Friday, August 28, 2009

The video was shot in the Bohemian Forest

The video was shot in the Bohemian Forest by Alex Jones, and not the ABC wonders of the world. The owl is 200 meters, but about 40-50 meters, and for some reason as Moloch. Moloch is an ancient god Caanan is actually depicted as a bull, not nice - so do not know why it so. However, only a clarification.

Totally fun! Parliament was in the library, Assyria, Babylon, and it was 6000 years ago! They do not talk about the planet Nibiru, or other planets, and the king of Egypt are not logged on, the Babylonians! All videos are garbage

When his 2012 year of 21 December and nothing happens, then what is the next the end of the world in 2016 will be how the sun is dying, and all froze Yeah right.


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