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The world really ends December 12, 2012?

I recently asked, and how the Hopi-Maya projections show that the world as we know it happens on 21 ended in December 2012. Is a world war - has triggered a nuclear holocaust? Finally, it would be life forms on the planet are subjecting to the distress of the environment, which in our soil building, oceans and atmosphere? Would the current steady increase of diseases hitherto unknown to overcome, our ability to defend against them? Or abruptly in a new golden age in which there is a lion with the lamb and struggle, pain and suffering are gone forever to move?

This is not small. Instead, the matrices are some more general concepts of the universe. Metaphysical view of an end of the world and constantly recreated. 21. December 2012 is no exception. However, it provides a date, doss all possible scenarios is the flame.

What we perceive, we believe in human form is a tiny piece of the endless cycle of interlocking realities that datum from the universe. For us there is a past, present and future. Time seems likely, any day of training and years of our lives in motion. 2012 a day is a true, our timetable and individual scenarios can be seen moving, needs constantly to racehorses to the finish.

If the "2012 End-of-the-question for the World" with a sensitive personality that she (or he) is looking into several parallel universes that our future as possible and to report what appeared to be animated. It's like a choose your favorite race in a special weather bulletin. What is the horse race, the favorite often wins, or close. However not always. Each day of the shooting might cross the long front line, while the preferred domain .

Cosmic perspective, picking the winning scenario is simple. The understanding of nature because it is much harder to achieve. Infinity is impossible to translate into Indicter. If we ask a question in an infinite space finite, it is like to try a couple of wild elephants in a plug for a matchbox. There is a lack of effort in trying to defeat us, but the small size of the container we use to. Is our mind the matchbox. Start with more outside the box thinking to understand how the response at the end of world December 21, 2012 e

The answer is simple, doss each of the scenarios can be predicted, das's expression in one or more of several parallel universes that manifest in every moment. And this is when many containing spoken as the time when our world ends. What is more important at this stage is that, das's each hour that pass more and more are aware and unite their forces to the consensus. Wir haben bereits gesehen, die Macht der Vereinbarung bei der Arbeit auf Veranstaltungen wie dem Internationalen Tag der Heilung, die Harmonische Konvergenz und andere Momente der Konzentration. This was no timetable has been established to dass was for participants cohesion.

In other words, it is a coincidence, dass know many different cultures around the world, dass If she had not contacted one another on the same day. There is more evidencing, dass time presupposes the existence of an energy portal marked 12/12/12, never be available to humanity. Each of us is offered the opportunity to change that, cannot always occur in thousands of years.

N ° 21 December 2012 marks an immutable cosmological event or not self-fulfilling prophecy is a question. Clearly as a very important moment. What we know most, dass you what happens. A bell curve, from one end of the probability is total physical annihilation. On the opposite side is the arrival of the Golden Age, we all dream. All other options are possible between you. Somewhere in the middle of the curve to find the most likely possibility that the passage in which the monumental moment, how calm Y2K and their lives will seem as if nothing had happened. 22. December 2012 will still clocks stock market crash and how people closer also a day when the harvest sown dass future they have to move. This does not mean, dass many other people live their lives in the extremes of the curve, there are different events.

Imagine if you will, amid a broad central station. The tracks are like the spokes of a wheel of fortune, each center arranged in a different direction. These trains depart at the same time, December 21, 2012. Everyone is free to the earth station, trains, dass he or she chooses. Everyone is the same for the other train-universe in which you play determines one of countless possibilities.

You (like everyone else) are quickly exposed on the station, each an infinite number of trains on the board. Nevertheless the psychic, you see only one or two. Your choices are few - almost like he had no choice at all and their future is entirely determined by destiny. This is not to be true - unless of course you want to be.

When the scene from the station Harry Potter books (or movies), where he has the children aboard the Hogwarts Express Highway on track 9 3 / 4, remember, go on a concrete pillar, then begin how it works. What is incredulous is also impossible for wizards Muggles (non-wizards).

The Hogwarts Express is connected to the next dimension - the golden age of our dreams. The problem is, dass a magician, there is no possibility of finding the right platform. Il mondo, come lei sa terminerà sarà sicuramente on 21 dicembre 2012, è quello che si Scegli. It will be safe if it happens to countless boarding trains leave the station. Each of us must be on board.

Now that you know where the day is the end of the world, you get to decide which train you are driving. There is still timing (according to the calendars of this illusion) before the train left the station. Much time for you to leave your muggle world and the wizard you already are. The choice, as always, your responsibility.
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