Saturday, September 12, 2009

The return of Nibiru? Silent pr? Seen for the year 2003!

Excuse me ... you say cult? The return of Nibiru, or plan? Te X, indeed? T? regis? ? from 1995 by Nancy Lieder, who is? the t? you Zetatalk of a small group that some describe as cult. Nancy Lieder pr? Tends? Be in contact with entities? S Z? Your R? Particulates (or Zeta Reticuli, you remember the so-called star map that would? T? Aper? Ue by Betty Hill?) , which would have confi? that the approach of a plan? te unknown cause cataclysms on Earth to May 15, 2003. (Some archives Zetatalk is translated into French? Ais this site: I walk? Come, it rained? T scary). In the vid? O following a report of that date Zetatalk d? December 2007, Nancy Lieder maintains that Nibiru will approach bient? T Earth and interpreter? R thee? Warming plan? Silent and Earth tremors as side effects of a plan? X that you would almost? our doors ... All these? L? Ments (Is No? Sary pr? Ciser they have no connection with the passage of a plan? Thee unknown?) Have? T? included in vid? have some bones? t? visions are by hundreds of thousands of users on Youtube, not counting other sharing sites. Who would have int? R? T? r? Pandra again false rumors about an imminent return of Nibiru does not exist? I'll let you guess ... On May 5, 2003,? few weeks of? end of the world? regis Added by Zetatalk and other illuminations? s David Morrison? Crivi on the NASA website that there were no more earthquakes that? habit and that nothing that had pr? seen by proph? your misfortune does occur. He ended his short message on the back of his Nibiru? It follows: ? I wonder how long this fiction can last as he is? done? empty it is false. [...] I walk? Sume, however, that people who are? the origin of the absurd? s will find pr? texts explaining why their pr? dictions have not r? alis? es.? I do not know if this? Proph? Tie? David Morrison has r? alis? e but the fact is that some people carry? the return of Nibiru? the year 2012 in order to recycle all the false rumors that were running? subject between 1995 and 2003. Another advantage to the catastrophes and conspiracy: this recycling can be co? NCID the return of an imaginary plane? Te unknown with the other myths surrounding the end of a Mayan calendar cycle.

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