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The plan? Te Nibiru existe-elle?

What is Nibiru? Nibiru is actually a Myst? Plan to laughat Note the last? Property Names: N? M? Locate in Greece, the plan? It is the red, d? Sun me the planat X Te between astronomers, Hercolubus, the symbol of garlic hard? In? Gyptians the planat Four moons, bitter Wormwood in the Bible ... Why are so many voices, prophets? Ties and assumptions of it? Hypothesis? On its nature are many. We think it would be: a brown dwarf, a planat Te CR artificially added a great civilization, a planat Te-com? Yes, and m? I a gigantic space ship ... It is said that after? s is a cycle in our system? Solar with me? Each time, the consequences of idiots? Gravitational? Electromagnetic? Ticks, the climate ... Immeasurable. So this plan? Te g? Ante could influence the activity? ? Electromagnetic? The sun is rising, with temperatures? You're the most intense solar on Earth, while inducing the problem? In my t? Communications (satellite, t? L? Phone ...), the syst? Mine? Lectroniques and plants? Lectriques ... This, beside an increase in r? Warmer climate.

Moreover, his approach could disturb the magnetic field? Earth Ticks, who has dropped dramatically, it would signal a reversal p? The magnet? Ticks. Moreover, its incredible power of attraction that m? I the power of r? Make sure all the volcanoes around the world, including Yellowstone? Unite States: capable of g? N? Winter Nucl Rer? Area on our comprehensive plan? You. Worse, the arrival? And this star could d? Com trajectory Vier? You're localized? 'Re In ast belt? Ro? Dei, called the Oort cloud, with the risk of drawing in our system? I alone. The prophets? Parties yet to announce the arr? T of the rotation of the earth or its rotation in the opposite direction: "sunset" (one of 10 characters pr? Sliders the end of time), and during this time, the absence of magnets? Semitism, which floor? Naked face of harmful cosmic radiation ... Then, Nibiru and its moons would be a source of great d? Sleigh passes? And tells the future? In most of the myths of humanity? With memories of a purification similar? The trag? Die of Atlantis, once swallowed by the sudden change of place of oc? Year. Always on Nibiru, the historic Zechariah Sitchin, the fan tablets sum? Nothing M? Mesopotamia, believes that man would be v? Laughter? The product of a cloning r? Alis? By? Anunnaki gods? Or? Anakim? The Old Testament, and that? Tres are originally from the Twelve? My plan? You. Or even live a race of reptiles? Volumes? S, under the direction of one? Lite conch warlike and greedy? You bench? L '(? Economic, mental, g? N? Tick ...), and m? I to sacrifice? Their honor.

In this sketch recalling the imp? Imperialism of the white man could imagine that the Earth is experiencing by ING Conference, compl? Annex Ment? E and G? R? D interm? Mediate subordinated reptile, for l '? Lite Anunnaki or their descendants still standing? Hear or not on Earth. This Myst? Laugh? Lite could also achieve? Misogyny and, as such? Tres have? Delete the cult? M? King Divines? First, the peoples of the Earth, are they? Swim? Instead of false religions hand? Ler and divide people through fear and ignorance, and most of us? Ask our Ang? Potential ISM. In this sense, is n? Sary to distinguish between false gods, the Anunnaki (or not? Lohim), which aims only? ? Against three? N? RER in their ego, and v? Ritable? Very divine Cr? Tion can be brought God's word in holding all of us, who knows.

Therefore, intermediaries interm? (Affiliate descending reptile? S Anunnaki ...) would probably r? The Cr? Er r? Alit? Virtual better manages the Earth and its slaves. Conscious, assumptions? Is that the Anunnaki have been canning to be brought d? J? God on earth from the company s transfer of technology unknown in a body ... Journalist Iitalien Cristoforo Barbato, will join the ID? And the plan? X would be good? S by? Very warlike April? S his contacts in the Vatican. Someone else, Sir Laurence Gardner, advance at a conf? Conference in 1998, that the God Enlil Anunnaki (Lord?, Tezcatlipoca front ?...), evolution? L 'humanity, would it be? T? The head of D? Sledge, the destruction of Ur, Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah (cars and ads would res? T? V? Ride? High places of wisdom and science. ? Instead, his fr? King Enki (Quetzalcoatl, Satan-Lucifer, the bringer of light? King?) Would agree? Men, the acc? S? Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? The tree of life ...

Let dor? Signs Navantis few probable arrivals and Nibiru, there is talking of a red cross will be visible in the sky, and can remember a symbol of the Templars ... The Hopi Indians, in turn, speak for a day? Or not? Canvases belong? Tronto in one place? And ." In the Koran this time at the Judgment, it is said that "the sky will split and a red as bright as fat or as hot as the m? Tal zone, more cosmic upheavals Regis's. A return to the point z? Ro, and the point d? Part of a new king? For humanism? And all the other cr? Atures, who immediately afterwards? S the sound of the trumpet of the Angel Israfil .... Far from? Be closed, the mystic Sama? L Aun Weor stupidity prophets? In turn, the return of Hercolubus, producing a kind of shock? Electromagnetic? Tick in April? S what he said. He added that? Change? Cannot happen without a disaster and that freedom? Not can? Be conceived without the help of an oppressor, while d? Nailing later the Aquarius? King, in which man should strive? Becomes? Angel of God ', not his? On m? Mechanical and sudden but from a r? M towards the inspection work themselves? I? Transformation? And end with d? Be psychological, such self-alchemical transmutation.

At astronomical, the German astronomer Johann Daniel Titius to 18? I though? Key, has invented a formula to calculate the distance between the plane? Your syst? I alone (the Titius-Bode). This will be a Lumi? Re absent the existence of a body, in situ? between Mars and Jupiter, replaced? By a belt of thousands of ast? Ro? Of which can? Be the remains of a plan? "Missing You", which exploded? And there are millions of Sch? es ... A 20? I though? Key, astronomers Robert Harrington and Thomas Van Vlaanderen Observatory U. S. Marina? Washington, believe that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus are in the process of gravitational perturbations from? Plan? Is X?.

Note: d? C? S brutal R. Harrington will end? Research. On 30 d? December 1983, the Washington Post article by Thomas O'Toole, a contact resume? JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.) looking for? Pronounce this? C body? Agile big as Jupiter? ? T? D? Detect when a T? Lescop orbiting infrared (IRAS), this, in the constellation of Orion, and that belong with? Our system? I is part of the Snowball Solar? I alone. In 1985, D. Whitmire, J. Matese and Walter Alvarez and do we have? Th? Orie N? M? SIS?, which implies the existence of a? Canvass or plan? Yes murderess? That p? journals with a swarm of m? T? Orite ... To sow d? Luge and extinction, including the dinosaurs.

In 1987, NASA had officially recognized the existence of this plan? It's in Newsweek's July 13. Then, in ao? T 1988, Richard Harrington is? Withdrawal? Mass of the body c? maneuverability makes four times that of Earth. On April 7, 2001, it was the turn of Science News to talk about an object as massive as Mars may be part of our system? I alone. However even in France, with the Science & Vie de f? February 2003, leaving the floor? Alessandro Morbidelli of the Observatory astronomer C? Te d'Azur. This m? I ann? And? Palomar Observatory, astronomers Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz is d? Cover an object? The elliptical tr? S? Loigné? And sun and to appoint? S 2003 UB 313, and r? Subsequently appointed Rajiv recently? ? Laugh. . The object is the first step? As 4% larger than Pluto, is now 30? 40% larger ... ? They laugh, like Pluto, are qualified? S? Pluto? Of? Or bodies SPH? America, with an orbit around the sun? Support distance? Laugh Neptune.

In comparison, Our plan? You, who is about to perform an ann? And SID? Rail 25,968 ann? Es along the zodiac, this, to return? Its point of origin, pr? S at the center of the galaxy. ? ? Ha? Voquons cycle of four seasons, we can assimilate? A? Ge: spring (Golden Age), l '? T? (Third Age), autumn (Copper Age) and winter (Iron Age). So, some may m? I, if the trend? Consciousness would not be too cyclical ... This id? It allows us to introduce a few words? Orie New Age, which positively considered in this Nibiru? Rant giant spaceship in the fourth? Size belong with me? F? D-operation of the Milky Way galaxy? And who? Mission is to help us? Rise and harmonize our vibrations.

"In most skeptical, you might ask, what is the int? R? T disclosure of irrational beliefs of destiny? We know that the new world order is sp? Cialis? In QC? Tion of fear with an imaginary enemy (terrorism). .. It would be a m? Start me? Gy to produce fear or psychological pr? Deal gently minds? Something ...? There's also the chance? Only fragments of it incomprehensible (2012, Nibiru, d? Sledge the Apocalypse ...) are true. When we r? Fl? Chit, whether a member? T? Cradle continuously their citizens is that the situation is? Be extr? Extremely serious situation? Themselves.

In this way, we m? Guess? Lite crank? E and cons? Lant d? J? Economy? L ', pr? D think? J? His bow is not it?, his underground bunker, his ships Interplan? Tions or m? I his inter-dimensional doors to escape a future catastrophe, which could rev? S good? Be self-g? N? This rer m? I? Lite crank? , d? A military technology can do to them? False gods? Conquistador ...

If I arrive? You? Phrases like? Ha? Of? Facts? See? Evidence?, I dropped ufology, I arrived? To believe that 11/09 is an "inside job," I think, word of Darwin, I believe that the purpose of life and the acquisition of money and power, I believe that man has arrived? The height of his? Revolution, can I go? P Rome? Pilgrimage for my hello? I

I learned something in this section, except that Z Sitchin not know how to translate the tablets Sum? Saharan Africa (right? Writing these books for the sole purpose of making money, what is possible, one in two chance, y'ad? J? A book? T? Crit so, you call the Bible ...) and that Nibiru does not exist, because they did, everyone would know. How UFO addition, if there were, everyone would know. It is this? Ruminations of crank? S Bad sensational ...

It 'easy to criticize the work of others without offering th others? Ori on the origins of humanity? Because before you speak pseudo inhabitants of this plan? Te (Anunnaki), spoke mostly of their action at the level g? N? Ticks on Homo erectus. What's the word? Orie as another explanation for the cha? Not missing. I do not count on the community? Science for that.

There are so many major construction in the world who do not? T? Explain? Es by scientists, do not count on them to explain what cannot explain what hands? Cart RE? Own. For them, this does not explain with our knowledge and our senses are only the legend and myth. However the blocks of stone weighing several tons into the jungle, and r? El! However, like the ancient peoples? Taient primitive in many areas, could not d? Put these blocks, the class file? A cause? Solute. And what about g? O-localization of the pyramids of Egypt, who are they exactly? Orion's Belt ... A chance perhaps that knowledge of the cosmos. It? Trang all these people? Primitive? with knowledge of the syst? Sun without me t? Lescop ...

Personally, I'm not here to do? Being a follower of any one itself. I have read, I have inquired and heard a very clear vision g? N? Ral, but to say to him? It's the v? Laughter?, And is a m? Mediocre, not for me. J'ai horreur des gens pr? Tentieux, comme je les fuis the plague. Beyond views differ m? I when r? Together on a common theme and delicate as is the existence of its Annunakis. A. Parks holds th? Diff golds? Rentals those Sitchin, but basically, it looks great? Fiction ... However what do we know exactly the r? Alit? ?

Distinguishing the facts of the r? Alit? ! Not Serge? How can you tell? Not d? is v? Ride? ? In summary? Nothing?
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