Saturday, October 17, 2009

Planet X Nibiru THE HOLLOW EARTH? NASA recognizes

Many papers picture brought back by U.S. astronauts successive Apollo missions, are now classified Top Secret. However, these documents do not concern only the moon. Some relate to the Earth's poles. Here's a picture taken by the crew of Apollo XI in July 1969, and is miraculously passed through the mesh of censorship in the U.S. administration.
The hole at the North Pole photographed

This photo seemingly "harmless", however, reveals the presence of a black hole near the North Pole. This black hole seems to absorb the clouds toward the interior of the Earth.

The calculations from the scale of the photo lead roughly to a hole diameter of about 900 950 km, a circumference of 2900 to 3000 meters. If this hole corresponds to an opening in the polar cap, it would be located approximately 86 ° north latitude. We know that reports of explorers, whose findings were kept secret (those of Admiral Byrd in particular) reported a gap of 716 km, for a circumference of 2250 km, and an opening in the polar cap from 86 , 8 ° north latitude. This picture seems to confirm little about the conclusions of the book of R. Bernard,''''The Hollow Earth appeared well before the first Apollo mission.

Furthermore, looking at the hole closer, there is a drop in the height of clouds visible on its periphery. The elevation is approximately half the diameter of the hole, a thickness of about 400 km. We know that the highest cloud layers of the atmosphere rarely exceed a height of 50 feet 000 () 15 km away. This means that clouds photographed inside the perimeter of the hole are about 385 km below ground level!

That is why this photo should have been part of all NASA documents classified Top Secret, for demonstrating the existence of a gaping hole in the extreme north of our planet, it contradicts all scientific evidence usually accepted by official science. There is a hole so huge that it comes not even see the bottom!
This photo was taken in July, a time of year when it emerged at the North Pole 24 hours on 24, so the hole in the clouds is so clear and visible. But the bottom of this hole is not white, as should reflect the ice and snow that is supposed to stay 365 days a year. Why? simply because there is none. And why there is he not? because this hole communicates with the center of the Earth which is a region of temperate and pleasant climate all year round!
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