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the planet nibiru invisible ...

The theory of "ancient astronauts" Sitchin is therefore based on an erroneous interpretation of a Sumerian clay tablet. By the time we have sophisticated astronomical instruments, the existence of a new planet, however, be much more persuading if we could observe directly, or at least measure its gravitational effects.

However, if the planet Nibiru exist and we have a brush in 2012, we have observed a long time. And this is obviously not the case. On its website BadAstronomy.com Phil Plait explains that each massive Planet X certainly does not pass unnoticed, although the figures vary, Nibiru appears to be a planet would be several times the mass of the Earth:

"If Planet X should be here in less than a decade, could be much more than a billion miles. Even at this distance, it would be one of the brightest objects in the sky. And even though the light was too small to be seen to the naked eye, it could always be seen as either billion miles. Remember that the small planet Pluto is 5 billion kilometers and can be easily detected with modern equipment. And Pluto is much smaller than what we said about Planet X Nibiru. 'simply impossible for a large planet so close to Earth have escaped detection by astronomers - even to amateur astronomers who have no reason to lie - for all these decades. "

How are the prophets of doom this lack of observation of nibiru september ? There are different reactions to the photos and video can be seen on the Internet. For some, Nibiru has already been photographed, but as evidence, shows images of the sun with internal reflections in the lens (lens flares) or other optical effects. Others, more daring, the images show the phenomena of NASA shows very distant and completely unrelated to the solar system, such as planetary nebulae, hoping that their deception is not revealed.

Another argument, more logical at first glance, is that Nibiru september is detectable in the visible spectrum, but could be observed in the infrared (which advances the thesis that would be a brown dwarf, and not be detected by its gravitational effects). The prophets of doom, like Mark Hazlewood (photo-cons, warning her look hot), argue that Nibiru was detected by NASA in 1983.

What is so produced in 1983? At a news conference in Washington, scientists have announced the publication of research that, with the IRAS satellite, had identified four infrared sources detected in the visible spectrum. Could be considered an unknown planet nibiru? At the moment, says Tom Chester, who worked on this project IRAS, astrophysical raised several possibilities: galaxies radiate more infrared than in visible light, the solar system objects, brown dwarfs a little 'beyond the solar system or something else.

These scientists do not know the nature of these sources for infrared rays, which were described as "mysterious objects" for newspaper articles. The prophets of Nibiru still cite this as if he had to bear the existence of Planet X, but fail to provide the rest of the story. In 1987, an article (Soifer 1987, Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics, 25:187) dispel the mystery by describing the nature of these four infrared sources: there were three distant galaxies and galactic cloud which issued a infrared. There was no unknown planet mass of the solar system. Strangely, these results are never mentioned by the conspiracy, except to say that it would be a camouflage to misinform people.
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