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Nibiru in Sum? Nothings

But comments? Ons at the beginning. What is Nibiru? The word itself m? I come from ancient texts sum? Nothings. D'apr? S Michael Heiser, an expert on the bible h? Bra? That ancient language and s? Mythical, text sum? NOTHING? End Nibiru as one? Canvas (or d? It?, Which amounts to m even for the Sum? Nothings) and s'yr? f? Sometimes as rent? The plan? Te Jupiter (or m? I? Mercure on one occasion).

? The origin of the interpreter? Catastrophic tion of Nibiru are people such as Zecharia Sitchin, a pseudo-historian who has published? A th? Orie eccentric? From 1976, in a first book? ? The Twelve? My plan? You?. Saying relies on old records sum? Nothings, Sitchin announcement that the system? I would include a solar dixi? My plan? Te (r? Alit? We should rain? T talk about a new one? My plan? You since Pluto? T? R? Grad? The status of plan? You dwarf in 2006, the moon and the sun? Taient account? S like a plan? By your Sum? Nothings and that this plan? Te unknown would dress Added by a race of extraterrestrials? Volumes? S, the Anunnaki.

However how Sum? Nothings could they get this knowledge? Simple, says Sitchin, the Anunnaki came down to Earth to teach humans. However Sitchin we r? Serve other surprises, as he says these Anunnaki have m? I cr? The human race in the laboratory, and this goal in a pr? Cis use us as slaves to extract gold from landmines, a m? Tal to serve? ? R? Deal? The atmosphere? Re d? Fault Nibiru (!). (This hypothesis? Tick cr? Ation of the human race by aliens do not remember anything? "It does appear that the individual with a bun and a suit of astronaut will be greatly inspired? Of? Lucubrations of Sitchin for b? Shooting his sect.)

All this is quite extraordinary, especially from a dipl? M? History of the? Economy (source). It would certainly be more int? Ing and relevant to have the opinion of real sp? Cialists ancient languages. Fortunately for us, Michael Heiser? Tudi? In detail the documents on which Zecharia Sitchin bases his improbable th? Orie. Note first that to justify the existence of a plan? Beg? Commentary, Sitchin based primarily on its interpretation? Ing everything? Very personnel, the clay tablet num? Rot? VA e 243 (below).

On the left, between the t? Te first two characters, is the origin of the sp? Culation of Zecharia Sitchin. One can observe? Canvas? Six branches around? e eleven points. Sitchin sees pleased? T a central sun and eleven plan? Tes. However, Michael Heiser notes that enrollment cun? Iforma (framed? Es? Left to right) of the tablet 243 VA do know r? F? Ence? The plan? Or your m? I? Astronomy g? N? Ral.

Worse still, the central symbol - the '? Canvass? six points - is represented? presentation that Sum? nothings always used to illustrate one? canvas (there? galement a variation? eight points), and the eleven circles around this? canvas would simply others? canvases less brilliant. The Sum? Nothings repr? Felt by the sun? Canvas? four points agr? lying? e four sets of three curved lines all around? a circle. This symbol is well known and can be found - always under the m? My shape - in hundreds of illustrations sum? Nothing.

For r? Sumer: l? o? there is a simple cluster of twelve? paintings, Sitchin imagine an illustration of the syst? me solar and a new base th? orie, including an alternative history of humankind? on this simple m? taken. This is all the more? Thundering, Heiser said, that all texts sum? Nothings pr? Cisent clear that there are only five other plan? Your (not counting the moon, sun and good old Earth ).

On the Anunnaki, Heiser push a bit more nail in noticing that text sum? Nothing ever stand as a link between these? Extraterrestrial gods? and the hypothesis? tick? douzi? my plan? you? Imagine Added by Sitchin. In addition, we did not sugg? Re m? Me that Sum? Nothings believed that Nibiru could? Coat be? E.

? Through his many personal rereading of history, declares that Zecharia Sitchin Nibiru d? write an orbit tr? s elliptical path around the sun and it approaches the Earth every 3,600 years. Heiser has of course found nothing? like this in ancient texts and, unfortunately for Sitchin and other proph? of your misfortune, a p? riod as long as this plan mean? you would be in terms of tr? s inauspicious? the emergence of life.

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