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UFO: History Begins at Sumer

The UFO phenomenon, known to the public since Tuesday, June 24, 1947 (observing Kenneth Arnold), staking the evolution of human civilization since the beginning of its history.

Its corollary, the presence of an alien society in our global environment, evidenced through the ancient texts that the pickaxe was found and discovered yet. Between many archaeological treasures are found Sumerian tablets made of clay and cuneiform characters that evoke a different race than humans: the Annunaki. Historians have related to local gods, and yet they appear in a context similar to our daily reviews.

And if part of the solution was under our feet and not in heaven ...

History Begins at Sumer. This is a pun. The study which I will speak mainly based (archaeological references) on the work of Samuel Noah Kramer, "History Begins at Sumer" (Editions Flammarion).

This show the rich variety of Sumerian clay tablets torn from the land since the early nineteenth century. These texts in cuneiform (wedge-shaped) are the oldest ever known and since the definition of history is written to memory, Kramer ended that naturally "History begins at Sumer". For my small part, a part of their content related to UFOs and extraterrestrials, I ended that the history of UFOs also begins at Sumer.

I will comment later subtitled "The Men of Hu.

In this study, I chose the works of Samuel Noah Kramer and Jean Bottero (book already quoted, "When the gods made, man" by Editions Gallimard) between others, because they are in a context Archaeological different ufology but completely academic (not in itself be clear, exclusive of relevance).

However I also borrowed two Babylonian sacred texts: the Enuma Elish translated by George Smith (Member of the British Museum in 1976) and Zecharia Sitchin (archaeologist historian of Russian origin), and Atra-Hasis.

I'll avoid the convolutions which the subject is ready and go to the essentials.

If the early Sumerian texts dating back almost 6000 years (starting point of history, the frontier between history and prehistory), some of them refer to older events, estimated at 4,000 years earlier constituting period that might be called the "protohistoric".

Note that these texts tell of the arrival and / or intervention Annunaki (literally "those who descended from heaven to earth" and accuracy is important if they are made, we say these messages, flesh and bone - strange for gods by our definition) and that this date coincides with the appearance of "gods" on the rock paintings ( "the great God" from Tassili in the Sahara - shelter Jabbaren n'Ajjer Tassili, Sahara, ...). These gods have replaced the representations of scenes from everyday life (gathering, hunting and preparation, ...). They are big, bulky and wearing "strange", which distinguishes men depicted naked and stylized form of sticks.

The study of other cultures also shows that this period corresponds to the starting point of many mythologies.

About mythologies, the authors (academics) that I mentioned and others have assimilated to the Annunaki gods constituting a pantheon operating within a carefully developed poetic mythology. However they did, not without a certain discomfort regarding the shortcomings they have been met to justify their intrusion into the chronicles of daily life Sumerian.

I said that the temples dedicated to these gods are described as places of worship but temporary residences where the Annunaki came to stay (they refreshed himself with food and slept very human to recover from their fatigue! ). The Sumerians had their advice, even a ruling in disputes between individuals or cities. They are the ones who still called the heads with the legislature and executive on their behalf. Finally they took part in the cultural enrichment by providing technical essentially agrarian (seeds, irrigation, soil improvements, ...), astronomical knowledge (position of the asteroid belt that is not visible,..) or new terms for describing objects, places and sometimes concepts.

You should know that there is a strong correlation between the existence of a mythology and the implementation of a philosophical system for all known ancient civilizations. Outside the Sumerians have no philosophical system. They proceed on a case by case without proposing generalizations. Therefore the intervention of Annunaki in the Sumerian society can not be justified with the convenient shortcut to the poetic fable.
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