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Planet X Nibiru - 2012 Planet X Norway Ark Green

The Camelot project undertaken by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy reported that a battery of bunkers built by the Norwegians for a capacity of underground life of 5 years. According to its source, this project would be linked to the arrival of the mysterious "Planet X", which entails profound changes from 2008, peaking in 2012.
This information is similar to the construction of basic food recently opened in Norway, presented as "Noah's Ark". Does anyone know the schedule of supply of this base?

For information, this "Planet X" was approached by calculating late nineteenth and early twentieth, by simple observation of abnormalities of the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. The discoveries of Neptune and Pluto n'expliquèrent no anomalies, no more than Sedna, or that (2003 UB 313) Xena, discovered in 2003, which is currently in aphelion of its orbit. In 1982, NASA recognized the possible existence of "Planet X".

The December 30 1983 an article published in the Washington Post, after interviewing the head of the IRAS: "a celestial body, perhaps as big as the planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being part of the system sun, was discovered in the direction of the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... we do not know what it is. "
His belated discovery is because we did not try the right place, the orbit of this object is inclined 30 ° to the ecliptic plane, and it was hidden by the asteroid belt . In addition, its orbit very eccentric place mostly outside the solar system (as defined in the orbit of Pluto) and it does its rotation that every 3,600 years (nobody knows if official data or a resumption of the theory of Velikovsky and Sitchin - see 'worlds collide').

The antiquity would have seen, and some commentators do not hesitate to recognize the mythological pantheon. Thus she was treated as Nibiru, Babylonian sun.

If we stick to the revolution of 3600, she was passed around 1600 BC, provided that its imminent arrival is proved. However, some analysts see it to -1200. This date is closer to the giant blackout history occurred between -1200 and -800, period otherwise known as "dark ages" or "Greek Middle Ages" by historians, where they never really knew what he s had happened. If she was to return shortly, its period would be around 3,200 years and not 3600.

The 2012 stimulates the mind, by that famous prophecy of the Mayan calendar, December 21. According to Hopi prophecy, the "great purification" would occur during an event that could be interpreted as a planetary alignment:
"One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years. It's time for cleansing the Earth. Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we reach that stage. What may happen then nobody can really know. "

I read somewhere that a major planetary alignment will occur in 2012. I have not checked but I will consult the ephemeris to see what "degree of alignment" it will happen. However, intuitively, it seems totally Kafkaesque than 2 astronomical events independent alignment and the return of a star slow happen at the same time. If we remain in the realm of prophecy, it is noted that the Mayan prophecy is not in contradiction with the prophecy of Malachi, called the 111 popes, and the king of the world, reported in the nineteenth century and popularized by Ossendowski and Rene Guenon.
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