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The mysterious Planet X

In 1978, two astronomers at the Naval Observatory in Washington U. S., R. Harrington and T. Van Flanders said that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus had been altered by the gravitational pull of a mysterious celestial body was identified and called Planet X. Questo è stato misterioso pianeta Plutone e Caronte espulsi dalle loro posizioni di età (come i satelliti di Nettuno). The two astronomers, the planet X. Was an intruder that the sun would be trapped in a very eccentric orbit, highly inclined to the ecliptic. This planet could be 3 or 4 times the mass of Earth.

In fact, many astronomers are convinced that in fact most of the planets in our solar system, for what has been called the 10th planet or Planet X

Even NASA, in 1982, recognizes the existence of Planet X. Then in 1983 the IRAS satellite remote reference in the space of a mysterious object, and the report on 30 December 83, the Washington Post, after talks with the head of Iras said that "a celestial body, perhaps as big planet Jupiter and can be oriented towards the earth at the point of being part of the solar system was discovered in the constellation of Orion through a telescope in orbit ... I do not know what it is. "

In the years that followed, was more discreet, but the investigation continued by stating that X must have an orbit inclined 30 degrees to the ecliptic, it would be three times farther from the Sun than Pluto and have 3 or 4 times the mass of land. In 1987, NASA officially recognizes the existence of this planet, as reported by Newsweek, 13/7/87 "... Last week, NASA released a statement strange: a planet in eccentric orbit 10 may be (or not ) around the sun ...".

On 7 April 2001 report Science News as "unique orbit of a comet suggests a hidden world" written "beyond the nine known planets of an object so massive that Jaws could have been part of our solar system and could be still there .

This paper reports the discovery by a team of astronomers, the previous year, this time as a comet called 2000-CR/105 solar, elliptical orbit, which is 4.5 billion miles from the sun (added the Sky and Telescope 05 / 04/2020) that the orbit at intervals of 3,300 years. Another study group Observatoire de Nice Cote d'Azur, published in Icarus implies that the orbit of the comet could create a planet not yet seen the size of Mars .... In short, mysterious planet astronomers feeds talks, of course, the world is there, always so mysterious. But astronomers believe that if you plot Zacharia Sitchin ( / sitchin.html) "I prophesy the return, for the time being, this planet, called Nibiru ..." (This would be the Sumerian Nibiru).

Is it a coincidence that the media include the arrival of a different planet or a comet in our solar system, approximately in 2003 or the end, others in 2011-2012?

According to the prophecies concerning the A. Inca Villoldo, towards the end of time (our time) we will live the great period of purification called Paccachuti in 2003, links to the forecasts of many mediums and prophets: 2003 should be an important year in the course of humanity chaotic. Some, like R. Ghotswolf provide a pole shift in 2003.

Some connoisseurs believe that the world is so "rotten" that millions of people around the world want and pray that this corrupt world is broken, the force of its sentences is that it can radiate enough energy to create a disaster. R. Hoagland, who claims to have inside information are the date in 2003. Moreover, many of whom also offer in 2003, a devastating first step and a final comet in 2012. 2012 This date also marks the end of the Mayan calendar.
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