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Nibiru: Distinguishing fact from fiction.

Denis Levesque on LCN colorful host devoted an hour to the phenomenon Maya - 2012 - Nibiru. Good show, but to prevent such vulgarities are saying he should have invited an expert in ancient languages of the ancient Near East ...

I offer you today not analysis of texts, but a beginning of serious thinking about these rumors that pass for esoteric knowledge ...

I will first give you the link to the website of Denis Levesque on LCN - a chain of French-speaking Quebec and continuous disclosure. This is the issue of Friday, February 8, 2008. You will see two small cameras that need to click to listen capsules thirty minutes (in French). Otherwise, here are direct links to two capsules

We should first one thing: I am not an expert on Mayan calendar. I will say nothing. However, you will hear in these capsules in the name of the planet Nibiru, and they will tell you that the Sumerian calendar also confirm the date 2012, and that this date corresponds to the passage of a planet X and it tells us that the Sumerians knew this Planet X and they gave him the name of Nibiru.

However whence comes this information about Nibiru?

My investigation shows me that the origin of these rumors around the passage of the planet Nibiru and its inhabitants suspected, the Annunaki, derive all their sources of books by Zecharia Sitchin. Mr. Sitchin himself seems to have loosely based on ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, and speculation of some astronomers who thought that was another planet in the solar system. I am not an astronomer, I make no comment on these speculations of astronomers, but rather the following: This Mr. Sitchin is the author of a book entitled The twelfth planet, a book I read, which is riddled with misinformation about the meaning of certain words in the Hebrew Bible. That I have found by myself, because Hebrew is a language I know well that I read, I studied for several years and have depth in a year of intensive in d ' a study visit to the University Lyon 3 Jean Moulin (2004-2005). What Mr. Sitchin says some Hebrew words such as "Nephilim", "Giborim" "Elohim" and "Shem" and some others is wrong. His rantings and allow him to speak of a spaceship in the story of the Tower of Babel and the Nephilim descended from heaven (which he confuses with the Sons of Elohim - another contradiction) in the sixth chapter of the book of Genesis.

About as "Elohim" (to limit myself to one word, in order not to length), it must be said once and for all that this word, although it has a plural form, is granted singular. The syntax shows that it is a singular in the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, 1, do not say "And God created," but "God created" (the verb is singular.) Plural forms provided in the singular, there are several in the Semitic languages - and even Greek. The name of the city of Athens is a plural in form, but its agreement is singular. It is something very common, but I can well understand that a freshman does not understand this linguistic phenomenon (but then it should refrain from writing book $ $...) It is therefore that Mr. Sitchin talking through his hat (and the mass of ufologists, some are probably honest, though misinformed), it is also Rael who had better watch out, and his disciples should at least bother to learn a bit before investing their money and emotions in the fantasies of this weirdo. So to read 10 000 books in contention in esoteric and hundreds of websites that would elohim in the first chapter of Genesis and that it is they who have created the world and Adam (in a laboratory I suppose ...), and that the Vatican and academics conspire to hide the public does not change the fact that I just explained. If it is true that there is a conspiracy surrounding the interpretation of the Bible, I have never been disturbed by the alleged conspirators, me working in these environments. In any case, nobody yet has come to tell me not to speak of elohim

To be honest, I rather think that those are the real actors in a massive campaign of disinformation is these speakers and authors of books and websites that claim to expose the conspiracies around the Bible, manuscripts of the Dead Sea the apocryphal gospels and Gnostic texts. Miller who has full access to these texts, I assure you that 99.9% of what I read on the internet is wrong!

If other Hebrew words interest you, come to tea, we jasera.

During a conversation with friends, I said that my assessment of knowledge of Hebrew of Mr. Sitchin, in light of what he said and what I know gives me the impression that enrolled in a course and it dropped after the first half after failing his exams ... Is low at this point!

Mr. Sitchin also speaks some words in Sumerian and he claims that the Sumerians knew about this alleged planet X. Now, I do not know, I do not know the Sumerian - but I decided to learn (Update dated April 30, 2008: Since writing this post, I started learn Sumerian). I know Hebrew, Aramaic (several dialects), Syriac, Coptic, Latin and ancient Greek. Why I say that I know these languages? To be pedantic and flash? No! Rather, because the research interest me much - as they concern a majority of those who are reading this blog! And because it interests me, I give myself the means to verify that Mr. Sitchin (or other) said about some Hebrew words. Judging from his knowledge of Hebrew is very bad, am I right to question me about his knowledge of Sumerian? If he is mistaken in a field I know well, and I can see, am I right to doubt heavily on other information it claims to deliver?

Go see this site, please read the information in order to have a different story than the followers of Mr. Sitchin.

To laugh a little, thus says Michael S. Heiser about alleged knowledge of Mr. Sitchin (and go read what I told myself to my friends ...)

To cut to the chase, as I've said on Coast to Coast AM several times, I'm convinced that Sitchin knows None of the languages he says he does. He makes mistakes a first semester student would (and a "C" student at that).

You may say - and they told me - that there are thousands of websites and researchers who come to the same conclusions that Mr. Sitchin and thus is no longer the case one man. But let them, precisely, your research and you'll see that 100% of those who speak of planet X called Nibiru and the Annunaki people get their information directly or Mr. Sitchin's books, or indirectly by other books or websites interposed.

So we cease to fear the coming of the planet Nibiru.

They still tell me that 2012 is confirmed by both the Maya and the Sumerians. However, in the case of Sumerian, it's wrong! These speak of 2012 as in the romantic imagination of conspiracy.

They finally tell me that NASA is aware of Planet X (Nibiru identified by the disciples of Mr. Sitchin). But with the amount of amateur astronomers scanning the sky, do you really think that the existence of such a planet could remain hidden?

It's as stupid as those who make the world believe that the manuscripts of the Dead Sea and the Gospel of Philip speak of children of Jesus. You can write on websites, Laurence Gardner and Barbara Thiering can post tons of books on this subject. That also means the novel by Dan Brown and the fact that he managed to convince a majority of readers of such a thing? I who reads these texts - and in their original languages - I know it's wrong. You can not make me believe in a conspiracy of silence around this subject. I know now that it's fluff. And if there was a conspiracy of silence in meusre where I have access to these texts and I can read them, I would be having to talk about alleged hidden content. It's the same with a planet X. There are so many amateur astronomers - and even professionals who watch the sky day and night - it would be impossible to hide. Even if they wanted the government can not silence so many people. And the reason that the conspiracy in an attempt to try to give credit to their stories was delirious: "If academics speak, cut research grants. Now we are talking about something serious, the alleged existence of a planet and aliens who tell us Sitchin and his followers, we invade and enslave us all in the 3600 years! Do you really think that astronomers are all heartless and miscreants without faith nor law who prostitute their conscience for money? Do you also really think all the specialists of the Bible, Semitic languages and tablets of the ancient Near East are also prostitutes who hide the facts to the public just to keep their research grants? Personally, if I found such things in texts, no money in the world and no government would succeed in silencing me, and I organize myself to tell so many people and write everywhere, and especially produce evidence of what I discovered. Is this the case with the conspiracy? Why will they never reveal their sources, or say on what texts they are based, or demonstrate their competence? Why do they always refuse invitations to come and check? (When the calls, they hide!)

What I see is that it is precisely the $ $ $ to do with the story of 2012 and the planet Nibiru. I think many conspiracy have understood and some have become vampires who suck the money from a public kept in ignorance and fear. A public that we learn to feed information gleaned on the web (if 200 web sites say the same thing, is that it becomes true for all?) And that program to be afraid of university . And it seems that it works and it pays. But I also note that nobody is forced followers of conspiracy to empty their pockets and be enslaved to the point of abdicating their ability to judge ...

I repeat, finishing well clear that my purpose is not to demolish the esoteric, or even to demolish Mr. Sitchin, but rather to shed light on this story. As usual, I say: Show me I'm wrong and I'd be grateful.

Conclusion: So stop being afraid. If you have energy to spare and you spend valuable time looking for information on Nibiru, come see me, I work in a mass on the ancient texts, serious work (and no, I'm not censored by the Archbishop, nor by the emissaries of the Vatican): The Nag Hammadi texts, the Apocrypha, the manuscripts of the Dead Sea, the ancient manuscripts of the Bible, etc. ... Those who know me know that I am not stingy with my knowledge and if I investigate all the sources of esotericism is that it interests me to the max! I'm not there to "demolish" or to "denigrate". I say and repeat: I LIKE ESOTERISM. But with what we now gave the public - on the Internet and in bookstores to claim IS NOT esoteric esotericism. It's conspiracy theories and entertainment (and also a trade ...)

Your questions on the Hebrew words are welcome. I will answer with pleasure over a cup of Russian tea (my new passion in the evening) or a cup of coffee and toast creton if you spend the morning

I ask you to reflect and answer these simple questions: How is it that so many books are written around the ideas of Mr. Sitchin? There are countless books about the Annunaki, their secret bases in Iraq (even as the war there would be due in part to control these bases !!??!!), reptilians who control the Earth, Planet X - Nibiru, Nephilim of which descend from the sky, etc. ... etc. ... etc. ... My question is: How much ignorant, that is to say guys do not read ancient languages, they can write books and records include the Sumerian and other ancient Near East, and cite Bible full page and get as much credit from the public?

But the most serious issue for my friends who are serious about esotericism is: How is it that messages that claim to have been received by channeling and passengers of the "astral" we now arrive with "news" on Planet X and Nibiru and the Annunaki?
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