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Nibiru: distinguishing fact from fiction.

Denis Levesque on LCN colorful host an hour dedicated to the phenomenon of Maya - 2012 - Nibiru. Good show, but to avoid these cliches that say it should have invited an expert in ancient languages of the ancient Near East ...

I offer today is not analysis of texts, but the beginning of a serious reflection on these items, which passes through esoteric knowledge ...

First we need one thing: I'm not an expert in the Mayan calendar. Do not say anything. However, in these capsules is heard in the name of the planet Nibiru, and they will tell you that the Sumerian calendar also confirm the date 2012, and that this date corresponds with the passage of a planet X, and tells us that the Sumerians knew this Planet X and since name of Nibiru.

However, where does this information on Nibiru?

My research shows me that the source of rumors surrounding the adoption of the planet Nibiru and its inhabitants are suspected, the Anunnaki, all sources are derived from the books of Zecharia Sitchin. Mr. Sitchin himself seems to be loosely based on the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, and speculation by some astronomers thought it was another planet in the solar system. I'm not an astronomer, do not comment on these speculations of astronomers, but rather the following: Mr. Sitchin is the author of a book called "Planet XII, a book to read, which is full of misinformation about the meaning of certain words in Hebrew Bible. I found myself, because Hebrew is a language I know that I read, studied for several years and have depth in a year of intense d 'of a study visit to the University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (2004 -- 2005). What Mr. Sitchin says some words in Hebrew as "Nephilim", "Gibborim", "God" and "week" and some other wrong. allusions and can be considered the spacecraft in the history of the Tower of Babel and the Nephilim descended from heaven (which merges with the Children of God - another contradiction) in the sixth chapter of Genesis.

Learn how to "Elohim" (limited to one word, so not for long), we must say once and for all that this word, although it has a plural form, singular granted. The syntax of the sample is one in the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, 1, does not say "God created" but "God created" (the verb is singular.) Plurals always singular, there are several in the Semitic languages - and the greek. The name of the city of Athens is a plural in form, but the deal is unique. E 'is very common, but I understand perfectly that a freshman does not understand this language (but should not write the book $ $...), therefore, that Mr. Sitchin talking through his hat (and the mass of ufologists, some probably are honest, but little information), and even Rael, who cares, and his disciples should at least bother to learn a bit 'before you invest your money and emotions in the fantasies of this lunatic. So to read 10 000 books in contention in esoteric and hundreds of websites that God in the first chapter of Genesis, and it is they who have created the world and Adam (in a laboratory and I suppose ...), the Vatican and the scholars conspiracy to hide the public does not change the fact that I have just explained. While there is a conspiracy surrounding the interpretation of the Bible, have never been disturbed by the alleged plotters, I work in these environments. In any case, nobody has yet come to tell me not to speak of God

To be honest, I rather think those are the real protagonists of a massive disinformation campaign are these speakers and authors of books and websites that aim to expose the conspiracies surrounding the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic texts apocryphal gospels . I, who have full access to these texts, I assure you that 99.9% of what I read on the Internet that is wrong!

If other Hebrew words you are interested, come to tea, there Jashar.

During a conversation with friends, told me that my assessment of the knowledge of the Hebrew language of Mr. Sitchin, in light of what he said and what I know, gives me the impression that a course and crashed after the first semester after failing exams ... It is low at this moment!

Mr. Sitchin speaks a few words in Sumerian and claims that the Sumerians knew of this alleged planet X. Now, I know, I know that the Sumerian - but I decided to learn (updated on April 30, 2008: Since writing this post, I started to learn Sumerian). I know the Hebrew, Aramaic (various dialects), Syriac, Coptic, Latin and ancient Greek. So I say that I know these languages? To be pedantic and flash? No! Rather, because the research interest me much - as they relate most of you who read this blog! And because I am interested, give me the means to verify that Mr. Sitchin (or other), said some Hebrew words. Judging from his knowledge of Hebrew is very bad, I have been reasoning to ask me questions about their knowledge of the Sumerians? If you miss a field I know well, and I can see, I have no reason to doubt heavily on other information that aim to provide?

Going to see this site, please read the information to have a different story for the followers of Mr. Sitchin.

To laugh the little, 'says Michael S. Heiser alleged knowledge of Mr. Sitchin (and you read what I said to my friends ...)

To get to the point, as I said in the Coast to Coast BEING several times, I believe that Sitchin does not know the language, says it does. A student makes, mistakes in the first half would be (and a "C" students).

It cans be said - and I said - there are thousands of websites and researchers coming to the same conclusion that Mr. Sitchin and therefore is no longer the case of a man. However what, precisely, their research and see that 100% of those who speak of a planet called Nibiru Annunaki X and people get the information directly or through the books of Mr. Sitchin or indirectly, other books or web pages archived.

So stop fearing the arrival of the planet X - Nibiru.

I still say that 2012 is confirmed both by the Mayans and Sumerians. However, for the Sumerians, is wrong! He speaks of 2012 as the romantic imagination of conspiracy.

Finally, I would say that NASA understands Planet X (Nibiru identified by the disciples of Mr. Sitchin). However with the number of amateur astronomers scanning the sky, Do you really think that the existence of a planet so that he could remain hidden?

E 'stupid as those who make the world believe that the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of Philip speaks of the sons of Jesus You can write on websites, Laurence Gardner and Barbara Thiering sending tons of books on this topic. This means that even the novel by Dan Brown and the fact that he managed to persuade most readers that? I, who have read these texts - and in their original language - I know it's wrong. You cannot make me believe in a conspiracy of silence around this issue. Now I know that is, fluff. And if there was a conspiracy of silence in meusre in which they have been gaining access to to these texts and I cannot read, he should have spoken of the alleged hidden content. It 'the same thing with a planet X. There are many amateur astronomers - and the professionals who see the sky day and night - it would be impossible to hide. Even if they wanted the government cannot remain silent for many people. And why conspiracy in an attempt to try to give crediting to their stories in her delirium: "If academics say, cut research grants. Now we're talking about something serious, the alleged existence of a planet and aliens tell us Sitchin and his followers to invade and enslave us all in 3600 years! Do you really think that astronomer are ruthless and lawless perverts who prostitute their conscience for money? Also really believe that all the specialists of the Bible, ancient Near Eastern and Semitic languages tablets are also prostituting to hide the facts to the public only to keep their research grants? Personally, if I find these things in the texts, not money in the world and no government will silence me, and I can have so many people write anywhere, and especially to provide proof of what I discovered. And 'the case for conspiracy? Than ever because it shows its sources or say how texts are based, or demonstrate their competence and why you should always refuse invitations to come to check? (When calls are hidden!)

What I see is that it is the $ $ $ to do with the story of 2012 and the planet X - Nibiru. I think many have understood the plot and some have become vampires who suck the money from a public register kept in ignorance and fear. An audience to learn how to feed the information collected on the web (for 200 websites say the same thing, is that a reality for all?) And that program for fear of 'University. And it seems to work and value. However also note that nobody is obliged followers to empty their pockets of conspiracy and of being subservient to the point of abdicating its capacity of judge ...

I repeat, finishing well clear that my goal is not the demolition of the esoteric, or even to demolish Mr. Sitchin, but rather to shed light on this story. As usual, I say: Show me I'm wrong and I would be grateful.

Conclusion: So stop being afraid. If you have a lot of energy and spend precious time looking for information on Nibiru, come see me, I work in a mass in the ancient texts, the serious work (and no, I have not criticized the archbishop, nor by emissaries the Vatican): The Nag Hammadi texts, the Apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts of the Bible, etc ... Those who know me know that they are not stingy with my knowledge and if you study all the sources of esotericism is that interest me more! I'm not there to "destroy" or "denigrate". I say and repeat: I LIKE esotericism. However with what we gave to the public - on the Internet and in bookstores credit is not esoteric. E 'theories of conspiracy and entertainment (and even a job ...)

Your questions about the Hebrew words are the welcome. I will gladly respond with a cup of Russian tea (my new passion for the night), or a cup of coffee and toast in the morning if you spend Creton

The reflexion y responda pido que an estas preguntas simples: ¿Cómo es que tantos libros están escritos en torno a las ideas del Sr. Sitchin? There are many books about the Annunaki, their secret bases in Iraq (even if the war should not have some control of these reptiles bases !!??!!), that land control, Planet X - Nibiru, Nephilim, lowering the sky, etc. My question is: How much to ignore, that is, the kids do not read ancient languages, you can write, books and records shall include the Sumerians and other ancient Near East, and to quote the Bible a whole page and get much more credit for public?

However the biggest problem for my friends who are serious about esotericism is: how is that message claiming to have received from pipeline and passengers of the "Astral" now arrive at the "News" and the Planet X - Nibiru Annunaki?
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