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Nibiru (Planet X): already in 2012?

Internet sites and popular videos surprisingly announced that the planet x Nibiru will approach dangerously close to Earth in 2012, triggering massive cataclysms. Is it possible? And, first, the planet x Nibiru might exist? Through the exploration of the Internet, we cannot but be struck by the scarcity of reliable information on disasters occurring in the year since 2012 (in French, are virtually non-existent). Also, I had the idea to examine the scientific basis for some of these prophecies of doom, announcing the end of the world. (Above, artistic representation of the hypothetical planet x Nibiru.)

I know that the date of December 21, 2012 from an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, but other theories have been transplanted to this phenomena, the purpose of amalgamation is likely to bring a bit 'over weight to disaster foretold. After all, we cannot say that unity is strength?

To help measure the extraordinary confusion of ideas relating to the year 2012, you can watch a show from Denis Lé Vesque last February: video 1 and video 2 (you will notice the low performance of "popularizer of science, which seeks conspiracy perspective support). The video below, read alone more than 600 000 times on YouTube, has a good summary of all entries for a possible return of Nibiru.

(4) Nibiru in Sumerian

But first things. What is Nibiru? The word itself comes from ancient Sumerian texts. According to Michael Heiser, an expert on the Hebrew Bible and ancient Semitic languages, Nibiru Sumerian texts described as a star (or a deity, which is the same for the Sumerians) and, sometimes, that the planet Jupiter (Mercury or even on one occasion ).

At the root of this catastrophic interpretation of Nibiru are people like Zecharia Sitchin, a pseudo-historian who has published an eccentric theory from 1976, in his first book entitled The Twelfth Planet ." Saying rely on ancient Sumerian documents, Sitchin has announced that the solar system would include a tenth planet (actually, we rather speak of a ninth planet since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006, the moon and the sun are considered as planets by the Sumerians) and that would be unknown planet inhabited by a race of advanced extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki.

However as the Sumerians were able to obtain this knowledge? Simple, says Sitchin, the Anunnaki came practical to teach humans. However there are a surprise Sitchin others, because it says that the same Anunnaki have created humanity in the laboratory, and this for one purpose: to use us as slaves to extract gold from landmines, a metal that would "fix" l ' atmosphere of Nibiru is not (!). (This hypothetical creation of humankind by foreigners do not remember anything? "It seems that the individual with a bun and a suit of astronaut will be strongly inspired by the allusions of Sitchin to build his cult.)

All this is extraordinary, especially from a degree in economic history (source). It would certainly be more interesting and relevant to have the opinion of real experts in ancient languages. Fortunately for us, Michael Heiser studied in detail the documents on which Zecharia Sitchin based his theory plausible. First note that to justify the existence of an additional planet, Sitchin based primarily on its interpretation of the whole staff, the clay tablet be numbered 243 (below).

On the left, between the head of the first two characters, is the source of speculation by Zecharia Sitchin. You can observe a six-pointed star surrounded by eleven points. Sitchin sees more of a Central Sun and eleven planets. However, Michael Heiser noted that the cuneiform inscriptions (framed left and right) of the tablet VA 243 makes no reference to the planets or even astronomy in general.

Worse, the central symbol - the six-pointed star - is the representation that the Sumerians always used to illustrate a star (there's also an alternative to eight points), and eleven circles this star is simply d ' other stars less bright. The Sumerians were the only four-pointed star decorated with four groups of three curved, lines, all surrounded by a circle. This symbol is well known and can be found - always the same form - in hundreds of illustrations Sumerian.

To summarize: if there is a simple cluster of twelve stars, Sitchin imagine the picture of the solar system and a new basic theory, but an alternative history of humanity on this simple mistake. This is particularly surprising, says Heiser, all texts in the Sumerian language make it clear that there are only five planets (not counting the moon, sun and good old Earth).

The Anunnaki Heiser push the nail a bit 'more to see that the Sumerian texts are not connected these gods "Alien" and the hypothetical "Twelfth Planet" by Sitchin imagined. Furthermore, we did not even suggest that the Sumerians believed that Nibiru could be inhabited.

With its many personnel reinterpretation of history, Zecharia Sitchin Nibiru proclaims that describe a highly elliptical orbit around the sun and near the Earth every 3600 years. Heiser has of coarse found nothing like it in ancient texts and, unfortunately for Sitchin and other prophets of doom, as long a period would mean that this planet would be very encouraging the emergence of life.
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