Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nibiru (plan Te X): back in 2012?

On Internet sites and vid? Bones? Tonnamment popular announce that the plan? You would approach dangerously Nibiru Earth in 2012 and d? Latch gigantic cataclysms. Is this possible? And, first, the plan? You could Nibiru exist? By exploring the Internet, there is no shortage of? Be struck? by extr? me rarity? s information? laughing about disasters hundred? es occur in the year 2012 (in French? ais, they are virtually non-existent). Also, I had the id? Ed'examiner the science behind some of these proph? Parts of doom announcing the end of the world. (Above, repr? Artistic representation of the hypothesis? Tick plan? Nibiru you.)

I know that the date of 21 d? December 2012 from an interpreter? Tion of the Mayan calendar, but other th? Ories are grafted? Es? this ph? name? not the purpose of amalgam? as likely to bring a little more weight to disasters regis? es. Apr? S all, do not we say that unity is strength?

To help you? measure the extraordinary confusion in the id?'re on? year 2012, you can watch one? mission Denis L? vesque diffuse? e en f? ary latest: vid? 1 and vid? 2 (you'll notice the feet? be delivery? science popularizer? trying to support the view conspiracy). The vid? O below vision? E? alone over 600 000 times on YouTube, pr? condens feel good? all rumors related? a? ventuels return of Nibiru.
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