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Nibiru and other astrobufale (update)

You say: "but please do some research on the net before firing a scratch on things you knowledge a bit superficial."

In your case I would say that if others have superficial knowledge, you as a science, astronomy and basic physics are worse.

Of Nibiru is said to have a mass equal to several times the size of Jupiter (the "news" that turn most is that it has 4 times the mass of Jupiter).
Then two facts account "servant" and see what happens to the solar system if a planet like the visit from time to time (as anyone who supports the thesis that this planet Nibiru says shows "cyclic").
Just to give you a hint: if you give your calculations does not come out that Nibiru would be sufficient to carry the current planets orbit the solar system, then it means you have to redo the math!! ;-)

Ah ... I did not come to say that they've already done ... It 'pretty obvious that you do not even know which side you start to estimate the magnitude of the gravitational force a mass generated that as that assumed for Nibiru ...
And it is quite obvious that you know nothing of astronomy ... Otherwise you would know that any amateur with small instruments from a few hundred euros would be able to observe that Nibiru ... Figure that one can easily see Pluto!

This suggested that the object was a comet, since it probably would have moved. The article also explained that the dell'IRAS infrared telescope, able to discover very cold objects, calculated that the celestial body was so cold that its temperature was about 273 degrees below zero. "
Figo, 3 degrees less than the universe itself.
It remains to explain how they did it to measure the temperature of a body that by definition does not emit

I agree. It cans not be more of the medium which give, string theories conspiracy just to sell the little 'more.
The scientific reality is far more fascinating even for those not expert in the field has the humility to learn a little matter of interest.
Unfortunately, the concept of study and research of the plots is quite flexible.
Usually both happen on the Internet and only on pages where they are written to confirm their theories.

We do about the following accounts:

We say that Nibiru is 4 times Jupiter's mass, then:

4 * 1.8986 * 10 ^ 27 kg = 7.5944 * 10 ^ 27 kg

Now take the distance from the earth, of 4.652 billion km (Mars is 78 million to make an idea):

The force of attraction between the two planets is:

F = (7.5944 * 10 ^ 27 kg * 5.9742 * 10 ^ 24 Kg * G) / (4652 * 10 ^ 12) ^ 2 = (3.026 * 10 ^ 42) / (2.164 * 10 ^ 24) = 1.398 * 10 ^ 18 N

The acceleration that the Earth would suffer would be:
(1.398 * 10 ^ 18) / (5.9742 * 10 ^ 24) = 2.34 * 10 ^ (-7) m / s ^ 2 or to write it in decimal:
0.000000234 m / s ^ 2

In comparison, the attraction between earth and moon is:

(7.347 * 10 ^ 22 * 5.9742 * 10 ^ 24 * G) / (3.844 * 10 ^ 8) ^ 2 = (2.927 * 10 ^ 36) / (1.477 * 10 ^ 16) = 2.023 * 10 ^ 20 N

Namely towards nibiru is over one hundred times smaller.

Between other things I would point out that the arrival of Planet X was originally planned for 2003 (look on the net are still citing that refer to that date, the editors have obviously forgotten to delete them ...), since in 2003 nothing has happened to date has been moved to get in his way even the Mayan prophesies.

As for Maya, and their loss, I occasionally read years ago a theory that seems very realistic: the development of farming with rudimentary means, the Maya did not know the plow and it seems, even the most basic techniques of crop rotation would lead to the loss of fertility of arable land, with a consequent decrease in population and the collapse of the social system.

Yes .... Nibiru but occasionally passes close to Earth (as supporters) and close to other planets ...

So maybe the little rifacciamo 'calculations whereas happens when Nibiru is "a shot schiopppo"? Since the gravitational attraction increases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance, far behind is that Nibiru because its gravitational influence is comparable to that of the Sun? What happens if this distance is comparable to that for the prediction of catastrophe? And I add, why the planet's periodic visit to the Solar System and, despite everything, there are millions of years that the planets have been orbiting fairly stable?
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