Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The hoax by Nasa Nibiru

If one wants to hear from NASA about a particular topic, it is better to go to his site rather than reading old newspaper clippings and not seek to know the outcome of the events announced. The subject of Nibiru is often referred to by the public, scientists at NASA have been forced to address this myth.

In the "Ask an astrobiologist" (ask a exobiologist) Site of NASA scientists say they are tired of answering questions about what they call the "Nibiru hoax", and specify that the information circulating on Internet is obviously false. They move to demolish the myths frequently advanced by conspiracy: NASA and the governments who would know the existence of this planet who threatening but hiding the truth to prevent a worldwide panic, the observation of Nibiru through the telescope in Antarctica, photos Other astronomical phenomena as they present evidence of the existence of Nibiru, etc.. In closing his answers about Nibiru, David Morrison made an astonishing statement:

"Let me repeat again that Nibiru is a hoax in which a sect promotes. It is not and certainly not threatening us. "
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