Saturday, September 12, 2009

The hoax by Nasa Nibiru

If you want to widely advertise the views of NASA on a particular topic, it is pr? F? Rable to visit his site rather then reading old newspaper clippings and not to try? widely advertise the d? knotting facts regis? s. The subject of Nibiru? So often? Revoke? by the public, scientists at NASA have? t? forc? s to address this myth. In section? Ask an astrobiologist? (ask? exobiologist a) Site of NASA scientists say they are tired of r? lay? questions about what they call? Nibiru hoax? and pr? cisent that information circulating on the Internet? empty false. They d? Molissent crossing en myths? Quently advance? S conspiracy by: NASA and the governments that widely advertise traient the existence of this plan? You took? Ante but hide the v? Laughs? case, preventing a worldwide panic, the observation of Nibiru gr? at this t? LESCOP Antarctica, photos of other ph? name? astronomical ties that pr? feels as evidence of the existence of Nibiru, etc. . In closing his r? Answers about Nibiru, David Morrison is one message declaration? Thunder ? Let me r? P? Ter although Nibiru is a hoax in which a sect promotes. It is not and certainly not threatening us.?
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