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In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek 13/7/87. Nibiru is indeed so.
It actually describes a wide elliptical orbit around the Sun (closer to that of a comet than that of other planets in our system) and comes close to Earth every 3,600 years, as Sitchin had anticipated. Its orbit is in the opposite direction from that of other planets in our system. It is currently hidden by the bar of asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. For this reason it was discovered so late.

Astronomer Andy Lloyd has analyzed photos of NASA's astronomical data current and well versed in the writings of Sitchin. He developed a theory which he believed, answered all questions asked.

Here are the main points:

- Our sun is part of a dual system, which is the twin star called Planet X, or more precisely the dark stars, a red dwarf.

- This dark star called NIBIRU by Sitchin is cencée be the planet of origin Aninnaki ( "Gods" down to Earth, according to the Sumerian tablets) but in reality, the dark star would have a planetary system of 7 planets, which Nibiru would be the biggest and most eccentric.

- One of these planets be inhabited, and these people have used Nibiru as relays and conveyor in their travels around the solar system.

- The ecliptic plane of the dark star would be oriented at an acute angle, relative to that of our solar system and not only cut short periods of several weeks to several months all around 3700ans.

- Residents would use spatiotemporal 7 doors, which lead to the last region on Earth Sumer. Currently, Nibiru photographed since the 90s, dangerously closer to Earth, entering the solar system, increasing not only the sun's magnetic activity, but also disturbing and warming the different planets.

- It seems that most of its influence will fall in 2012 (the Apocalypse of disaster and end the cycle of Mayan calendar), with destruction of many lives on the surface of the Earth.

This theory seems consistent with the many revelations that bloom for several decades, or from secret agents of various countries, either current media (movies, TV etc. ...)

This is very gratifying, but anyway, we have to wait much longer.
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