Saturday, October 3, 2009

Planet X Nibiru : nothing bad is going to happen in 2012

nothing bad is going to happen in 2012 ... People come to you is the only thing a Mayan calendar ends, which are not written so that you can die 'll .. End of a cycle is also a new solar system has arrived at the center of our galaxy, but then again it does not mean that something will happen ... They r all catastrophologists!

Organizations Hm, not blue I do not like big magnets with opposite polarity, which, if you are close to each other, ranging from one to another. When this happens, we will be caught in the gravitational field, and the changes will happen, but nothing drastic. Furthermore, the period of 3600 sounds a bit 'unlikely. 12 000 maybe, but 3600, nope.

You know when you 2 magnets together and push each other? thats what happens, what about us on our roll axis, it will be catastrophic world events is due shift.there polar wide.a of these tests before they happened, it would explain what is to many ancient civilizations, like Atlantis, and below water.

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