X was an intruder that the sun would be trapped in a very eccentric orbit, highly inclined to the ecliptic. This planet is much larger than the earth.

In January 1981, an astronomer at the National Observatory of the United States declared that for the first time, irregularities were detected in the orbit of Pluto, which could suggest that there was interference caused by the presence another planet in our solar system.

In fact, astronomers are mostly convinced that they're really more planets in our solar system, why it was called Planet X..
Even NASA in 1982 will recognize the possible existence of Planet X.
Then in 1983 the IRAS satellite in space reference distance a mysterious object, and the report on 30 December 83 the Washington Post after interviewing the head of the Iras said that "a celestial body, perhaps as large the planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being parted of the solar system was discovered in the direction of the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... we do not know what it is. "

The infrared telescope on board an American satellite in the program IRAS formally identified the existence of this planet called "Planet X" by NASA researchers.

In the years that followed, it was more discrete, but continued research indicating that X. must have an orbit inclined 30 degrees to the ecliptic, it would be three times farther from the sun than Pluto and have 3 to 4 times the mass of the earth.

In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek 13/7/87. Nibiru is indeed so.
It actually describes a wide elliptical orbit around the Sun (closer to that of a comet than that of other planets in our system) and comes close to Earth every 3,600 years, as Sitchin had anticipated. Its orbit is in the opposite direction from that of other planets in our system. It is currently hidden by the bar of asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. For this reason it was discovered so late.


In the Hopi Indians of North America, one of them said: "One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years. It's time for cleansing the Earth. Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we reach that stage. What may happen then nobody can really know. " "Stars in a single row? This is something that evokes the alignment of the planets provided December 21, 2012. According to this prophecy, besides immense damage and loss of life, this is the beginning of a new ice age. The Hopi prophecies have been sent to their prophets by the Creator himself. They may or may not materialize. It is therefore more likely to change according to the will of God or men, according to the claims of the Hopi who made them. Those who have made are so impressive that the book of prophecies of the Hopi (Hotevilla) has been translated into French by UNESCO.


The Mayan prophecies are basically identical to those of the Hopi. They indicate that we have reached the end of the last cycle of existence for our civilization. The dates of the cycle correspond to the beginning to 12 August 3114 before J. C. and December 21, 2012 to the end. At this time our planet is supposed to perform very violent earthquakes terribly devastating.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

The planet X or Nibiru 2012, the end of the world?

The apocalyptic predictions about the end of time travel in human history. For various reasons, these fantasies are focused right now on the year 2012. We'll see!
Mayan Calendar and other sources

The Mayan calendar stops, it seems, December 21, 2012, which would indicate for this date, a catastrophic event [1]: "End of the World 2012: According to the statements of several oracles, the End of the world would be provided to December 21, 2012! One of the most ancient calendars of history ending. On December 21, 2012 According to their traditions, the Maya show a radical and comprehensive worldwide. At the winter solstice of 2012, they confirm unequivocally END OF THE WORLD as we know it today. "

Another site [2], very detailed and trying to develop a scientific appearance, claims that this is linked to a reversal of magnetic poles of Earth, a phenomena known, unpredictable, and could have biological consequences .

According to this site "two schools of thought emerge: the inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth and its consequences, one based on morphogenetic fields and our ability to bring our thinking in this area. 'Despite the prolixity of this text, we find nothing more specific. Note that to better impress on us this photo of a "crop circle" that would reproduce the Mayan calendar.
Y is he linked with the age of Aquarius [3]? We talk [4]: "Will it all end? Or will he dawn of the Age of Aquarius? Nobody really knows. One thing is certain, however, December 21 of 2012 is the day, as we know, the end. "

Less specific site [5] of apocalyptic predictions from a rather special interpretation of the Bible also converges to this installment: "When we compare the biblical prophesies concerning the end times with the global conditions during the second half of the 20th century, it became obvious that we live in days! "

After also referred to the Mayans, it attempts a connection [6] with other sources: "Other sacred texts of major religions, from the Chinese Y-Ching, the Hopi Indians of America, the Hadith Muslims or controversial secret codes of the Bible describes, in sometimes very cryptic the Apocalypse. "

Certainly, something is afoot ...
An English language site [7] found, besides the Mayan calendar, many other reasons to fear (or hope) the Apocalypse in 2012: the next solar maximum, the predictions of Nostradamus, the waive of time has a fractal structure and present a singularity in 2012, a U.S. presidential election difficult (we do not speak of that which takes place in France) etc. ..

The planet Nibiru
Niburu would be a world seen by the Sumerians, who gravitate to very eccentric orbit with a period of about 3600 years, which would in our neighborhood in 2012, causing terrible disasters. We draw the same orbit

The announcement of his return is usually embedded in a pseudo-scientific gibberish rather surprising :"When the 12 spirals of DNA fragmentation variable (2 active on the 12 originally) will be reactivated, these spirals begin, connect to the system of 12 centers of energy called chakras man (7 Internal and external 5) in correspondence with the 12 luminaries and planets of our solar system, if you include the planet Nibiru (planet passing) The tenth planet (Planet X).
We are told it has already been photographed, that government hide information [11] to avoid panic, and we offer a guide to survive the shock.
For good measure, is accompanied with his assumed, return a list of other astronomical events planned in 2012 : Venus transit, solar eclipses, yet very commonplace events:
"At sunrise of December 21, 2012 and for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun will rise to join the intersection of the Milky Way and the ecliptic plane. This cosmic cross is considered an incarnation of the Sacred Tree, the Tree of Life, a tree known in all the world's spiritual traditions. At this time our planet is supposed to perform very violent earthquakes terribly devastating.
On May 20, 2012, there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun, June 6, 2012 will be the second and final transit of Venus of the century, November 13, 2012 we will see a total solar eclipse (visible in the north of the Australia and South Pacific) and December 21 will be the end of the great cycle 13-baktun in the Mayan calendar (over 5125 years). "
Finding hidden cycles in celestial events is recovered by the followers of Nibiru: "2012 is a milestone in human history. It marks the end of three cycles: 26.000 years, 5 125 years and 13 years. "

Or : "The Mayan understanding of time, seasons, cycles is vast and complex. The Maya has been 17 different calendars, some of which describe the temporal events accurately for more than 10 million years. The schedule attracts attention since 1987, is called the "Tzolk'in" or "Cholq'ij. It is based on the cycle of the Pleiades, and is considered sacred and determines important turning points in history. "

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UFO: History Begins at Sumer

The UFO phenomenon, known to the public since Tuesday, June 24, 1947 (observing Kenneth Arnold), staking the evolution of human civilization since the beginning of its history.

Its corollary, the presence of an alien society in our global environment, evidenced through the ancient texts that the pickaxe was found and discovered yet. Between many archaeological treasures are found Sumerian tablets made of clay and cuneiform characters that evoke a different race than humans: the Annunaki. Historians have related to local gods, and yet they appear in a context similar to our daily reviews.

And if part of the solution was under our feet and not in heaven ...

History Begins at Sumer. This is a pun. The study which I will speak mainly based (archaeological references) on the work of Samuel Noah Kramer, "History Begins at Sumer" (Editions Flammarion).

This show the rich variety of Sumerian clay tablets torn from the land since the early nineteenth century. These texts in cuneiform (wedge-shaped) are the oldest ever known and since the definition of history is written to memory, Kramer ended that naturally "History begins at Sumer". For my small part, a part of their content related to UFOs and extraterrestrials, I ended that the history of UFOs also begins at Sumer.

I will comment later subtitled "The Men of Hu.

In this study, I chose the works of Samuel Noah Kramer and Jean Bottero (book already quoted, "When the gods made, man" by Editions Gallimard) between others, because they are in a context Archaeological different ufology but completely academic (not in itself be clear, exclusive of relevance).

However I also borrowed two Babylonian sacred texts: the Enuma Elish translated by George Smith (Member of the British Museum in 1976) and Zecharia Sitchin (archaeologist historian of Russian origin), and Atra-Hasis.

I'll avoid the convolutions which the subject is ready and go to the essentials.

If the early Sumerian texts dating back almost 6000 years (starting point of history, the frontier between history and prehistory), some of them refer to older events, estimated at 4,000 years earlier constituting period that might be called the "protohistoric".

Note that these texts tell of the arrival and / or intervention Annunaki (literally "those who descended from heaven to earth" and accuracy is important if they are made, we say these messages, flesh and bone - strange for gods by our definition) and that this date coincides with the appearance of "gods" on the rock paintings ( "the great God" from Tassili in the Sahara - shelter Jabbaren n'Ajjer Tassili, Sahara, ...). These gods have replaced the representations of scenes from everyday life (gathering, hunting and preparation, ...). They are big, bulky and wearing "strange", which distinguishes men depicted naked and stylized form of sticks.

The study of other cultures also shows that this period corresponds to the starting point of many mythologies.

About mythologies, the authors (academics) that I mentioned and others have assimilated to the Annunaki gods constituting a pantheon operating within a carefully developed poetic mythology. However they did, not without a certain discomfort regarding the shortcomings they have been met to justify their intrusion into the chronicles of daily life Sumerian.

I said that the temples dedicated to these gods are described as places of worship but temporary residences where the Annunaki came to stay (they refreshed himself with food and slept very human to recover from their fatigue! ). The Sumerians had their advice, even a ruling in disputes between individuals or cities. They are the ones who still called the heads with the legislature and executive on their behalf. Finally they took part in the cultural enrichment by providing technical essentially agrarian (seeds, irrigation, soil improvements, ...), astronomical knowledge (position of the asteroid belt that is not visible,..) or new terms for describing objects, places and sometimes concepts.

You should know that there is a strong correlation between the existence of a mythology and the implementation of a philosophical system for all known ancient civilizations. Outside the Sumerians have no philosophical system. They proceed on a case by case without proposing generalizations. Therefore the intervention of Annunaki in the Sumerian society can not be justified with the convenient shortcut to the poetic fable.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here are their stories: Planet X nibiru

A long time ago, but not in a distant galaxy in our good old Solar System (probably shortly after its formation 4.6 billion years here), the earth, then two times larger than today and covered with water, called Tiamat and orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Tiamat then had a large moon (name Kingu which is obviously not the one today) that was later to become a planet, we have, unfortunately, no further details (this mysterious planet Kingu again, that probably could be anomalies Mercury justified).

A tenth planet (or twelfth celestial body for which the former including the Moon and the Sun), larger than Tiamat, called Nibiru (or Nibiru) from the Sumerians and later Marduk (or Merodach) by the Babylonians (the name of their god the main Hammurabi), also described a wide elliptical orbit (an orbital period of 3600 years), between Mars and Jupiter.

Nibiru / Marduk shot in the opposite direction of other planets and its orbit was not necessarily in the plane of the ecliptic (the orbital plane of the other planets), which means it was not for the solar system in its origin.

The Enuma Elish (Babylonian sacred text) states that Nibiru / Marduk planet was a nomad, "projected in the solar system (and captured) due to a cosmic event of unknown nature. His path through Neptune and Uranus, have followed a movement made in the direction of time - the opposite direction of rotation of other planets in orbit around the sun. The combined effects of these other planets have gravitational Marduk then deflected toward the center of the solar system, complete training.

Sumerian tablets refer not all, but certainly not found between those who were affected and many have significant shortcomings. Babylonian scribes, even if sometimes damaged sense, should have more shelves and above all better.

Life seems to have been thriving on Marduk, probably after his capture by the solar system, leading to an extraterrestrial civilization (the Sumerians Annunaki Nephilim and to the Babylonians and then the Jews), have acquired a certain mastery of interplanetary travel before the disaster .

In fact, Nibiru / Marduk came so close to what was then our orbit, one of its moons collided with Tiamat (Sumerian texts suggest a somewhat 'less accurate assumption that the shock on the two planets themselves) - cut in half. The upper parts intact Tiamat (and its main moon!?) Was (were) moved (s) on a new orbit between Mars and Venus to be, after the new equilibrium (geology and reconstruction), our Earth as it is today. The other half of Tiamat (who suffered, shock) were cut into pieces to become, according to the Sumerians, the "hammered bracelet" that we call the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In this regard, has identified serious gaps in the asteroid belt (diameter of about one million kilometers) that explains the phenomena of resonance with Jupiter (sic) (see sections Kirkwood). But that could also be justified by the orbit of a large planetary body that has crossed.

The Sumerian records state that the Annunaki were very large: the women had a height of 3 to 3.50 m and the men of 4 to 5m. Their life span was about 360 000 Earth years (about one hundred years of Nibiru / Marduk, which is consistent with our long life), and then they die like everyone else!

According to these archives, there are about 450 000 years, the Annunaki / Nephilim did not completely solve a problem in relation with their winter air (aphelion: The point of the orbit of a body in orbit around the Sun, where the distance from this body sun is high) long. Their scientists then thought of spreading gold dust in the upper layers to their advantage of its high emissivity while maintaining a temperature sufficient for their needs. And 'interesting to note that our experts recommend a similar solution to combat the holes in the ozone layer, spreading dust particles to filter out harmful rays of the sun.

The gold on Nibiru / Marduk was insufficient, the Earth has been used to turn (it's possible that Mars was previously operated as a closer).

Tablets describe the Anunnaki traveling spaceships leaving out the flames on the back - rocket rocket type. The technology Nibiru, which is close enough to Earth to travel between the two planets.

Landed and settled in an area corresponding to the current Iraq, thus creating the first settlements (the construction of the first foreign city). To find the gold, they entered a valley in the south-east (opposite the island of Madagascar).

Workers Annunaki (the minors, as the Sumerians called them) digging and rearing the first gold mines. The shuttle buses have been implemented for the transfer of gold from South Africa to Nibiru.

100 000 150 000 years later (here the text is not clear), these workers Annunaki able to tolerate their working conditions they rebelled against their military hierarchy.

The solution adopted was the construction workers hybrids of genetically engineered blood Annunaki (DNA) and first-premises (too clumsy in its natural state) and replace the lesser gods are working in the mining sector. The first genetic experiments were performed in terracotta containers (do not remember this, do not have anything!).

This new primate species became Homo sapiens sapiens: we should have been designed (created) by the gods for the sole purpose of serving as slaves to dig and extract gold. Our function as a spread further to other minor chores.

I said that the exact position in the cuneiform tablets that have undermined our gold, archaeologists found gold mines! Many of them are about 100 000 years old. There are bones found on site equal to the pre-sapiens primates and even human remains there 20 000 years. No anthropologist, paleontologist can not justify our presence in its place: the gold, this time we did was useless because too soft. The excavations have also managed to find much gold tooling.

Then, ask yourself these questions: What could we do in these mines? And where is the gold is extracted?

Comparative studies of DNA have to say that humanity originated in this region, this valley for the Sumerians would prospecting for gold (the woman behind our humanity has lived in these places there are 150 000 to 250 000 years geneticists responsible for the studies call Eve).

Every day in the Sumerian language, a human being with a sense of slavery: a good human being is a man who serves his master, and his supervisor, and fears.

To conclude our Sumerian origins, I suggest that the etymology of the word "human" before the Latin humanus "and" human "(British origin).

One of the first of the British (Sumerian origin) called Hu. He chooses among some men who have served and who became the men of Hu, the Humen "in humans.

Moreover, in French and Latin, you could also say "hands of Hu. We are all men of Hu, the hands of Hu.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

The mysterious Planet X

In 1978, two astronomers at the Naval Observatory in Washington U. S., R. Harrington and T. Van Flanders said that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus had been altered by the gravitational pull of a mysterious celestial body was identified and called Planet X. Questo è stato misterioso pianeta Plutone e Caronte espulsi dalle loro posizioni di età (come i satelliti di Nettuno). The two astronomers, the planet X. Was an intruder that the sun would be trapped in a very eccentric orbit, highly inclined to the ecliptic. This planet could be 3 or 4 times the mass of Earth.

In fact, many astronomers are convinced that in fact most of the planets in our solar system, for what has been called the 10th planet or Planet X

Even NASA, in 1982, recognizes the existence of Planet X. Then in 1983 the IRAS satellite remote reference in the space of a mysterious object, and the report on 30 December 83, the Washington Post, after talks with the head of Iras said that "a celestial body, perhaps as big planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being part of the solar system was discovered in the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... I do not know what it is. "

In the years that followed, was more discreet, but the investigation continued by stating that X must have an orbit inclined 30 degrees to the ecliptic, it would be three times farther from the Sun than Pluto and have 3 or 4 times the mass of land. In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek, 13/7/87 "... Last week, NASA released a statement strange: a planet in eccentric orbit 10 may be (or not ) around the sun ...".

On 7 April 2001 report Science News as "unique orbit of a comet suggests a hidden world" written "beyond the nine known planets of an object so massive that Jaws could have been part of our solar system and could be still there .

This paper reports the discovery by a team of astronomers, the previous year, this time as a comet called 2000-CR/105 solar, elliptical orbit, which is 4.5 billion miles from the sun (added the Sky and Telescope 05 / 04/2020) that the orbit at intervals of 3,300 years. Another study group Observatoire de Nice Cote d'Azur, published in Icarus implies that the orbit of the comet could create a planet not yet seen the size of Mars .... In short, mysterious planet astronomers feeds talks, of course, the world is there, always so mysterious. But astronomers believe that if you plot Zacharia Sitchin ( / sitchin.html) "I prophesy the return, for the time being, this planet, called Nibiru ..." (This would be the Sumerian Nibiru).

Is it a coincidence that the media include the arrival of a different planet or a comet in our solar system, approximately in 2003 or the end, others in 2011-2012?

According to the prophecies concerning the A. Inca Villoldo, towards the end of time (our time) we will live the great period of purification called Paccachuti in 2003, links to the forecasts of many mediums and prophets: 2003 should be an important year in the course of humanity chaotic. Some, like R. Ghotswolf provide a pole shift in 2003.

Some connoisseurs believe that the world is so "rotten" that millions of people around the world want and pray that this corrupt world is broken, the force of its sentences is that it can radiate enough energy to create a disaster. R. Hoagland, who claims to have inside information are the date in 2003. Moreover, many of whom also offer in 2003, a devastating first step and a final comet in 2012. 2012 This date also marks the end of the Mayan calendar.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stop the rotation and reversal of the poles on Planet X

"Theoreticians" of the planet X will even predict events and precise figures, eg stop the rotation of the Earth or a reversal of the poles at an approximation of this imaginary Nibiru. On the issue of Denis LéVesque I spoke a little louder, Robert Lamontagne (astrophysicist at the University of Montreal) explains that for a planet to tilt on its axis, "it would take a very violent collision and, in such a scenario, "for all practical purposes, the two objects would destroy."

Fortunately, Robert Lamontagne reassures us, adding that it is impossible that a planet the size of alleged Nibiru could approach the Earth without being detected many years in advance, both by professionals by amateur astronomers (which also denies any conspiracy theory).

How do people have believed that the axis of the Earth will one day switch? The astrophysicist believes that these theorists have simply confused the notion of reversing the polarity of the magnetic poles (a phenomenon that exists and occurs over a period of several hundreds or thousands of years) with an inversion of the geographic poles, This would be a different story.

From what I could find on the subject, it may well be that the origin of this confusion goes back to read the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, who had mentioned a few times a physical reversal of the Earth on its axis. The fact that a planet can halt its rotation on itself and goes again three days later, it is simply bad science fiction.
It is called Nibiru or Planet X, the concept of an unknown planet in the solar system is more primed than ever for all sauces, and even recovered by movements "New Age" and sects. I invite you to search the web to see for yourself the extent of the damage because I did not intend to advertise these sites, moreover, very easy to find.

In this unusual abundance of interpretations, I found a pearl of bad science fiction: Nibiru is actually a gigantic spaceship's "fourth dimension belong to the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way" and "Nibiru has come to help her residents to rise to the fourth dimension in harmonizing their elevation with the vibration of the planet. " Should we worry about such a mix?
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The return of Nibiru was planned for the year 2003!

Excuse me ... You say you worship? The return of Nibiru or Planet X, is in fact was announced in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, who is the head of ZetaTalk, a small group that some describe as a cult. Nancy Lieder claims to be in contact with entities from Zeta Reticulum (or Zeta Reticuli, you remember the so-called star map allegedly seen by Betty Hill?), Which would have given the approach of a planet unknown due to catastrophic events on Earth May 15, 2003. (Some stores ZetaTalk is translated into French in this site I warn you, it is quite disturbing).

In the video below, a report ZetaTalk dating back to December 2007, Nancy Lieder claims that Nibiru will soon close to Earth, and interprets global warming and earthquakes, as the side effects of Planet X, which is almost on us ...

All these elements (it must be said that they have no connection with the passage of an unknown planet?) Were included in some videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users on Youtube, the exclusion of other sharing sites. Who would benefit from further spreading false rumors about an eminent return of Nibiru does not exist? I leave you to guess ...

On May 5, 2003, within weeks of the end of the world "announced by ZetaTalk and other visionaries, David Morrison wrote at NASA that there are no earthquakes' s habit, and that nothing of what was expected by the prophets of misfortune not occur. He ended his brief message for the return of Nibiru as follows:

"I wonder how long this drama will continue for one hand it is obviously false.I suspect however, that the people behind these silly excuses for why their predictions did not materialize."

I do not know if this "prophecy" David Morrison has done, but the fact is that some people have postponed the resumption of Nibiru in 2012 to recycle all the false rumors that ran on this topic between 1995 and 2003. Another advantage to the catastrophes and conspiracy: allow recycling to match the return of a fictional unknown planet, with other myths surrounding the end of a cycle of the Mayan calendar.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The hoax by Nasa Nibiru

If one wants to hear from NASA about a particular topic, it is better to go to his site rather than reading old newspaper clippings and not seek to know the outcome of the events announced. The subject of Nibiru is often referred to by the public, scientists at NASA have been forced to address this myth.

In the "Ask an astrobiologist" (ask a exobiologist) Site of NASA scientists say they are tired of answering questions about what they call the "Nibiru hoax", and specify that the information circulating on Internet is obviously false. They move to demolish the myths frequently advanced by conspiracy: NASA and the governments who would know the existence of this planet who threatening but hiding the truth to prevent a worldwide panic, the observation of Nibiru through the telescope in Antarctica, photos Other astronomical phenomena as they present evidence of the existence of Nibiru, etc.. In closing his answers about Nibiru, David Morrison made an astonishing statement:

"Let me repeat again that Nibiru is a hoax in which a sect promotes. It is not and certainly not threatening us. "
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the planet nibiru invisible ...

The theory of "ancient astronauts" Sitchin is therefore based on an erroneous interpretation of a Sumerian clay tablet. By the time we have sophisticated astronomical instruments, the existence of a new planet, however, be much more persuading if we could observe directly, or at least measure its gravitational effects.

However, if the planet Nibiru exist and we have a brush in 2012, we have observed a long time. And this is obviously not the case. On its website Phil Plait explains that each massive Planet X certainly does not pass unnoticed, although the figures vary, Nibiru appears to be a planet would be several times the mass of the Earth:

"If Planet X should be here in less than a decade, could be much more than a billion miles. Even at this distance, it would be one of the brightest objects in the sky. And even though the light was too small to be seen to the naked eye, it could always be seen as either billion miles. Remember that the small planet Pluto is 5 billion kilometers and can be easily detected with modern equipment. And Pluto is much smaller than what we said about Planet X Nibiru. 'simply impossible for a large planet so close to Earth have escaped detection by astronomers - even to amateur astronomers who have no reason to lie - for all these decades. "

How are the prophets of doom this lack of observation of nibiru september ? There are different reactions to the photos and video can be seen on the Internet. For some, Nibiru has already been photographed, but as evidence, shows images of the sun with internal reflections in the lens (lens flares) or other optical effects. Others, more daring, the images show the phenomena of NASA shows very distant and completely unrelated to the solar system, such as planetary nebulae, hoping that their deception is not revealed.

Another argument, more logical at first glance, is that Nibiru september is detectable in the visible spectrum, but could be observed in the infrared (which advances the thesis that would be a brown dwarf, and not be detected by its gravitational effects). The prophets of doom, like Mark Hazlewood (photo-cons, warning her look hot), argue that Nibiru was detected by NASA in 1983.

What is so produced in 1983? At a news conference in Washington, scientists have announced the publication of research that, with the IRAS satellite, had identified four infrared sources detected in the visible spectrum. Could be considered an unknown planet nibiru? At the moment, says Tom Chester, who worked on this project IRAS, astrophysical raised several possibilities: galaxies radiate more infrared than in visible light, the solar system objects, brown dwarfs a little 'beyond the solar system or something else.

These scientists do not know the nature of these sources for infrared rays, which were described as "mysterious objects" for newspaper articles. The prophets of Nibiru still cite this as if he had to bear the existence of Planet X, but fail to provide the rest of the story. In 1987, an article (Soifer 1987, Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics, 25:187) dispel the mystery by describing the nature of these four infrared sources: there were three distant galaxies and galactic cloud which issued a infrared. There was no unknown planet mass of the solar system. Strangely, these results are never mentioned by the conspiracy, except to say that it would be a camouflage to misinform people.
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Nibiru (Planet X): already in 2012?

Internet sites and popular videos surprisingly announced that the planet x Nibiru will approach dangerously close to Earth in 2012, triggering massive cataclysms. Is it possible? And, first, the planet x Nibiru might exist? Through the exploration of the Internet, we cannot but be struck by the scarcity of reliable information on disasters occurring in the year since 2012 (in French, are virtually non-existent). Also, I had the idea to examine the scientific basis for some of these prophecies of doom, announcing the end of the world. (Above, artistic representation of the hypothetical planet x Nibiru.)

I know that the date of December 21, 2012 from an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, but other theories have been transplanted to this phenomena, the purpose of amalgamation is likely to bring a bit 'over weight to disaster foretold. After all, we cannot say that unity is strength?

To help measure the extraordinary confusion of ideas relating to the year 2012, you can watch a show from Denis Lé Vesque last February: video 1 and video 2 (you will notice the low performance of "popularizer of science, which seeks conspiracy perspective support). The video below, read alone more than 600 000 times on YouTube, has a good summary of all entries for a possible return of Nibiru.

(4) Nibiru in Sumerian

But first things. What is Nibiru? The word itself comes from ancient Sumerian texts. According to Michael Heiser, an expert on the Hebrew Bible and ancient Semitic languages, Nibiru Sumerian texts described as a star (or a deity, which is the same for the Sumerians) and, sometimes, that the planet Jupiter (Mercury or even on one occasion ).

At the root of this catastrophic interpretation of Nibiru are people like Zecharia Sitchin, a pseudo-historian who has published an eccentric theory from 1976, in his first book entitled The Twelfth Planet ." Saying rely on ancient Sumerian documents, Sitchin has announced that the solar system would include a tenth planet (actually, we rather speak of a ninth planet since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006, the moon and the sun are considered as planets by the Sumerians) and that would be unknown planet inhabited by a race of advanced extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki.

However as the Sumerians were able to obtain this knowledge? Simple, says Sitchin, the Anunnaki came practical to teach humans. However there are a surprise Sitchin others, because it says that the same Anunnaki have created humanity in the laboratory, and this for one purpose: to use us as slaves to extract gold from landmines, a metal that would "fix" l ' atmosphere of Nibiru is not (!). (This hypothetical creation of humankind by foreigners do not remember anything? "It seems that the individual with a bun and a suit of astronaut will be strongly inspired by the allusions of Sitchin to build his cult.)

All this is extraordinary, especially from a degree in economic history (source). It would certainly be more interesting and relevant to have the opinion of real experts in ancient languages. Fortunately for us, Michael Heiser studied in detail the documents on which Zecharia Sitchin based his theory plausible. First note that to justify the existence of an additional planet, Sitchin based primarily on its interpretation of the whole staff, the clay tablet be numbered 243 (below).

On the left, between the head of the first two characters, is the source of speculation by Zecharia Sitchin. You can observe a six-pointed star surrounded by eleven points. Sitchin sees more of a Central Sun and eleven planets. However, Michael Heiser noted that the cuneiform inscriptions (framed left and right) of the tablet VA 243 makes no reference to the planets or even astronomy in general.

Worse, the central symbol - the six-pointed star - is the representation that the Sumerians always used to illustrate a star (there's also an alternative to eight points), and eleven circles this star is simply d ' other stars less bright. The Sumerians were the only four-pointed star decorated with four groups of three curved, lines, all surrounded by a circle. This symbol is well known and can be found - always the same form - in hundreds of illustrations Sumerian.

To summarize: if there is a simple cluster of twelve stars, Sitchin imagine the picture of the solar system and a new basic theory, but an alternative history of humanity on this simple mistake. This is particularly surprising, says Heiser, all texts in the Sumerian language make it clear that there are only five planets (not counting the moon, sun and good old Earth).

The Anunnaki Heiser push the nail a bit 'more to see that the Sumerian texts are not connected these gods "Alien" and the hypothetical "Twelfth Planet" by Sitchin imagined. Furthermore, we did not even suggest that the Sumerians believed that Nibiru could be inhabited.

With its many personnel reinterpretation of history, Zecharia Sitchin Nibiru proclaims that describe a highly elliptical orbit around the sun and near the Earth every 3600 years. Heiser has of coarse found nothing like it in ancient texts and, unfortunately for Sitchin and other prophets of doom, as long a period would mean that this planet would be very encouraging the emergence of life.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

The planet Nibiru exist?

What is Nibiru? Nibiru is actually a mysterious planet, known by different names: Nemesis in greek, the red planet, sun devil, Planet X between astronomers, Hercolubus, the winged disk symbol in the Egyptian world, with its four moons, Absinthe bitterness in the Bible .. . Why are so many voices, forecasts and assumptions of it? Assumptions about its nature are many. We think it would be: a brown dwarf, an artificial planet created by a great civilization, a planet-comet, and even a giant spaceship ... It is said that after a cycle of course, would be in our solar system, with each time, the effects of gravity, electromagnetic, climatic ... Immeasurable. Thus, this giant planet could influence the electromagnetic activity of the sun, with the most intense solar storms on Earth, while causing problems in telecommunications (satellite, telephone ...), electronic systems and power plants ... This, beside increased global warming.

Moreover, his approach could disrupt the Earth's magnetic field, which, if less dramatically, it would signal a reversal of the magnetic poles. Moreover, its incredible power of attraction would also have the power to awaken all the volcanoes in the world, including Yellowstone in the United States can produce a nuclear winter across the globe. Worse, the arrival of the sun, could deflect the trajectory of comets is in a belt of asteroids, called the Oort Cloud, with the potential to draw in our solar system. Prophecies announce even stop the rotation of the earth or its rotation in the opposite direction: "sunset" (one of the 10 signs of the end of time), and during that time, the absence of magnetism, which would put the land to meet the bare harmful cosmic radiation ... So, Nibiru and its moons would be the main source of future and past flood myths more than men, with the memory of a purification similar to the tragedy of Atlantis, once swallowed by the sudden change of the place an ocean full. Always on Nibiru, the historical Zechariah Sitchin, Sumerian Mesopotamia fans believed that the man is truly the product of a cloning performed by the "Anunnaki gods" or "Anakim" Old Testament, and that these people are from the Twelfth Planet . Or even live a race of reptiles evolved, under the command of a warlike and greedy elite control of conquest (economic, psychological, genetic ...), and even sacrifice their honor.

In this sketch recalling the imperialism of whites could imagine that the Earth is experiencing interference is completely inserted and maintained by East junior Reptilians, for the elite Anunnaki or their descendants, still present or not on Earth. This elite mysterious, is also described as a misogynist, because these beings would eliminate the worship of "Mother Divine" First Peoples of the Earth, to develop instead of false religions to control and divide people through fear and ignorance, more distract our potential angelica. In this sense, it is necessary to distinguish between false gods, the Anunnaki (or Elohim) that seeks only to be venerated in their ego, and truly divine beings of creation may be embodied in all of us who knows.

Thus, the intermediate (descending affiliated with reptilian Anunnaki ...) would be likely role is to create a virtual reality to better manage the Earth and its slaves. Aware of the fact, assuming that the Anunnaki may have already incarnated on earth for the transfer of technology unknown in a body ... Journalist Iitalien Cristoforo Barbato, also join the idea that Planet X is inhabited by warlike beings from his contact in the Vatican. Someone else, Sir Laurence Gardner, at a conference in early 1998, that the Anunnaki God Enlil (Lord Tezcatlipoca ?...), contrast to the evolution of mankind, was the head of the Flood, the destruction of Ur, Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah (because they were actually high places of wisdom and knowledge). In contrast, his brother Enki (Satan Lucifer Quetzalcoatl-bearer of light?) Granted to men, access to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life .. .

Now, few signs of the likely arrival of Nibiru, there is talk of a red cross will be visible in the sky, and can remember a symbol of the Templars ... The Hopi Indians, in turn, speak of a day or the stars appear in one line. In the Koran this time at the Judgment, it is said that "the sky will split and a red as bright as fat or boiling like molten metal in addition to cosmic upheavals announced. a return to point zero, and the starting point of a new era for humanity and for all other creatures, that, immediately after the sound of the trumpet of the Angel Israfil .... Far from being closed, the mystic Samael Aun Weor prophecy, in turn, Hercolubus feedback, producing a kind of electromagnetic shock from his words. He added that "change" can not occur without catastrophe, and freedom can not be conceived without the help of an oppressor, while drifting on the latest Age of Aquarius, in which man should strive to become an "angel of God, not mechanically and sudden, but a real struggle to work themselves to" transform "and end its psychological defects, in itself this alchemical transmutation.

At astronomical, the German astronomer Johann Daniel Titius in the 18th century, invented a formula for calculating the distances between the planets of the solar system (the law Titius-Bode). The following will highlight the existence of an absent body, which lies between Mars and Jupiter, replaced by a belt of thousands of asteroids, which could be the remains of a planet "missing" that would explode there are a million years ... In the 20th century, astronomers Robert Harrington and Thomas Van Vlaanderen Observatory U. S. Marina in Washington, believe that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus are in the process of gravitational perturbations from a "Planet X".

Note: the sudden death of R. Harrington will end his search. December 30, 1983, the Washington Post article by Thomas O'Toole, will be a declaration by JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.) Asserts that "a celestial body as big as Jupiter, was detected by a telescope at orbital radii Infrared (IRAS), this, in the constellation of Orion, and that belongs to our solar system is part of the solar system. In 1985, D. Whitmire, J. Matese and Walter Alvarez issue "Nemesis theory, which assumes the existence of a star or planet killer "who would periodically with its swarm of meteors ... for the dissemination of flooding and extinction, including the dinosaurs.

In 1987, NASA had officially recognized the existence of this planet, in Newsweek's July 13. Then in August 1988, Richard Harrington would have said that the mass of that star would be four times that of Earth. On April 7, 2001, it was the turn of Science News to talk about an object as massive as Mars may be part of our solar system. But even in France, with the Science & Life February 2003, leaving the floor to the astronomer Alessandro Morbidelli of the Observatory of the Côte d'Azur. In that same year at the Palomar Observatory, astronomers Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz find an object in elliptical distant from the Sun, are called 2003 UB 313, and recently renamed Eris. . The object is the first measure of 4% larger than Pluto, is now 30 to 40% larger ... Eris, like Pluto, are currently classified as "Plutoid" or, the spherical body with an orbit around the Sun at a distance greater than Neptune.

Compared to our planet, is about to complete one year of about 25,968 years Sidereal zodiac, this, to return to its point of origin, near the center of the galaxy. In it, he speaks the cycle of four seasons, often called the age: the spring (Golden Age), summer (Silver Age), fall (of Ages copper) and winter (Iron Age). Thus, one might also ask whether the evolution of consciousness, would not be too cyclical ... This idea allows us to introduce some New Age theory that Nibiru appropriate given as a giant spaceship in the fourth dimension belonging to the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way, whose mission is to help us pick up and to align our vibration.

"In most skeptical, you might ask, what is the disclosure of irrational beliefs of destiny? We know that the new world order is dedicated to creating fear with an imaginary enemy (terrorist) ... It would therefore have the same psychological strategy the production of fear or gently prepare their minds to something ...? There is also the probability that the fragments of this incomprehensible (2012, Nibiru, the Flood, the Apocalypse ...) are true. When we think this regard, if a company consistently cradle their citizens is that the situation must be extremely serious situation.

In this way, one could also imagine an enlightened and elite already control the economy, is already preparing his ark, his underground bunker, his ships interplanetary or even his inter-dimensional doors to escape a cataclysmic future, could well be self-generated from the same enlightened elite in possession of a military technology that makes them "false gods" conquistador ...

If I stop to phrases like "facts" see "the evidence" ufology I drop, I stop to think that 11/09 is an "inside job", I think word of Darwin believed that the purpose of life and l ' acquisition of money and power, I think the man has reached the peak of its evolution, I go on pilgrimage to Rome for the salvation of my soul.

I have learned anything in this section, except that Z Sitchin not know how to translate Sumerian (as he wrote these books for the sole purpose of making money, what is possible, one in two chance, there is already a book that was written So, you call the Bible ...) and that Nibiru does not exist, because if they did, everyone would know. How UFO addition, if there were, everyone would know. These are the ravings of fanatics in search of sensational ...

It 'easy to criticize the work of others without offering other theories on the origin of humanity, because before we talk about pseudo inhabitants of this planet (Anunnaki), spoke mostly of their interventions at the genetic level Homo erectus. What is a theory as any to explain the missing link. I do not expect the scientific community for this.

There are so many major construction in the world that have not been explained by scientists, do not count on them to explain what can not explain why so Cartesian. For them, this does not explain with our knowledge and our senses are just legends and myths. But the blocks of stone weighing several tons into the jungle, it's true! But, as the ancients were primitive in many areas, they could move these blocks, file classification, case solved. As for the geographic location of the pyramids of Egypt, which corresponds exactly to the belt of Orion ... One possibility, perhaps that knowledge of the cosmos. It's funny all these "primitive" peoples who have a knowledge of the solar system without a telescope ...

Personally, I'm not here to be a follower of anyone itself. Ho bed, I checked and it shows clearly a general, but to say that holds the truth, and is a mediocre, not for me. I hate pretentious people, I avoid like the plague. Moreover, the dissenting views, even when they are united on a common theme and delicate as is the existence of its Annunakis. A. Theories Parks is different from Sitchin, but basically, it looks great fiction ... but what we know of reality?

Distinguishing the facts of reality! Not Serge? As we have said "no one possesses the truth" in Sumerian?
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nibiru: Distinguishing fact from fiction.

Denis Levesque on LCN colorful host devoted an hour to the phenomenon Maya - 2012 - Nibiru. Good show, but to prevent such vulgarities are saying he should have invited an expert in ancient languages of the ancient Near East ...

I offer you today not analysis of texts, but a beginning of serious thinking about these rumors that pass for esoteric knowledge ...

I will first give you the link to the website of Denis Levesque on LCN - a chain of French-speaking Quebec and continuous disclosure. This is the issue of Friday, February 8, 2008. You will see two small cameras that need to click to listen capsules thirty minutes (in French). Otherwise, here are direct links to two capsules

We should first one thing: I am not an expert on Mayan calendar. I will say nothing. However, you will hear in these capsules in the name of the planet Nibiru, and they will tell you that the Sumerian calendar also confirm the date 2012, and that this date corresponds to the passage of a planet X and it tells us that the Sumerians knew this Planet X and they gave him the name of Nibiru.

However whence comes this information about Nibiru?

My investigation shows me that the origin of these rumors around the passage of the planet Nibiru and its inhabitants suspected, the Annunaki, derive all their sources of books by Zecharia Sitchin. Mr. Sitchin himself seems to have loosely based on ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, and speculation of some astronomers who thought that was another planet in the solar system. I am not an astronomer, I make no comment on these speculations of astronomers, but rather the following: This Mr. Sitchin is the author of a book entitled The twelfth planet, a book I read, which is riddled with misinformation about the meaning of certain words in the Hebrew Bible. That I have found by myself, because Hebrew is a language I know well that I read, I studied for several years and have depth in a year of intensive in d ' a study visit to the University Lyon 3 Jean Moulin (2004-2005). What Mr. Sitchin says some Hebrew words such as "Nephilim", "Giborim" "Elohim" and "Shem" and some others is wrong. His rantings and allow him to speak of a spaceship in the story of the Tower of Babel and the Nephilim descended from heaven (which he confuses with the Sons of Elohim - another contradiction) in the sixth chapter of the book of Genesis.

About as "Elohim" (to limit myself to one word, in order not to length), it must be said once and for all that this word, although it has a plural form, is granted singular. The syntax shows that it is a singular in the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, 1, do not say "And God created," but "God created" (the verb is singular.) Plural forms provided in the singular, there are several in the Semitic languages - and even Greek. The name of the city of Athens is a plural in form, but its agreement is singular. It is something very common, but I can well understand that a freshman does not understand this linguistic phenomenon (but then it should refrain from writing book $ $...) It is therefore that Mr. Sitchin talking through his hat (and the mass of ufologists, some are probably honest, though misinformed), it is also Rael who had better watch out, and his disciples should at least bother to learn a bit before investing their money and emotions in the fantasies of this weirdo. So to read 10 000 books in contention in esoteric and hundreds of websites that would elohim in the first chapter of Genesis and that it is they who have created the world and Adam (in a laboratory I suppose ...), and that the Vatican and academics conspire to hide the public does not change the fact that I just explained. If it is true that there is a conspiracy surrounding the interpretation of the Bible, I have never been disturbed by the alleged conspirators, me working in these environments. In any case, nobody yet has come to tell me not to speak of elohim

To be honest, I rather think that those are the real actors in a massive campaign of disinformation is these speakers and authors of books and websites that claim to expose the conspiracies around the Bible, manuscripts of the Dead Sea the apocryphal gospels and Gnostic texts. Miller who has full access to these texts, I assure you that 99.9% of what I read on the internet is wrong!

If other Hebrew words interest you, come to tea, we jasera.

During a conversation with friends, I said that my assessment of knowledge of Hebrew of Mr. Sitchin, in light of what he said and what I know gives me the impression that enrolled in a course and it dropped after the first half after failing his exams ... Is low at this point!

Mr. Sitchin also speaks some words in Sumerian and he claims that the Sumerians knew about this alleged planet X. Now, I do not know, I do not know the Sumerian - but I decided to learn (Update dated April 30, 2008: Since writing this post, I started learn Sumerian). I know Hebrew, Aramaic (several dialects), Syriac, Coptic, Latin and ancient Greek. Why I say that I know these languages? To be pedantic and flash? No! Rather, because the research interest me much - as they concern a majority of those who are reading this blog! And because it interests me, I give myself the means to verify that Mr. Sitchin (or other) said about some Hebrew words. Judging from his knowledge of Hebrew is very bad, am I right to question me about his knowledge of Sumerian? If he is mistaken in a field I know well, and I can see, am I right to doubt heavily on other information it claims to deliver?

Go see this site, please read the information in order to have a different story than the followers of Mr. Sitchin.

To laugh a little, thus says Michael S. Heiser about alleged knowledge of Mr. Sitchin (and go read what I told myself to my friends ...)

To cut to the chase, as I've said on Coast to Coast AM several times, I'm convinced that Sitchin knows None of the languages he says he does. He makes mistakes a first semester student would (and a "C" student at that).

You may say - and they told me - that there are thousands of websites and researchers who come to the same conclusions that Mr. Sitchin and thus is no longer the case one man. But let them, precisely, your research and you'll see that 100% of those who speak of planet X called Nibiru and the Annunaki people get their information directly or Mr. Sitchin's books, or indirectly by other books or websites interposed.

So we cease to fear the coming of the planet Nibiru.

They still tell me that 2012 is confirmed by both the Maya and the Sumerians. However, in the case of Sumerian, it's wrong! These speak of 2012 as in the romantic imagination of conspiracy.

They finally tell me that NASA is aware of Planet X (Nibiru identified by the disciples of Mr. Sitchin). But with the amount of amateur astronomers scanning the sky, do you really think that the existence of such a planet could remain hidden?

It's as stupid as those who make the world believe that the manuscripts of the Dead Sea and the Gospel of Philip speak of children of Jesus. You can write on websites, Laurence Gardner and Barbara Thiering can post tons of books on this subject. That also means the novel by Dan Brown and the fact that he managed to convince a majority of readers of such a thing? I who reads these texts - and in their original languages - I know it's wrong. You can not make me believe in a conspiracy of silence around this subject. I know now that it's fluff. And if there was a conspiracy of silence in meusre where I have access to these texts and I can read them, I would be having to talk about alleged hidden content. It's the same with a planet X. There are so many amateur astronomers - and even professionals who watch the sky day and night - it would be impossible to hide. Even if they wanted the government can not silence so many people. And the reason that the conspiracy in an attempt to try to give credit to their stories was delirious: "If academics speak, cut research grants. Now we are talking about something serious, the alleged existence of a planet and aliens who tell us Sitchin and his followers, we invade and enslave us all in the 3600 years! Do you really think that astronomers are all heartless and miscreants without faith nor law who prostitute their conscience for money? Do you also really think all the specialists of the Bible, Semitic languages and tablets of the ancient Near East are also prostitutes who hide the facts to the public just to keep their research grants? Personally, if I found such things in texts, no money in the world and no government would succeed in silencing me, and I organize myself to tell so many people and write everywhere, and especially produce evidence of what I discovered. Is this the case with the conspiracy? Why will they never reveal their sources, or say on what texts they are based, or demonstrate their competence? Why do they always refuse invitations to come and check? (When the calls, they hide!)

What I see is that it is precisely the $ $ $ to do with the story of 2012 and the planet Nibiru. I think many conspiracy have understood and some have become vampires who suck the money from a public kept in ignorance and fear. A public that we learn to feed information gleaned on the web (if 200 web sites say the same thing, is that it becomes true for all?) And that program to be afraid of university . And it seems that it works and it pays. But I also note that nobody is forced followers of conspiracy to empty their pockets and be enslaved to the point of abdicating their ability to judge ...

I repeat, finishing well clear that my purpose is not to demolish the esoteric, or even to demolish Mr. Sitchin, but rather to shed light on this story. As usual, I say: Show me I'm wrong and I'd be grateful.

Conclusion: So stop being afraid. If you have energy to spare and you spend valuable time looking for information on Nibiru, come see me, I work in a mass on the ancient texts, serious work (and no, I'm not censored by the Archbishop, nor by the emissaries of the Vatican): The Nag Hammadi texts, the Apocrypha, the manuscripts of the Dead Sea, the ancient manuscripts of the Bible, etc. ... Those who know me know that I am not stingy with my knowledge and if I investigate all the sources of esotericism is that it interests me to the max! I'm not there to "demolish" or to "denigrate". I say and repeat: I LIKE ESOTERISM. But with what we now gave the public - on the Internet and in bookstores to claim IS NOT esoteric esotericism. It's conspiracy theories and entertainment (and also a trade ...)

Your questions on the Hebrew words are welcome. I will answer with pleasure over a cup of Russian tea (my new passion in the evening) or a cup of coffee and toast creton if you spend the morning

I ask you to reflect and answer these simple questions: How is it that so many books are written around the ideas of Mr. Sitchin? There are countless books about the Annunaki, their secret bases in Iraq (even as the war there would be due in part to control these bases !!??!!), reptilians who control the Earth, Planet X - Nibiru, Nephilim of which descend from the sky, etc. ... etc. ... etc. ... My question is: How much ignorant, that is to say guys do not read ancient languages, they can write books and records include the Sumerian and other ancient Near East, and cite Bible full page and get as much credit from the public?

But the most serious issue for my friends who are serious about esotericism is: How is it that messages that claim to have been received by channeling and passengers of the "astral" we now arrive with "news" on Planet X and Nibiru and the Annunaki?
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