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Here are their stories: Planet X nibiru

A long time ago, but not in a distant galaxy in our good old Solar System (probably shortly after its formation 4.6 billion years here), the earth, then two times larger than today and covered with water, called Tiamat and orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Tiamat then had a large moon (name Kingu which is obviously not the one today) that was later to become a planet, we have, unfortunately, no further details (this mysterious planet Kingu again, that probably could be anomalies Mercury justified).

A tenth planet (or twelfth celestial body for which the former including the Moon and the Sun), larger than Tiamat, called Nibiru (or Nibiru) from the Sumerians and later Marduk (or Merodach) by the Babylonians (the name of their god the main Hammurabi), also described a wide elliptical orbit (an orbital period of 3600 years), between Mars and Jupiter.

Nibiru / Marduk shot in the opposite direction of other planets and its orbit was not necessarily in the plane of the ecliptic (the orbital plane of the other planets), which means it was not for the solar system in its origin.

The Enuma Elish (Babylonian sacred text) states that Nibiru / Marduk planet was a nomad, "projected in the solar system (and captured) due to a cosmic event of unknown nature. His path through Neptune and Uranus, have followed a movement made in the direction of time - the opposite direction of rotation of other planets in orbit around the sun. The combined effects of these other planets have gravitational Marduk then deflected toward the center of the solar system, complete training.

Sumerian tablets refer not all, but certainly not found between those who were affected and many have significant shortcomings. Babylonian scribes, even if sometimes damaged sense, should have more shelves and above all better.

Life seems to have been thriving on Marduk, probably after his capture by the solar system, leading to an extraterrestrial civilization (the Sumerians Annunaki Nephilim and to the Babylonians and then the Jews), have acquired a certain mastery of interplanetary travel before the disaster .

In fact, Nibiru / Marduk came so close to what was then our orbit, one of its moons collided with Tiamat (Sumerian texts suggest a somewhat 'less accurate assumption that the shock on the two planets themselves) - cut in half. The upper parts intact Tiamat (and its main moon!?) Was (were) moved (s) on a new orbit between Mars and Venus to be, after the new equilibrium (geology and reconstruction), our Earth as it is today. The other half of Tiamat (who suffered, shock) were cut into pieces to become, according to the Sumerians, the "hammered bracelet" that we call the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In this regard, has identified serious gaps in the asteroid belt (diameter of about one million kilometers) that explains the phenomena of resonance with Jupiter (sic) (see sections Kirkwood). But that could also be justified by the orbit of a large planetary body that has crossed.

The Sumerian records state that the Annunaki were very large: the women had a height of 3 to 3.50 m and the men of 4 to 5m. Their life span was about 360 000 Earth years (about one hundred years of Nibiru / Marduk, which is consistent with our long life), and then they die like everyone else!

According to these archives, there are about 450 000 years, the Annunaki / Nephilim did not completely solve a problem in relation with their winter air (aphelion: The point of the orbit of a body in orbit around the Sun, where the distance from this body sun is high) long. Their scientists then thought of spreading gold dust in the upper layers to their advantage of its high emissivity while maintaining a temperature sufficient for their needs. And 'interesting to note that our experts recommend a similar solution to combat the holes in the ozone layer, spreading dust particles to filter out harmful rays of the sun.

The gold on Nibiru / Marduk was insufficient, the Earth has been used to turn (it's possible that Mars was previously operated as a closer).

Tablets describe the Anunnaki traveling spaceships leaving out the flames on the back - rocket rocket type. The technology Nibiru, which is close enough to Earth to travel between the two planets.

Landed and settled in an area corresponding to the current Iraq, thus creating the first settlements (the construction of the first foreign city). To find the gold, they entered a valley in the south-east (opposite the island of Madagascar).

Workers Annunaki (the minors, as the Sumerians called them) digging and rearing the first gold mines. The shuttle buses have been implemented for the transfer of gold from South Africa to Nibiru.

100 000 150 000 years later (here the text is not clear), these workers Annunaki able to tolerate their working conditions they rebelled against their military hierarchy.

The solution adopted was the construction workers hybrids of genetically engineered blood Annunaki (DNA) and first-premises (too clumsy in its natural state) and replace the lesser gods are working in the mining sector. The first genetic experiments were performed in terracotta containers (do not remember this, do not have anything!).

This new primate species became Homo sapiens sapiens: we should have been designed (created) by the gods for the sole purpose of serving as slaves to dig and extract gold. Our function as a spread further to other minor chores.

I said that the exact position in the cuneiform tablets that have undermined our gold, archaeologists found gold mines! Many of them are about 100 000 years old. There are bones found on site equal to the pre-sapiens primates and even human remains there 20 000 years. No anthropologist, paleontologist can not justify our presence in its place: the gold, this time we did was useless because too soft. The excavations have also managed to find much gold tooling.

Then, ask yourself these questions: What could we do in these mines? And where is the gold is extracted?

Comparative studies of DNA have to say that humanity originated in this region, this valley for the Sumerians would prospecting for gold (the woman behind our humanity has lived in these places there are 150 000 to 250 000 years geneticists responsible for the studies call Eve).

Every day in the Sumerian language, a human being with a sense of slavery: a good human being is a man who serves his master, and his supervisor, and fears.

To conclude our Sumerian origins, I suggest that the etymology of the word "human" before the Latin humanus "and" human "(British origin).

One of the first of the British (Sumerian origin) called Hu. He chooses among some men who have served and who became the men of Hu, the Humen "in humans.

Moreover, in French and Latin, you could also say "hands of Hu. We are all men of Hu, the hands of Hu.
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