Tuesday, October 13, 2009

planet x nibiru Noah's Ark, as in the Bible ...

2012 ... voila date.
2008 year end, it all begins ...
On June 19, 2006 Norway started drilling the ark plant species has a thousand miles north pole in the Norwegian islands of Svalbard.
And the name of Noah's Ark is well deserved, since the objective of this project jointly launched by the authorities and the Norwegian Trust Fund for the Global Crop Diversity (FFMDC) is precisely to ensure "the survival in the long term basic food crops, "including their preservation in case of major disasters. The nuclear wars, natural disasters and budget cuts are among the list of "disasters" to even threaten the plant genetic resources.
By burying a Noah's Ark in the ice plant, Norway and FFMDC intend to offer future generations the opportunity to replant crops destroyed by disasters of the first order. But to do so, should we not another Noah's Ark, human one, is built?
The Norwegian government built more and more bases and underground bunkers. Israel did the same, and many other countries. Norway has begun to store food and seeds in the Svalbard area
and in the Arctic with the help of the United States, the European Union and across the country. The government will save the members of the power elite and those who can help rebuild: doctors, scientists, etc..

Extract from an interview with the Pope during his apostolic pilgrimage to Germany, published in the magazine "Stimme des Glaubens"

SDG - What about the third secret of Fatima? Should he not be released in 1960?

John Paul II - Given the seriousness of its content, not to encourage the world power of communism to perform certain actions, my predecessors in the office of Peter have diplomatically preferred to stay at his revelation.
On the other hand, all Christians, it is enough to know this: if there is a message where it says that the oceans will flood entire regions of the earth and from one moment to another, perish millions of men, is this the case for poor disclosure as such a secret?
A planet called NIBIRU by certain planet X by another, would have caused any ...
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