Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stop the rotation and reversal of the poles on Planet X

"Theoreticians" of the planet X will even predict events and precise figures, eg stop the rotation of the Earth or a reversal of the poles at an approximation of this imaginary Nibiru. On the issue of Denis LéVesque I spoke a little louder, Robert Lamontagne (astrophysicist at the University of Montreal) explains that for a planet to tilt on its axis, "it would take a very violent collision and, in such a scenario, "for all practical purposes, the two objects would destroy."

Fortunately, Robert Lamontagne reassures us, adding that it is impossible that a planet the size of alleged Nibiru could approach the Earth without being detected many years in advance, both by professionals by amateur astronomers (which also denies any conspiracy theory).

How do people have believed that the axis of the Earth will one day switch? The astrophysicist believes that these theorists have simply confused the notion of reversing the polarity of the magnetic poles (a phenomenon that exists and occurs over a period of several hundreds or thousands of years) with an inversion of the geographic poles, This would be a different story.

From what I could find on the subject, it may well be that the origin of this confusion goes back to read the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, who had mentioned a few times a physical reversal of the Earth on its axis. The fact that a planet can halt its rotation on itself and goes again three days later, it is simply bad science fiction.
It is called Nibiru or Planet X, the concept of an unknown planet in the solar system is more primed than ever for all sauces, and even recovered by movements "New Age" and sects. I invite you to search the web to see for yourself the extent of the damage because I did not intend to advertise these sites, moreover, very easy to find.

In this unusual abundance of interpretations, I found a pearl of bad science fiction: Nibiru is actually a gigantic spaceship's "fourth dimension belong to the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way" and "Nibiru has come to help her residents to rise to the fourth dimension in harmonizing their elevation with the vibration of the planet. " Should we worry about such a mix?
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