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A Jesuit working for the Holy See sent a large Italian journalist Cristoforo Barbato, in 2000, a video special astronomical. He claimed to have explosive and sensational revelations to make. The Jesuit is an engineer belonging to the ultra-secret society linked to Vativan: SIVs.

This company is composed of one hundred members of the Church dignitaries, monks and religious, and laymen from 70 religious institutions rekiées the Church (humanitarian associations, political etc. ...).

This man had the classification secretum OMEGA 1, the highest level. The FSS operates in cooperation with the secret services of other countries information about the aliens and deals with philosophical and religious aspects of contacts.

The video presented, lasting 20 minutes, showed a planetoid, surrounded by a thick atmosphere, heading toward Earth. It was filmed by an infrared camera ultra sophisticated onboard the probe spatial secret Sileo. This probe fafriquée Locked by Martin, and fitted with an Electromagnetic Propulsion of Area 51 in Nevada, had been placed in orbit by a secret camera, type hypersonic Aurora, in the years 90-93.

Images of the planetoid started appearing in October 1995 and continue at this time. They are sent to secret radio telescope belonging to the Jesuits and is located in Alaska, an industrial oil storage decommissioned.

The journalist Cristoforo Barbato for all these revelations kept secret, and tried to check the following years. Convinced that this was not a hoax, he showed the video during a conference in Pescara on the Adriatic coast, in April 2005. He had discovered that the astronomers were talking, in 2004, an upheaval that would be felt in the solar system, due to the arrival of this planet.

Since there is intensification of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, a dramatic warming of Pluto and the south pole of Mars. In 2006 we discovered a new red spot on Jupiter after storms three gigantic white. A storm rages in the south of Mars. All this, do we think, is due to the approach of the astronomical body.

Barbato had met in person the Jesuit twice in 2001. This gave him many other revelations.

The FSS was established as a result of Eisenhower's meeting with aliens, on the basis of Muroc (Edwards' former name), California, in February 1954. Bishop of Los Angeles, James McIntyre (Ed.: Is there a link between this parentée bishop and the famous Andrew Mac Intira series of invaders?) attended the meeting.

The bishop McIntyre and Detroit Archbishop, EdouardMooney helped create the SIV and were the premierss members, transmitting information from the USA, Vatican.

But the case took another unexpected turn, when another group of aliens, Nordic type, clearly friendly, contacted several members of the FSS on several occasions. Contacts are made mostly in the United States, but some were held in the Vatican gardens near the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in the presence of Pope Pius XII.

These aliens come from the Pleiades said, and put no human guard against two of February 1954. Subsequently, John 23, also benefited from their support, but he chose him as the secret, which only referred to a meeting with angelic manifestations.

Adamski has been charged by the Pleiadians, go see the pope dying, to try to get him a final agreement. They wanted the Pope to warn the world of their presence. But the Pope felt that this was not their responsibility. This attempt failed Adamski ended the contacts between the papacy and the "space brothers".
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