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The Sumerians tell the existence of the planet there are over 6000 years. ... This planet would not be observed orbit of 3600 years and is inhabited by beings called Anunnaki. This myth date back to ancient Sumerian and engraved in stone.


Sumerian texts (present-day Iraq) dating back 6,000 years show that in the past, A large planet struck earth (Nibiru) which has entered its orbit. It is also the version found in the Old Testament.

They describe the world as a cornerstone of our solar system without which no other star could precede.

This mythical planet has received various names through the ages:

-Nibiru or the 12th planet, the Sumerians (also reflected in the world overtaking or crossing).
-Marduk (Marduk) to the Mesopotamians and Babylonians (which means "great star from heaven" or "King of Heaven").
Winged-Globe (winged globe) by the ancient Hebrews, because its orbit logue.
Nemesis-the Greeks.
-Hercobulus for the Incas.
-Egyptians and ancient Hebrews represented as a winged disc because of its vast elliptical orbit shaped, wings.
-The Prophets have renamed Cross or Red Star of Destiny, and Ardent and Comet Messenger of Fate.

In Antique, only five planets in our solar system were known to astronomers, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Moon were the only bodies stray into the sphere of fixed stars and thus gave their name the days of the week. Since the 16th century until today the plethora of items came to populate the solar system known and the number of planets is now increased to nine since the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

In 1978, 2 astronomers of the Observatory of the U.S. Navy in Washington, R. Harrington and T. Van Flanders established that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus had suffered from disturbances of the gravitational pull of a mysterious celestial body unidentified and was called Planet X to bring both his enigmatic character and rank of world that it occupies in the solar system. The existence of a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto has been advanced to account for the disturbances observed on the motion of Uranus and Neptune, disturbances that Pluto's presence alone could not explain. This mysterious planet had previously ejected Pluto and Charon from their old positions (as satellites of Neptune). According to the two astronomers, the planet X was an intruder that the sun would be trapped in a very eccentric orbit, highly inclined to the ecliptic. This planet is much larger than the earth.

In January 1981, an astronomer at the National Observatory of the United States declared that for the first time, irregularities were detected in the orbit of Pluto, which could suggest that there was interference caused by the presence another planet in our solar system.

In fact, astronomers are mostly convinced that they're really more planets in our solar system, why it was called Planet X..
Even NASA in 1982 will recognize the possible existence of Planet X.
Then in 1983 the IRAS satellite in space reference distance a mysterious object, and the report on 30 December 83 the Washington Post after interviewing the head of the Iras said that "a celestial body, perhaps as large the planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being parted of the solar system was discovered in the direction of the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... we do not know what it is. "

The infrared telescope on board an American satellite in the program IRAS formally identified the existence of this planet called "Planet X" by NASA researchers.

In the years that followed, it was more discrete, but continued research indicating that X. must have an orbit inclined 30 degrees to the ecliptic, it would be three times farther from the sun than Pluto and have 3 to 4 times the mass of the earth.

In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek 13/7/87. Nibiru is indeed so.
It actually describes a wide elliptical orbit around the Sun (closer to that of a comet than that of other planets in our system) and comes close to Earth every 3,600 years, as Sitchin had anticipated. Its orbit is in the opposite direction from that of other planets in our system. It is currently hidden by the bar of asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. For this reason it was discovered so late.


In the Hopi Indians of North America, one of them said: "One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years. It's time for cleansing the Earth. Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we reach that stage. What may happen then nobody can really know. " "Stars in a single row? This is something that evokes the alignment of the planets provided December 21, 2012. According to this prophecy, besides immense damage and loss of life, this is the beginning of a new ice age. The Hopi prophecies have been sent to their prophets by the Creator himself. They may or may not materialize. It is therefore more likely to change according to the will of God or men, according to the claims of the Hopi who made them. Those who have made are so impressive that the book of prophecies of the Hopi (Hotevilla) has been translated into French by UNESCO.


The Mayan prophecies are basically identical to those of the Hopi. They indicate that we have reached the end of the last cycle of existence for our civilization. The dates of the cycle correspond to the beginning to 12 August 3114 before J. C. and December 21, 2012 to the end. At this time our planet is supposed to perform very violent earthquakes terribly devastating.
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