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Solar System Development Area - Planetary Romance

First, the rhapsody, then complain.

We live in a fantastic astronomical discovery. Nobody is a fan of the great epic space probe Voyager 2 than when I passed no less than four huge worlds and their families, Satellite 1979, 1981, 1986 and 1989 have been joined in the news, as I greedily sucked the experience, not return at any moment in history to see these two worlds represented in the detail close-ups for the first time. (All right, 10-11 in front of the PioneersTravelers, but efforts were relatively primitive.) And the view from the surface of Mars in 1976 and 1997 and again in 2004, with the latter running .... strain the brain cells have joy. In a certain sense.

Toggle grumbling. As a result of these probes annoying, people have stopped writing (or publishing houses to print no more) in the old style of the solar system Planetary Romance (SSPR).

Planetary Romance is the kind of SF-sub, is rooted in the history of 'act of a significant degree ofThe nature of a particular world. SSPR is the sub-sub-genre in which the planets in question belongs to the family of our sun is the Worlds. Advances in astronomy over the past fifty years have had an inhibitory effect on SSPR, but that should not be so.

Critics assume that SSPR must die, as stories like Rider Haggard She could no longer be written. But the analogy with the exploration of land and his literary fame, I say, weak. Clearly,might note that authors are increasingly their utopias and their adventures in space and the earth were filled in the blanks, but from now on and suggest that the blanks are filled in the solar system, so it is a mistake .

My reason for saying so is as follows.

For a long time, the planets of the solar system are piling up, what we might call Planetary Gear personality in human thought and fiction. This method has some origins of the myththat with the war Mars and Venus are feminine, but most of the tradition of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, when early astronomers and science fiction writers extended their ideas collected. These representations were not entirely random, but are certain flows, so that Mars by Burroughs, Bradbury, Brackett, Heinlein, and Lewis, though with radically different every writer, some soul common parts. All these writers and academics too early, not the things that our pictureDestroying the worlds in question so that it is now too late, too - you do not want to destroy - the prototype they created. One could say that the fiction and much speculation on the planet, as the planting of flags are staking claim to the land of fantasy. Finders Keepers! Too late for space probes for their realism to apply the exclusion of literary personalities of the world ", which are now part of our heritage.

As such, they are still legitimate scenes forNovels. If the writers had only to realize that! A lot of works that would have written, remain unwritten. For example, there is a vacancy for a good yarn, along with mercury, the mercury of the old Twilight Belt and hemispheres eternally hot and cold. There will be a vacancy for a story from four major moons of Jupiter. Lin Carter is making a reasonable effort in his first three books Callisto, but the rest in quality from the tail, and lost to all, in my opinion a great opportunity to connect theSeries with the other Galilean satellites: Imagine having a series of adventures, and all four! Jupiter iself imagine what would be the treatment that we had, when Edgar Rice Burroughs, with his Sassoom adventure began with "Skeleton Men of Jupiter", go! There are vacancies for stories set on Saturn, the only one I know is the Donald Suddaby juvenile delinquency, prisoners of Saturn, which is difficult to grasp - I read a library copy. This is an original story, and his Saturn is nice, butnot enough. The holiday for stories on the set of an inhabited moon, HG Wells' The First Men in the Moon and Edgar Rice Burroughs The Moon Maid with the only two novels that I know. Both are primarily to the moon and not to put on its surface, filling every novel I know, the vacancy for a story on a moon populated in the ancient world, a moon, which is still a civilization on its surface.

Provided in the outer solar system, the planet Uranus isOoranye the project (currently being updated: November 2007) has five stories set in the world, produces a sixth is due soon. Neptune has published quite widely in Last and First Men, Olaf Stapledon and Last Men in London, if not as visionary planetary gear novels chronicles. Pluto (to count them, like a planet is the imagination of the world, too cold) and the small and distant to have dedicated a novel.

Story of CS Lewis' Narnia The Voyage of the DawnTreader has populated the sky with stars of Narnia live - to take the comment from the English boy Eustace, which in our universe a star a big ball of gas combustion. In other worlds, no magic here. Aslan replies, "Even in the world, is not that of a star, but only what is done."

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