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Nibiru: open your eyes.

Observations on the implications of the passage of Nibiru through our system, intereTodos read this note, or almost everyone has heard about the comet-planet called Nibiru, commanded by the Pleiadians, Anunnaki, in tablets found in Mesopotamia with antiques that ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 years before that date, for the tubes of our brethren in the New Age, and the prophecies.

In the sacred writings of different religions is showed by different names, wormwood, Hercolubus, etc.etc.

This comet-Planet x - nibiru is the harbinger of disaster that will destroy the face of the planet Earth, as happened on previous occasions.

With the prophets of the new era is mentioned because a lot of translations have already mentioned the clay tablets from Sumer, where it is given great importance, since it is called "Planet Ship" artificial space por primera vez en que llegaron los "Nefilins ," desde las Pleyades to colonize intentar el Sistema Solar. Given the batch Secharia Books Zitchin, Velikovski mentions the Gnostics S. A. W. Reticulans speak enough about the topic. Ramtha and his books make, mention of the disasters that will cause this happy Planeta Cometa artificial.

In tables of Sumer, spoken as Secharia translation Zitchin that the Pleiadians to different planets, between which are Selene, Atlas, Taygenta, Asterope and Merope, between others, sent a ship called, Star Nibiru be home Merope, the head of expedition called Anu. This expedition was supposed mission of seaweed extract for food and gold mining for their high technology because gold is the purest electro driver is in the galaxy.

The orbit of comet-Planet was established in an elliptical-ground three dimensions employs about 3.657 years. In making their way from our solar system and the central Sun of the Pleiades (Alcyone). The route of entry into the elliptical, which was defined by the belt of Orion, it means that should not come from there.

The breeds that came from the Pleiades are human beings and Reptoids together, called Nefilins. Those who remained with the ships and vessels parent star. They called Anunnaki, who fell to earth to work in the mines.

The size of this planet-comet is four times larger than the size of Earth.
Its brightness is 2.00 degrees and is refracted in red, opaque in nature and in their journey through interstellar space need to store all the energy possible from the outside.
The tablet also talks every 4 passes through the solar system, the orbit of the planet-Comet deviates from its path and instead of passing between Jupiter and Mars, passing between Earth and the Sun, passing near the earth's magnetic field and causing serious damage nearly end to life on Earth and causing a pole shift, between other disasters, as told by the destruction of Lemuria and the number of times that destroyed Atlantis.

There is also talk of how disputes among the ruling families of Nibiru, because his own hands the great calamities that are suffering because their wars with powerful weapons, not to imagine that even today, as if Maldek destroy planets and moons in the destruction of the earth, having to displace by an artificial moon, which is what we now call the ship Star Ashtar Command.

The tablets tell of the Earth, before being in orbit, was part of a large planet that had the orbit of the asteroid belt and was called Tiamat. They say them have traveled to a moon of Nibiru collision course with Tiamat for his fall, forming the asteroid belt and moving the remains of an orbit between Mars and Venus, which caused the Earth. (This version and variants.) What unlikely.

Other stories also found in the area, described the collision (magnetic), there has been one moon of Jupiter moving this to the orbits of what we now call Venus causing havoc as they pass close to Earth.

The destruction of the moons of the planet is due to wars between Nibiruan and the continent Mu, struggling for control of planet Earth, because of Mu (Lemuria esopecie are not your own.) L'Atalante if half Pleiadians Drakonianos and being the son of Enki and be in this country, your domain, but by order of the Council Nibiruan commanded by Anu and his son Enlil. Father and brother of Enki, who created the human race. Enlil repeatedly destroyed Atlantis, with their quarrels with Enki.

Modern versions, suggests the passage of Planet-Comet (Nibiru) from the Earth will bring, major disasters that will definitely change the face of the earth, as it did on several occasions, without which humanity can do about it.

It warns that the world governments understand this event and cannot help it. To remain silent to avoid a collective panic.

Enter the details of this awful disaster has occurred, because this message is not intended to be alarmist, but rather the awareness of this event.

Furthermore, the press, both the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, does not mention the echo or the presence of this important and significant Metro-Comet, and events that involve him.

The Galactic Federation, refers only to the photon belt and its entry in 1997, but with the implementation of holographic bubble of security that must be removed on December 21. 2012. Date of major disasters occurring on earth, but at very high frequency of photon energy purifier Belt.

In any case, it should warn of the approach, the mind-Comet Planet Nibiru as it places a value on rescue plan by carried out over the entire solar system. Remember the plan called "A" and "B". Saving and ascension.

By shifting the entire solar system orbiting the Pleiades, the tunnel and return to its original orbit in the Sirius system was Nibiru, which at that time would be orbiting the Sun back into space passing near the outer area of influence of Jupiter and the planet - comet belong to the Pleiades. This is now inhabited by Nibiruan (Nefilins), by Marduk Reptoid shaking earth and the league Pleiadians stellar.

So far, what the tablets of Mesopotamia tell us, were in reality and as science progresses formal, these tablets are more reliable because they tell us the stories that only over time will show in its entirety, if Pluto has been recently discovered that 12,000 years ago and who had already entered on his charge and mural tablets.

Modern reports of the brothers of the new era and Reticulans (Gray), prevent us from disasters, in which noted that the approach of Nibiru with Planet Earth is rotating to stop its rotation, and will bring, change to the poles, since in its orbit located between the Sun and the Earth, but does not affect Venus or the Moon.
We recall that the changes that the Earth is going through global warming and hurricanes, as the phenomenon of 'child', "the girl" and the "mother of the child" are produced by the influence of Nibiru, as effecting the center of the Earth.

This is an unlikely event since the distance now between Nibiru and Earth is so large that if it affects the outer planets except hitting the Earth,
For the land has been directly influenced by Nibiru and the magnetic field that strong rotation of the planet, it must be so large and so close to Earth that this influence before stopping the rotation, the path of exchange translation of the Earth and cause an imbalance in the stability of magnetic fields and gravity of the whole system, which currently are in balance.
The rotation of the earth is a function of inertia generated by his own creation, and this only reduces the friction of the tides in a ratio of 1.24 millionths of a second every 100 years. Could exert any influence Nibiru.

The land cans be rearranged the geographic poles, the variation of its magnetic poles, and these effects of the sun or another very strong magnetic fields, which directly effects the Earth in the alleged Nibiru. In any case, if this thing happens and it is likely to occur on Earth, this effect would not cause damage in the short term. Life on gravity effected this planet and not by the geographic location of the poles.

A man in Alaska is said to be above the metro and a man standing in Antarctica is said to be low, but in both cases the affect of gravity when standing. You can turn the ground and the rope and nothing happens, and the oscillation of 23.5 degrees of variation of land cannot be seen as the orientation of the human senses are regarding land and these are only effected by their gravity is a function of their mass and not because of alignment with the magnetic fields of Earth.
Planet's magnetic fields only act in the programs, called magnetic energy and Planetary Akashic staff and the very essence of man as such is subject to the planetary alignment.

As for UFOs that have their own gravitational field, we are used to allow swivel, without causing any disturbance to them or their guests.
Then we can say that the passage of Nibiru will not affect the earth as its passage is outside the asteroid belt and its influence will be smaller, but its people with their boats if they can cause deadly harm to humanity and the planet as in the passed have done.

The Galactic Federation, reiterated in many of his writings that will not let us harm, both reptoids Secret Government and any member of the Ankara Agreement, and any lost asteroid out there.

There are very credible witnesses who saw the ships (UFO) in the sky to destroy meteorites that may hit the planet. There are witnessing who saw "UFO" to work in the mouths of volcanoes in order to avoid majoring outbreaks.

Furthermore, the government has a secret weapon called HAARP. Working through the waves at low frequency can alter the climate, causing hurricanes and earthquakes in which to choose, and increased volcanic activity on the planet. This weapon is more powerful electromagnetic pulse that already has.

It is possible that the secret government Metro confuses us with conflicting messages, to disrupt, confuse and distinct in our struggle for light, peace, love and fraternal union between humanity and the planet x ?.

We must be careful and be very critical and skeptical in dealing with these issues, as sometimes beliefs drove us, emotions and human emotions that cloud the real three-dimensional vision and wisdom that emanates from our Christic Center. Many times us believe that what we want and wish with all my heart and brothers the ego contaminated that, Conditioner.

How trebajadores true light, we must be informed of developments and knowledge to address the issue and we do not have such powerful devices and sofistificados great nations that have called a public secret in the world.
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