Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nibiru if Graviatationsfeld strongly influence the Earth

In his overview of Nibiru will pass so close to Earth that has created in our gravitational field together, and this will have devastating consequences. Some fear EVENS THE END OF THE WORLD 2012th therefore, is its flight distance of about 7 million kilometers from Earth, and which, in its return flight of about 3 million miles. This information will be in the notice to announce conspiracy theorists, NASA has, the Government of the United States and the Vatican and secrets are strictly kept and to avoid mass panic.

Hercolubus orbit around the sun
Several teams of researchers agree still orbits our sun, from an unknown planet. Astronomers call the troublemakers. "It should have 33 times the size of the Earth and giant elliptical orbit of 3600 years revolve around the sun. In 2012 will once again move through the ground, where he abruptly ended the Mayan calendar this year. Addition, the Maya knew Nibiru.

Nibiru has 5 of the World. Another theory is that their life on the moon of the Anunnaki. They are a humanoid species, a somewhat hybrid human reptile with different perspectives. My Back's Nibiru.

Voyager discovered NORLOK and large objects
After 1980, Voyager passed Saturn and sent signals of a very large objects near the Oort Cloud. 30/12/1983 He has been in the Washington Post that he discovered a large object in our solar system. Since 1989, there is the silence of the media about the discovery of radium.

After having tried in vain to keep information secret from the new material was still seeping through the existence of 12 Planned. Emerge the image of the Internet on July 24, 2002 Russian satellite NORLOK show that recognize, objects because of size close to the sun.

2010 Nibiru visible to the naked eye
2009, no later than 2010, Nibiru will be visible with the naked eye as a bright red object near the sun. There are already picturing on the internet where besides evening sun do not overshadow the other celestial body awarded, and only one red Basso. Counterfeit critics say.

Whatever But theories and predictions can be believed, can only Scientific Meeting supporters and certainly not definitive statements about his Nibiru Extienz.
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