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The planet Nibiru exist?

What is Nibiru? Nibiru is actually a mysterious planet, known by different names: Nemesis in greek, the red planet, sun devil, Planet X between astronomers, Hercolubus, the winged disk symbol in the Egyptian world, with its four moons, Absinthe bitterness in the Bible .. . Why are so many voices, forecasts and assumptions of it? Assumptions about its nature are many. We think it would be: a brown dwarf, an artificial planet created by a great civilization, a planet-comet, and even a giant spaceship ... It is said that after a cycle of course, would be in our solar system, with each time, the effects of gravity, electromagnetic, climatic ... Immeasurable. Thus, this giant planet could influence the electromagnetic activity of the sun, with the most intense solar storms on Earth, while causing problems in telecommunications (satellite, telephone ...), electronic systems and power plants ... This, beside increased global warming.

Moreover, his approach could disrupt the Earth's magnetic field, which, if less dramatically, it would signal a reversal of the magnetic poles. Moreover, its incredible power of attraction would also have the power to awaken all the volcanoes in the world, including Yellowstone in the United States can produce a nuclear winter across the globe. Worse, the arrival of the sun, could deflect the trajectory of comets is in a belt of asteroids, called the Oort Cloud, with the potential to draw in our solar system. Prophecies announce even stop the rotation of the earth or its rotation in the opposite direction: "sunset" (one of the 10 signs of the end of time), and during that time, the absence of magnetism, which would put the land to meet the bare harmful cosmic radiation ... So, Nibiru and its moons would be the main source of future and past flood myths more than men, with the memory of a purification similar to the tragedy of Atlantis, once swallowed by the sudden change of the place an ocean full. Always on Nibiru, the historical Zechariah Sitchin, Sumerian Mesopotamia fans believed that the man is truly the product of a cloning performed by the "Anunnaki gods" or "Anakim" Old Testament, and that these people are from the Twelfth Planet . Or even live a race of reptiles evolved, under the command of a warlike and greedy elite control of conquest (economic, psychological, genetic ...), and even sacrifice their honor.

In this sketch recalling the imperialism of whites could imagine that the Earth is experiencing interference is completely inserted and maintained by East junior Reptilians, for the elite Anunnaki or their descendants, still present or not on Earth. This elite mysterious, is also described as a misogynist, because these beings would eliminate the worship of "Mother Divine" First Peoples of the Earth, to develop instead of false religions to control and divide people through fear and ignorance, more distract our potential angelica. In this sense, it is necessary to distinguish between false gods, the Anunnaki (or Elohim) that seeks only to be venerated in their ego, and truly divine beings of creation may be embodied in all of us who knows.

Thus, the intermediate (descending affiliated with reptilian Anunnaki ...) would be likely role is to create a virtual reality to better manage the Earth and its slaves. Aware of the fact, assuming that the Anunnaki may have already incarnated on earth for the transfer of technology unknown in a body ... Journalist Iitalien Cristoforo Barbato, also join the idea that Planet X is inhabited by warlike beings from his contact in the Vatican. Someone else, Sir Laurence Gardner, at a conference in early 1998, that the Anunnaki God Enlil (Lord Tezcatlipoca ?...), contrast to the evolution of mankind, was the head of the Flood, the destruction of Ur, Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah (because they were actually high places of wisdom and knowledge). In contrast, his brother Enki (Satan Lucifer Quetzalcoatl-bearer of light?) Granted to men, access to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life .. .

Now, few signs of the likely arrival of Nibiru, there is talk of a red cross will be visible in the sky, and can remember a symbol of the Templars ... The Hopi Indians, in turn, speak of a day or the stars appear in one line. In the Koran this time at the Judgment, it is said that "the sky will split and a red as bright as fat or boiling like molten metal in addition to cosmic upheavals announced. a return to point zero, and the starting point of a new era for humanity and for all other creatures, that, immediately after the sound of the trumpet of the Angel Israfil .... Far from being closed, the mystic Samael Aun Weor prophecy, in turn, Hercolubus feedback, producing a kind of electromagnetic shock from his words. He added that "change" can not occur without catastrophe, and freedom can not be conceived without the help of an oppressor, while drifting on the latest Age of Aquarius, in which man should strive to become an "angel of God, not mechanically and sudden, but a real struggle to work themselves to" transform "and end its psychological defects, in itself this alchemical transmutation.

At astronomical, the German astronomer Johann Daniel Titius in the 18th century, invented a formula for calculating the distances between the planets of the solar system (the law Titius-Bode). The following will highlight the existence of an absent body, which lies between Mars and Jupiter, replaced by a belt of thousands of asteroids, which could be the remains of a planet "missing" that would explode there are a million years ... In the 20th century, astronomers Robert Harrington and Thomas Van Vlaanderen Observatory U. S. Marina in Washington, believe that the orbits of Neptune and Uranus are in the process of gravitational perturbations from a "Planet X".

Note: the sudden death of R. Harrington will end his search. December 30, 1983, the Washington Post article by Thomas O'Toole, will be a declaration by JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.) Asserts that "a celestial body as big as Jupiter, was detected by a telescope at orbital radii Infrared (IRAS), this, in the constellation of Orion, and that belongs to our solar system is part of the solar system. In 1985, D. Whitmire, J. Matese and Walter Alvarez issue "Nemesis theory, which assumes the existence of a star or planet killer "who would periodically with its swarm of meteors ... for the dissemination of flooding and extinction, including the dinosaurs.

In 1987, NASA had officially recognized the existence of this planet, in Newsweek's July 13. Then in August 1988, Richard Harrington would have said that the mass of that star would be four times that of Earth. On April 7, 2001, it was the turn of Science News to talk about an object as massive as Mars may be part of our solar system. But even in France, with the Science & Life February 2003, leaving the floor to the astronomer Alessandro Morbidelli of the Observatory of the Côte d'Azur. In that same year at the Palomar Observatory, astronomers Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz find an object in elliptical distant from the Sun, are called 2003 UB 313, and recently renamed Eris. . The object is the first measure of 4% larger than Pluto, is now 30 to 40% larger ... Eris, like Pluto, are currently classified as "Plutoid" or, the spherical body with an orbit around the Sun at a distance greater than Neptune.

Compared to our planet, is about to complete one year of about 25,968 years Sidereal zodiac, this, to return to its point of origin, near the center of the galaxy. In it, he speaks the cycle of four seasons, often called the age: the spring (Golden Age), summer (Silver Age), fall (of Ages copper) and winter (Iron Age). Thus, one might also ask whether the evolution of consciousness, would not be too cyclical ... This idea allows us to introduce some New Age theory that Nibiru appropriate given as a giant spaceship in the fourth dimension belonging to the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way, whose mission is to help us pick up and to align our vibration.

"In most skeptical, you might ask, what is the disclosure of irrational beliefs of destiny? We know that the new world order is dedicated to creating fear with an imaginary enemy (terrorist) ... It would therefore have the same psychological strategy the production of fear or gently prepare their minds to something ...? There is also the probability that the fragments of this incomprehensible (2012, Nibiru, the Flood, the Apocalypse ...) are true. When we think this regard, if a company consistently cradle their citizens is that the situation must be extremely serious situation.

In this way, one could also imagine an enlightened and elite already control the economy, is already preparing his ark, his underground bunker, his ships interplanetary or even his inter-dimensional doors to escape a cataclysmic future, could well be self-generated from the same enlightened elite in possession of a military technology that makes them "false gods" conquistador ...

If I stop to phrases like "facts" see "the evidence" ufology I drop, I stop to think that 11/09 is an "inside job", I think word of Darwin believed that the purpose of life and l ' acquisition of money and power, I think the man has reached the peak of its evolution, I go on pilgrimage to Rome for the salvation of my soul.

I have learned anything in this section, except that Z Sitchin not know how to translate Sumerian (as he wrote these books for the sole purpose of making money, what is possible, one in two chance, there is already a book that was written So, you call the Bible ...) and that Nibiru does not exist, because if they did, everyone would know. How UFO addition, if there were, everyone would know. These are the ravings of fanatics in search of sensational ...

It 'easy to criticize the work of others without offering other theories on the origin of humanity, because before we talk about pseudo inhabitants of this planet (Anunnaki), spoke mostly of their interventions at the genetic level Homo erectus. What is a theory as any to explain the missing link. I do not expect the scientific community for this.

There are so many major construction in the world that have not been explained by scientists, do not count on them to explain what can not explain why so Cartesian. For them, this does not explain with our knowledge and our senses are just legends and myths. But the blocks of stone weighing several tons into the jungle, it's true! But, as the ancients were primitive in many areas, they could move these blocks, file classification, case solved. As for the geographic location of the pyramids of Egypt, which corresponds exactly to the belt of Orion ... One possibility, perhaps that knowledge of the cosmos. It's funny all these "primitive" peoples who have a knowledge of the solar system without a telescope ...

Personally, I'm not here to be a follower of anyone itself. Ho bed, I checked and it shows clearly a general, but to say that holds the truth, and is a mediocre, not for me. I hate pretentious people, I avoid like the plague. Moreover, the dissenting views, even when they are united on a common theme and delicate as is the existence of its Annunakis. A. Theories Parks is different from Sitchin, but basically, it looks great fiction ... but what we know of reality?

Distinguishing the facts of reality! Not Serge? As we have said "no one possesses the truth" in Sumerian?
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